Angel Beats! Anime Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

Angel Beats anime has been one of the best Emotional Roller Coasters of all time. Since its release, it has been one of the best short anime and as well as gained a good amount of popularity over the world. It debuted on April 2, 2010. It’s been ten years since the anime aired. And for its 10th anniversary, director Seiji Kishi, vocalist Lisa and the voice actor of Ayato Naoi, tweeted their thoughts on Twitter.

The director Kishi commented on how the series became so successful and trending it is on Twitter all these years. His comment is as follows-“It’s been ten years since Angel Beats! Time flies. There are lots of kids who joined the industry after they watched this show. As happy as that makes me, I do feel a little old.”

“There were many episode directors on Angel Beats who became successful after the success of the anime. So, I think it’s an anime that showed them how to pursue their career within the anime industry.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your unperished love toward Angel Beats.”

And also, the fan’s favorite Lisa tweeted that Angel Beats was the anime that started her life in anime. She tweeted as “I was able to get into the anime industry through the production team and the unperished love of the fans. And I am able to face you all with my heart’s consent because of your love. Even after ten years, it is my greatest treasure. Congrats to Angel Beats! for its 10th Anniversary!”

Ayato Naoi’s voice actor Megumi Ogata tweeted as: “Congratulations for Angel Beats! For its 10th anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been ten years. I really loved the anime, and even now, just thinking about it makes me happy. I met many people whom I still have ties to this day and thanks to Angel Beats franchise. I’m grateful to everyone for making me a part of this.”

The plot of Angel Beats concerns Yuzuru Otonashi, who wakes up in his afterlife and meets Yuri Nakamura. Yuri leads the group against the Angel, who works under the god. And as the story moves forward, unusual incidents take place, and anime turns out to be a really amazing one. Just in case if you haven’t watched it yet, then we suggest you watch it.

As happy as they are for its 10th anniversary, we are grateful for the franchise for giving us such a great emotional roller coaster filled with fun and emotions. We hope we’ll get fantastic anime like this in the future and keeps entertaining us.

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