Act Age Manga Gets Cancelled in Weekly Shonen Jump After the Arrest of Writer! (2020)

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Recently, one of the most popular news in Japan is the arrest of the Act Age manga writer Tatsuya Matsuki for sexually assaulting two high school junior girls. It happened just two days ago, and once it was proven, he immediately was taken into custody, and also, there is an additional punishment for it.

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Act Age Manga Gets Cancelled in Weekly Shonen Jump!

On August 8, the NHK reported that the writer of Act Age manga Tatsuya Matsuki had been arrested for sexually assaulting two high school junior girls. After consulting the artist of the manga, Shiro Usazaki, the Weekly Shonen Jump decided to end the series from this week’s issue on August 11.

Weekly Shonen Jump released an official statement on its website, twitter account and also through the MangaPlus website:

MangaPlus stated that such things as sexual assaults are considered serious issues, and the editorial department has come to a decision after discussing it with the artist of the Act Age manga, Shiro Usazaki. The combined issue of 36/37 will be the final chapter for the fans.

They also expressed their unwillingness by telling us that it is unfortunate to stop the manga right after getting so much support from the readers. But they got no other choice than to end it suddenly. When the CCTV footage of two incidents revealed, they confirmed the suspect in the footage is none other than Tatsuya Matsuki. And the manga was about to reach its final chapter, How unfortunate?


Well, on one side, they made the right decision ending the manga, but on the other hand, most of the fans are feeling frustrated. Maybe 2020 can’t get any worse than this. So, what are your thoughts on Act Age manga? Do you think it’s cancellation is the correct decision? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Sources: Weekly Shonen Jump Twitter Account, MangaPlus Website.

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