16-Year-Old Asian Girl Wearing Blue Anime T-Shirt Goes Missing In Springfield Lakes, Australia

girl missing

A 16-Year-Old Asian girl recently has gone missing in Springfield Lakes, Australia. From what we know, the police are seeking help from the people of Australia. Since a part of Anime Ukiyo’s audience is from Australia, we thought it might reach you and we also hope you’ll do your best to help us.

Clues About the Missing Girl:

From the reports of people around Springfield Lakes, we have a few clues which might help you recognize her. Here you go:

  • She’s gone missing on November 28 around 10 am and was seen last at Jupiter Street of Queensland Australia Springfield Lakes.
  • Her family is concerned about her given that her behavior is odd from the rest of the people.
  • She is an Asian with a height of 155cm, slim to medium build, and has black hair and brown eyes.
  • The teenager disappeared with no phone or money on Saturday at 10 am.
  • According to Queensland Police, she was last seen wearing a blue anime t-shirt on Jupiter Street of Springfield lakes, Australia.

Since there is no evidence of how she has gone missing, we can’t even imagine what position she is in right now. So, if you’ve seen our post and know any info regarding the girl, please call CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000. We hope she gets back to her family safe and sound soon and we also wish for your cooperation in making that happen.

If you can’t reach the number due to any problem, make sure to report it on CrimeStoppers official website!

Call to Report: 1800 333 000

Visit to Report: CrimeStoppers Australia

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