The Best “Hellsing Watch Order” You Must Follow!

hellsing watch order

Hellsing is one hell of a franchise and Alucard being the main character is truly a major advantage for the anime. So, are you thinking of watching Hellsing anime?

Well, if you’re going to do it, you might have been wondering why are there so many parts and not like seasons? In this article on Hellsing watch order, we’ll clarify your doubts and provide you the best watch order.

Hellsing Anime Watch Order!

1. Hellsing

Hellsing- Hellsing watch order

Well, this is awkward, but Hellsing wasn’t entirely worth it for me, but anyway, I’m glad I started with this one. The anime might not live up to your expectations if you have read the manga, but individually, it was pretty okay.

Anyway, if you start with this anime later on, you’ll love the OVAs way better. Consider it as a sample of what the Hellsing franchise can really offer you.

2. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing watch order- Hellsing Ultimate

It’s time for the best part of the whole Hellsing franchise. Yes, I’m talking about Hellsing Ultimate. It’s okay even if you ignore Hellsing anime but never miss out on this one.

This one consists of 10 OVA episodes, but every minute of it is worth it, and you’ll only regret it later if you don’t watch it sooner. There is also another OVA series titled “Hellsing: Digest for Freaks,” but you can ignore it.

Hellsing vs. Hellsing Ultimate!

Hellsing Watch Order

As the debate starts, Hellsing Ultimate wins with no competition at all. It doesn’t mean you can’t watch Hellsing anime, but it didn’t completely follow the manga, so it might not pack quite the punch you were expecting before getting into it.

If you watch it first and then go for Hellsing Ultimate, then you’re in for an excellent ride for sure. Or you can read the Hellsing manga for the best experience because it doesn’t miss any story.

Simplified Hellsing Watch Order:

  • Hellsing (I prefer manga but the anime works too)
  • Hellsing Ultimate (Never miss this one)

Conclusive Thoughts!

It’s nothing complicated as you only have to watch two parts and all the other titles you’ve heard; just ignore them because you won’t get anything out of them.

Even Hellsing: The Dawn, which seems to be a prequel for Hellsing Ultimate, doesn’t do anything to impress you. So, if you want the best experience that I, myself, had while watching the Hellsing franchise, you can follow our “Hellsing watch order.”

If you have any thoughts/queries regarding the Hellsing anime watch order, feel free to get them through us from the comment section below.

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