10 Coolest Beyblades in the Anime You Should Overlook Right Now!

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Beyblade has been one of the most fan favorited series of all time and it has been with us through the ages. It is mostly known for its cool toys that make people buy them at any cost.

Whenever I see this anime even when I was young or old it doesn’t matter, owning a Beyblade is all that matters. Creators of the anime must’ve put a lot of thought before making these incredible ones.

So, let’s dive into the list of 10 Coolest Beyblades in the anime.

Best Beyblades 2022!

10. Hopper Attack MS

hopper attack- beyblade

If you’re familiar with the Beyblade show, you’d never forget the Chief Kenny’s Beyblade- Hopper Attack MS. With its super 90s color scheme and design it sure brings back memories. And since Hopper Attack is a balanced-type, it is mostly used in Smash Attacks. It is also a Metal Spring’s small size and Aggressive shape, so it is almost similar to the Jiraiya Blade.

The blade consists of lime green color in its interior circle which makes it likable for every kid of this generation. With its jagged edges, it can easily smash other Beyblades and you can win over many other blade users. Thus we brought Hopper Attack MS into our list.

  • Series: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
  • Type: Balance
  • Owner: Kenny
  • Special Move: Smash Attack

9. Dragoon MS Ultimate Version

dragoon ms ultimate version- beyblade

Introduced shortly after A-126 Dragoon Metal Storm, it became popular in a very small time and it has become something in the Beyblade community. It still triggers me, why is it at the bottom of our list even though Tyson Granger is the main character of the series? But Dragoon MS Ultimate Version is really cool compared to the other ones because, even though it is an attack-type, it still stands out with the balanced ones.

With the color combination of Red and Blue, it looks like a flame-aqua blade that can stop anything in its path. The quality and its attack-type customizations are the reasons why it is rare and it is indeed a reason to be on our list.

  • Series: Beyblade: G-Revolution
  • Type: Attack
  • Owner: Tyson Granger
  • Special Move: Ultimate Storm

8. Strata Dragoon MS

strata dragoon ms

When you compare to other Beyblades, this one stands out differently because of color and abilities. Besides being an attack-type, it can implement the Hard Metal System. So, it can act as both offense and defense. If you can take a look at the above figure, cool-gear design with shiny silver metal would definitely get your attention. Anyone would come to the conclusion about it is being a pared-down version of Strata Dragoon G.

Even though it is the fourth blade of Daichi, I kind of felt like it was the best one. And if you can remember Daichi using the special move Spike Saw against Tala, it was an epic moment back then. With all these features, it wouldn’t be good if it isn’t on our list.

  • Series: Beyblade: G-Revolution
  • Type: Attack
  • Owner: Daichi Sumeragi
  • Special Move: Spike Saw

7. Draciel MS

draciel ms- beyblade

Until now, we’ve only seen Attack-type and Balanced-type in our list. But now, here we have a defense-type Beyblade. And it is also one of the three introductory Beyblades that can implement Hard Metal System. Draciel MS is like a dream toy for kids and show it to the kids around you and see if they remain silent until you give it to them.

It consists of Draciel Emblem in the middle along with the combinational edge of Green and Red colors. And the Grey and Red spikes make it look cooler than it is already. It did have a special move known as Aqua Shield that lets the owner reduce the opponent’s movement and knock him down. Without any further thinking, we thought it might deserve a place on our list.

  • Series: Beyblade: G-Revolution
  • Type: Defense
  • Owner: Max Tate
  • Special Move: Aqua Shield

6. Dranzer MS

dranzer ms- beyblade

Out of all Kai’s Beyblades, Dranzer MS is definitely the coolest one. Evolving from Dranzer GT, it has gained a lot of other features that Dranzer GT can’t. And it is the last Beyblade that labeled with “A” product code. Even though it is a balanced type, it’s strange how it stands against attack ones. Since they only focus on offense, these are different from the attack and defense types.

It can also have more round shape which makes it spin even more than it usually can. Just like Dragoon MS Ultimate Version, it has a color combination of blue, red, and yellow with a cool motif in the middle that represents a dragon.

  • Series: Beyblade: G-Revolution
  • Type: Balance
  • Owner: Kai Hiwatari
  • Special Move: Spiral Fireball

5. Super Hyperion Xceed 1A

Super Hyperion Xceed 1A- beyblade

Super Hyperion Xceed 1A seems like a cool name, right? But it is more amazing than the name you can see above. The actual look of it definitely tops among other Beyblades and it even blows some of them away in a real battle. With a cool whirlpool design and the colors red, orange and gold make it look like it’s on fire.

