A Wonderful New World Manhwa is Freaking Amazing!

A Wonderful New World Manhwa Review!

A genuine “A Wonderful New World Manhwa Review!” from an experienced manga reader!

There are countless webtoons with stunning artworks and intriguing storylines. However, less than a few manage to trigger the reader’s fantasies.

I’ve heard a lot about “A Wonderful New World” manhwa and went in to check what’s so great about it, and my reaction was simply unexpected.

If you want to know more about our opinion and if the manhwa is worth reading or not, make sure to check out the full review!

A Wonderful New World Manhwa Review!

I’ve read my fair share of adult webtoons, and only a few managed to amuse me, such as Drug CandyPerfect Half, and some other ones.

With this manhwa, a new favorite is added to my list, and here’s why.


Most of the adult manhwa contain a decent plot, while a few lack in it. When it comes to story, I’d easily give 8 out of 10 points for this one.

It started as a normal manhwa, but as I was going through the chapters, the twists and the story development made to finish it in a single day.

It is an intense story with numerous hot women and milfs. Overall, the story is worth checking out, and it won’t disappoint you a bit.


Now, this is one of the best aspects of the manhwa. Initially, some characters like Na So-ri and Jo-Seong were too annoying.

A Wonderful New World Manhwa Review!

But at some point, I liked these two characters, and this isn’t the best part yet. The best characters are the Mc and the Team Leader.

Their chemistry was so good, and I really fell for the team leader. You’ll love all the characters once you pass over 50 chapters or so.


I’ll just say a single word, “Godly!” The artwork in this manhwa is absolutely stunning, making me open my eyes wide more than a few times.

A Wonderful New World Manhwa Review!
Artist: Yoon Gon-Ji

Although it was ordinary in the beginning chapters, wait till it gets better, and you won’t be able to take off your eyes from it.

Mainly, I loved Na-sori’s eyes during her intercourse with the Mc around chapter 80. The characters of women are drawn beautifully, and moreover, the artwork brings even more beauty to the story.

What about Sexual Interactions?

Well, I’m not going to lie here. This was also one of the best things you can expect from this pornhwa. There is no NTR in this one, and in fact, you’ll find a few forcible scenes but don’t mind them; they deserve it.

A Wonderful New World Manhwa Review!

The best interaction I’ve seen in this one is between the main character and Na So-ri. It was truly a masterpiece work and made my heart skip a beat.

Also, every time the main character gets in contact with the Team Leader, you get a fantastic show to view. So, you’re to going to witness one hell of a f*kery in this manhwa.

A few more thoughts!

Although I’ve only said all the pros of the manhwa, there are a few points you might not like.

A Wonderful New World Manhwa Review!
  • As I said, some characters are too annoying in the beginning, but it was worth the wait for a few more chapters.
  • There are few forcible scenes that you might not like, but I doubt even you would think of it as a violation after getting through the story.
  • Besides all these things, it gave me one hell of a read with stunning art, a breathtaking milf, and other outstandingly beautiful women.
  • The art was extremely beautiful to the point you’d see it over and over by scrolling up and down. Overall, I’d say it is worth reading even twice (which is, I was going to read the second time).

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