A Japanese Woman Was Arrested for Selling Demon Slayer Cakes!

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This week’s most interesting topic is definitely this one. On Tuesday, The Mukaishima Metropolitan Police Department arrested a thirty-four-year-old woman for breaking the copyright law of selling unauthorized cakes.

The woman has been selling these cakes since July 2019, and so far, she has made around 6.5 million yen (which is approximately 56,982 US dollars). She sold cakes for 13,000 to 15,000 yen on average.

When the police questioned her, she said she knew it was a crime. She believed that the cake sales would go well with popular anime characters, and customers also submitted their desired anime images for their respective cakes.

Even though it has been around three years since she started selling them, a production company noticed these cakes on Instagram and consulted the police. Thus, she was caught and charged with copyright crimes.

I don’t know whether it’s absurd or not, but Japan has very strict laws, and copyrights are definitely one of them. So, even though she knew about the copyright laws, she was at a mistake. The police would probably charge her money as a fine and release her soon.

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork!

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