Overall it resembles the Iron Man structure and if Iron Man is to exist in the Beyblade universe, I’m pretty sure, he would’ve chosen Super Hyperion Xceed 1A. In Japan, this toy is sold for 1397円 which is 992 rupees in India. I guess it is a worthy price for such an amazing design and features.

  • Series: Beyblade Burst Superking
  • Type: Attack
  • Owner: Hyuga Asahi
  • Special Move: Twin Strike

4. Wolborg 4

wolborg 4- beyblade

Wolborg 4 is quite a rare one of Beyblades. It is a stamina type and mostly known as the bad guy’s Beyblade. The title might seem a bit off, but you can’t deny its power when it comes to endurance on the battlefield. As the name suggests it consists of 3 shaped wolf head edges and 3 triangle-shaped edges.

With its balanced edges, it can endure more than the other ones. It does look cooler since a bad guy’s weapon isn’t something you can consider as a normal one. The only disadvantage it has is it can’t act as a survival or defense type due to its recoil. But I guess it’s not needed since it can finish off in seconds.

  • Series: Beyblade: G-Revolution
  • Type: Stamina
  • Owner: Tala
  • Special Move: Novae Rog

3. King Helios Zone 1B

king helios zone 1B- beyblade

King Helios Zone 1B does sound like a legendary name with the vibes of history’s emperors. Like Super Hyperion Xceed 1A, it is also a top-notch Beyblade when it comes to looks and design. It isn’t just about the name, it is also known for its combat in the arena. Despite its appearance, it is well suited for its attack as well as defense encounters.

As I said earlier, it resembles Super Hyperion Xceed 1A in terms of looks, but it completely varies when it comes to real combat. King Helios Zone 1B toy released in Japan on March 28th, 2020. It is completely worthy to buy one considering its cool design and outlooks.

  • Series: Beyblade Burst Superking
  • Type: Balance
  • Owner: Hikaru Asahi
  • Special Moves: Zone Counter, King Strike, and Twin Strike

2. Driger MS

driger ms- beyblade

It might stand out with other Beyblades like King helios Zone 1B and Super Hyperion Xceed 1A when it comes to design but its color combination is a major advantage. The combination of Red, Black, and Silver is what makes it unique from the other ones. And it is perfectly made to look like a battle Beyblade that gives the vibes of a venomous beast.

The Driger symbol in the middle is the best part of this Beyblade since it makes it look even cooler than it is already. It is well suited for the replacement with B-61 08 Driger Slash. H. F. Being a Balance type, it is well-matched with both Stamina and Defense types. And it is one of the reasons for it to be on our list.

  • Series: Beyblade: G-Revolution
  • Type: Balance
  • Owner: Ray Kon
  • Special Moves: Thunder Slash and Mountain Sage’s White Tiger Strike

1. Bloody Longinus 13 Jolt

Bloody Longinus 13 Jolt

Bloody Longinus 13 Jolt is a deadly Beyblade with some dangerous special moves than even defense type can’t dodge. It is unique to other Beyblades in every manner including design and combat. Its design is so epic with a red-eyed golden dragon in the middle and the edge snouts make it even cooler with its edgy wings. Its wide range attack is its trump card and every time it is used, the opponent Beyblade doesn’t stand a chance in defense if it isn’t a bit stronger.

Unlike Wolborg 4, it can withstand its recoil even against a Left-spin opponent where most of the Beyblades struggle. But one thing it lacks is endurance since it goes berserk every time its special moves are used. It is hard to stop it when uses slash attacks and that goes for both the owner and opponent. No wonder it is #1 on our list.

  • Series: Beyblade Burst Turbo
  • Type: Attack
  • Owner: Lui Shirosagi
  • Special Moves: Dragon Scream and Brutal Squall

Conclusive Thoughts!

There you go! The list of the coolest Beyblades from the anime is here and each one is detailed to the viewer’s perspective. Beyblade anime has been one of the best shows since our childhood and most of us always dreamed to be apart of it. We might not be able to live in the anime world, but at least we can make our reality better with these cool toy Beyblades. And our post is comprised of the best ones which focus on both designs and abilities.

I guess we tried our best in ranking these Beyblades from 10 to 1 basing on their all aspects. How did you like our post? Did we miss any of your favorite Beyblades? If so, let us know in the comment section.

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