Angels of Death Manga to Reach Its End in 3 Chapters!

angels of death manga

Angels of Death manga has been of great interest to the fans who have seen the first season of the anime. Since its first season aired in 2018, we’ve been waiting for the second season. But most of the fans prefer to read manga than to wait for the anime. So, here is a piece of news and you decide whether it’s good news and bad news.

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Angels of Death Manga Ends in 3 Chapters!

According to the official twitter account of Kadokawa‘s Comic Gene magazine, the famous manga of the mangaka Kudan Nazuka, Angels of Death will end in three chapters. And it will include the new chapter that released on August’s issue. If there are no delays, most likely manga will end in September. The manga editor Izumo also revealed that the 12th volume would be the final volume.

angels of death manga

If you’re wondering where to read Angels of Death manga, Yen press is in charge of the English manga publications. The manga launched in 2015 on Kadokawa’s Comic Gene magazine and it was adapted into a sixteen-episode anime in 2018. Crunchyroll streamed the episodes as they aired and Funimation released the dubs simultaneously.

The plot of Angels of Death manga is as follows,

“A 13-year-old Rachel finds herself losing her memories in a hospital after witnessing a murder. When she wakes up, she releases that it is an underground facility and finds a resident named Zack. Zack is a killer, but instead of being afraid, Rachel wants to find a way to die in a good way. Who wins?”


Well, if you have watched the first season of the anime, then you should read the manga as well. Angels of Death manga has a great story that hasn’t been entirely implemented into the anime. Anyway, let’s hope for the second season to come out soon. So, what is your opinion on the Angels of Death manga? Are you excited for the next chapters? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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