10 Epic Anime like Soul Land! (Douluo Dalu)

anime like soul land

Soul Land is an underrated anime (at least in my opinion.) Although its animation is a bit different from our normal Japanese anime, you can watch it for the storyline.

So, if you have loved it and looking for more anime like Soul Land, you’re in the right place because we’ve got the perfect list for you.

Anime like Soul Land!

10. Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: Wangu Xian Qiong

Gu Hai gets transported to another world from the 21st century, and he became a formidable person in trading. He also became a strategist for Chen Empire in a war.

Seeing all this, a fairy from heaven took interest in him and gave him a mission that’ll bring chaos in heaven and earth.

This one is a unique flick in the cultivation genre, but it is definitely worth a watch. While both the main characters find themselves in another world, the concept differs here a little bit.

This Chinese anime uses the cultivation concept efficiently like Soul Land, and the main characters are a lot similar in traits.

9. Spirit Sword Sovereign

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: Ling Jian Zun

The MC is a cultivation master, and after getting killed, he returns as a young waste lord. He swears he’ll never forget the enemy of his previous life.

He needs the Spirit Sword to become powerful enough in order for him to be a supreme master in the three worlds. How will his goal turn out in the end?

Spirit Sword Sovereign is a Chinese anime that bases cultivation as the main concept, and you bet it is as epic as Douluo Dalu.

Both main characters become strong from weak, and they get a second chance in their lives. Thus, we think it is an anime similar to Soul Land.

8. Wu Shen Zhuzai

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: The God of War Dominates

The military genius Qin Chen dies on the forbidden land by his people and unexpectedly triggers the power of an ancient sword.

After three hundred years, a boy inherits Qin Chen’s will. To rewrite the myth of a man who wished to protect everything, he struggles till the end.

The first similarity you can find in this anime would be, MCs getting reincarnated after going through a pitiful death.

It has some good martial art action scenes, weak to strongly developed characters, and have a standard plot to give a watch.

7. Battle Through the Heavens

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: Doupo Cangqiong

The story sets in a world where strong trample on the weak and magic has no place in it. Xiao Yan lost all of his martial art skills due to an incident.

After a few years, he finds the reason for it and decides to chase after a single who will lead to all the mysteries.

The story of Doupo Cangqiong isn’t as refreshing as Douluo Dalu, but it is highly enjoyable. The story is so unique, and it never fails to amuse the viewers.

It is a bit of mystery, and the action scenes are very well done. So, if you’re looking for an anime similar to Douluo Dalu, this one is for you.

6. Perfect World

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: Wanmei Shijie

Shi Hao is born in a unique world where several villages fight to gain power, and even after born under poor conditions, he is blessed with immense talents.

His clan aids him with everything they got to fight against the monsters and other powerful clans. Soon, his name spreads across the unknown lands.

Wanmei Shijie is a cultivation anime with extraordinary action scenes and incredibly powerful main characters (or it would be best to refer to as “child prodigies.”)

The representation of power levels and inheriting beast powers are the main aspects that make it an anime like Soul Land.

5. Xue Ying Ling Zhu

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: Snow Eagle Lord

Xue Ying territory is well-known for its power throughout Tranquil Sun Province. It is also home to the Dong Bo clan in which our hero resides.

Along with his family, who had complications before, he lives a peaceful life. But his peaceful life gets shattered, and the only way to restore it is to obtain power.

I like how in this anime, the action scenes are flashy, and the animation is standard. With a similar directed plot, it covers most of the elements from Soul Land.

If you’re looking for an action-packed anime like Soul Land, then you might as well try this one.

4. Martial Universe

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: Wu Dong Qian Kun

The story sets in a world where power is determined by only strength. Lin Dong‘s father was crippled and crushed by the genius of the Lin Clan.

After witnessing all these incidents in person, Lin Dong is only driven by one thing: Revenge. With nothing but willpower, he stumbles upon a stone talisman that leads to a greater cause.

In both these anime shows, the main characters are driven by a cause, and their growth is represented in stages.

It uses cultivation and martial arts to a greater extent, and if you haven’t watched this one yet, you’re missing something amazing.

3. Tales of Demons and Gods

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: Yao Shen Ji

Being the strongest Demon Spiritist, Ni Lie lost his life in a battle against the Sage Emperor and lost the people close to him.

He gets reincarnated into the body of a thirteen-year-old boy and begins a new life as the weakest in his class. With the previous life’s knowledge, can he become strong and protect the people dear to him?

Yao Shen Ji takes the same reincarnation path as Soul Land, and both are filled with loads of adventure and stages of magical power.

Also, the animation is similar in these anime shows. So, if you haven’t watched this one yet, you might as well do it right away.

2. Stellar Transformation

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: Xing Chen Bian

Qin Yu is born without the talent to practice internal techniques. To gain respect from his father, he chooses to cultivate external techniques.

After many years, the Meteoric Tear fuses with his body making his techniques reach a whole new level, and eventually, his father recognizes his worth.

Although this anime doesn’t consist of the reincarnation concept, a lot of other aspects are similar. Both are cultivation and martial arts-based with excellent action sequences.

In both stories, the power levels of the characters are divided by stages and thus, it is an epic anime like Soul Land you need to watch at any cost.

1. Mo Dao Zu Shi

Anime like Soul Land!
Alternate Title: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Wei Wuxian founded the Demonic Sect for a greater cause yet hated by millions of people. In addition, he was back-stabbed by the clans he considered as a family.

After a few years, he gets incarnated into the body of a lunatic, and along with his best friend Lang Wangji, he embarks on a journey to set everything right.

From the premise, you can already tell how it is similar. Both anime are Chinese and include the reincarnation concept.

Since both are cultivation anime and have some good action scenes, you’ll be enjoying this one as much as Soul Land.

Concluding Anime like Soul Land!

Soul Land was amazing and it might not be as impressive as manhua, but it is still one of the best Chinese anime out there.

So, if you have loved it, you’ll love the ones we have recommended above. What are your thoughts on Soul Land? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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