10 Anime Characters Who can Save Us from Coronavirus!

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Coronavirus could’ve gone extinct if any of these ten anime characters have existed in real life!

As you know, currently, the world is facing a major crisis because of the Coronavirus. And most of the countries like Italy and the USA have taken significant damage in both Population and Economy. And it might turn into a pandemic if the necessary actions are not accepted.

Currently, the whole world is struggling to find a cure and save us from the Coronavirus. So, I just thought, what if the anime characters existed in our world right now? Do you think they can save us?

Absolutely Yes. Because most of them possess a healing ability, or some are geniuses who can recreate history. Well, here are the ten anime characters who can save us from the Corona Virus.

Anime Characters Who Can Save Us from Corornavirus!

Heaven Canceller(A Certain Magical Index)

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Heaven Canceller often referred to as the “Frog-faced Doctor” by Kamijou Touma, is a well-skilled Physician who can handle any disease or illness even if it is terminal.

Even the Corona Virus can be cured in a few days. And he is so cool that he calls with his nickname and won’t even bother by others.

Even though he is a skilled Heaven Canceller, his medical expertise is limited. He can’t cure brain-related injuries and unable to bring back the dead(which is impossible in our world).

Doctor Kureha(One-Piece)

Dr. Kureha- anime characters

Doctor Kureha has some exceptional skills in the medical field. Dr.Kureha resides on Drum Island in the One-Piece series, and even though she looks like a 60-year-old woman, she is 140, and her expertise in the medical field should more than 100 years.

During her whole career, how many diseases she have would’ve witnessed? If she would’ve existed in the real world, most of the diseases would’ve cured in the early stages.


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In the world of Naruto, a ninja who specializes in the medical field and utilizes their skills to cure and heal the injured or diseased are Medical-nins. Tsunade is known as the greatest medical-nin in Naruto with her expertise.

Being the first granddaughter of Hashirama Senju, she can master the chakra control and advanced jutsus. Using her abilities, Tsunade helps Konoha village on several occasions and battles.

She also possesses high taijutsu skills, often used in the anime as defense and offense. With her expertise, she can even cure deadly diseases that seem impossible to cure.

Recovery Girl(My Hero Academia)

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Recovery Girl is a healer at U. A high school in “My Hero Academia” and her presence is essential. It is because she has a quirk that can heal even major sustained injuries.

She can harness the power of the target’s immune system to treat fatal wounds and illnesses. She might not be able to cure the person with a weak immune system, but in times like the Coronavirus, she can be a goddess who can save people from the current crisis.

Elizabeth Liones(The Seven Deadly Sins)

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Elizabeth is the princess of Liones in the anime The Seven Deadly Sins. And she is the reincarnation of a goddess from the ancient times who is known as a Supreme Deity. Being a goddess, Elizabeth has some pretty good healing abilities. One of those abilities is “invigorate,” which helps her to heal any injury a person suffers. She can even heal large groups of people in an instant and restores the energy and stamina.

In the anime, at first, she wasn’t able to heal at all, but as she regains her memories from the past lives, she regains her ability to heal. Considering the current situation of the world, she can even save the entire population with her power.

Wendy Marvell(Fairy Tail)

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Wendy Marvell is a young female Sky Dragon Slayer from one of the popular anime series Fairy Tail. Using Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, she can heal any injury from sickness to significant injuries and does this by manipulating pure air and using it as the core medium.

Since she uses pure air from nature, her powers are less effective in polluted areas. Even the Coronavirus could be cured if she uses her real power.

Akiko Yosana(Bungo Stray Dogs)

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Most of the Armed Detective Agency members possess some kind of ability, and Akiko Yosana is one of them. Her talent is rare from the rest of the members, Thou Shall Not Die, which allows her to heal any kind of injuries and diseases.

Upon activating her ability, several butterflies come out from her body and land on the surroundings. But to make her ability to work, the victims have to be fatally injured or half-dead. She might as well take care of the patients who are close to death due to the Coronavirus.

Giorno Giovanna(JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)

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Giorno Giovanna has an incredible ability known as Gold Experience. It lets him create and manipulate life, which he often uses it to produce plants and small animals. And his expertise is one of the Versatile stands in the series.

As he gets a hang of his abilities, Giorno discovers that he can use it to heal the human by recreating body parts, which include organs, muscle, and bones. He can cure any type of illness with his power, and in the modern age, he could be a game-changer.

Hakaze Kusaribe(Blast of Tempest)

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Hakaze Kusaribe is one of the protagonists of Blast of Tempest. She’s like an innocent girl who experiences love for the very first time with Yoshino. She grew up together with JUnichirou under the last head of Kusaribe clan.

As the magician of Genesis, her source of magic is from the Genesis of Trees, and she displays multiple abilities to activate the real power of Genesis.

Her skills include Forcefield Generation, Healing Magic, Movement Magic, and Flight. Since her source is the Genesis of trees, she can treat any kind of illness. At times like these, even Coronavirus would vanish if she exists in our real world.

Senku(Dr. Stone)

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Here comes the character Senku, last but not least, if you’ve seen Dr. Stone, you would’ve known what wonders can Senku create. Even in the Stone world, he created chemicals for communication devices.

He might not possess any ability, but his strength is intelligence. Though he is physically not strong, he can achieve anything with his genius brain. He is well versed in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology.

If we can recall Dr. Stone, he even treated Ruri from her illness from the elemental stones he had. In addition to his intelligence, he seems to have some strategy skills. Let’s say he existed in the current world, and with his strategies and intelligence, he would’ve done wonders and probably already have cured the disease.


However, these are fictional characters, so they can’t exist in the real world. Since the starting of the Coronavirus pandemic, countless lives have been lost, and the Doctors have been fighting hard to save them.

In some reports, there have been cases where doctors died by treating the patients. Until someone finds a cure for the Coronavirus, this phenomenon will not change. And while we think about what we can do to help the world, the best thing we can do is to stay at home and don’t let it spread.

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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