10 Best Anime & Manga like Haikyuu Worth Checking Out!

anime and manga like haikyuu

Haikyuu is one of the phenomenal anime as well as manga to come out in recent years. The level of intensity it provides cannot be expressed in words.

If you loved watching anime or reading manga, then you must be craving more. So, here is the list of best anime & manga like Haikyuu you should check out.

Anime like Haikyuu!

1. Food Wars!

Anime like Haikyuu!

Yukihira Soma‘s goal has always been to beat his father at cooking but always ends up losing. With his father’s decision, he soon joins the Tohtsuki Academy to learn more about cooking.

But the academy is no ordinary school as it is filled with professionals who fight every day with cooking battles. Can Souma survive in this environment?

Food Wars! is a sort of sports anime except that it involves cooking battles instead of Volleyball matches. The intense moments in the anime are the same as that of Haikyuu!

So, if you haven’t watched this anime yet, you’re missing a lot, and in fact, it is an excellent anime like Haikyuu.

2. Ace of the Diamond

Anime like Haikyuu!

Sawamura loses the middle school baseball game with a stray pitch that missed the batter and has been frustrated since then.

But everything changes when a catcher named Kazuya invites him to the Seidou High School after witnessing his skills.

Ace of the Diamond anime is based on the Baseball game. Just like Haikyuu, you have the taste of defeat, the main character who impresses everyone with his unique skills.

In addition to these, it is one of the best sports anime with an excellent premise. If you’re looking for an anime similar to Haikyuu, then try this one out.

3. Big Windup

Anime like Haikyuu!

Ren Mihashi, a pitcher with a timid character and bullied by his so-called teammates, quit playing baseball.

But when Ren gets into the new school, people like his coach Maria, and his new teammates spark confidence in him. Will he find his love for baseball again?

Yet another Baseball anime on the list, but with a slightly different approach. Big Windup is an inspiring anime, and it hits right in the feels for sports lovers.

It has its fair share of moments to call it an anime like Haikyuu and if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure you do.

4. Baby Steps

Anime like Haikyuu!

The story follows Eiichiro Maruo, who lacks exercise to keep his body fit, and when he joins a Tennis club, he finds the true beauty of the sport.

Baby Steps is utterly underrated being one of the best sport rom-coms. It inspires any non-tennis person to play it, just as how Haikyuu would spark the interest in Volleyball.

If you’re looking for an anime similar to Haikyuu, this one will help you with similar entertainment.

5. Black Clover

Anime like Haikyuu!

Asta and Yuno grew up together in a church. While Yuno grows up to be a prodigy with immense magical ability, Asta got no magic.

With zero magic, Asta relies on his strength to become the wizard king. Will he be able to achieve it?

Somehow I feel both Asta and Hinata are so similar in traits. They both get stronger with experience and surprises everyone with every instant.

It isn’t a sports anime like Haikyuu, but it got the potential to give you similar vibes to Haikyuu anime.

Manga like Haikyuu!

1. Eyeshield 21

Manga like Haikyuu!

Sena used to get bullied a lot, and Mamori, his childhood friend, always protects him. To evade all these bullies, Sena has developed lightning legs, and he gets noticed by a football player.

Later on, he gets scouted into the team, and since he doesn’t want Mamori to find it out, he wears an Eyeshield that goes by the name “Eyeshield 21.”

Usually, sports manga can’t be expressed as well they do in anime shows. But for some reason, Eyeshield 21 kept me on the edge of my seat and the only one besides Haikyuu.

Since you’re searching for a manga similar to Haikyuu, this one is sure to give you the same vibes.

2. Kuroko no Basketball

Manga like Haikyuu!

Kuroko is the sixth member of Generation of Miracles from Teiko, who excelled in passing and joins Seiren High School to pursue basketball further.

There he meets Kagami Taiga, to whom he acts as a shadow in every match with his skilled passes. Can he achieve his goal of defeating every member of the Generation of Miracles?

Perhaps it would be better if you watch anime, but the manga is excellent too. The artwork is fantastic, and although it is a totally different story from Haikyuu, you’ll love it.

The characters, intense moments, and emotions resemble a lot from Haikyuu.

3. Ao Ashi

Manga like Haikyuu!

Ashito Aoi is a middle school student who meets a “J Youth League” coach who rarely witnesses talents. What future awaits for this football prodigy?

Ao Ashi and Haikyuu both feel miles apart if we ignore the nature of the main characters. But it is as good as Haikyuu, and you’ll love it.

It has good art, engaging plot, and overall, it sparks an interest even in those people, who are not into sports.

4. My Hero Academia

Manga like Haikyuu!

Izuku Midoriya is born without any power in a world where Heroes save them from Villains. But in an incident, he meets his idol and the world’s symbol of peace, “Almight.”

Almight sees potential in him and passes on the “One for All” quirk to him, to become the next symbol of peace. Will Midoriya be able to achieve it?

I see a lot of similarities in Haikyuu and MHA, even though both contain a completely different premise. The main characters’ struggle is same in the both manga.

So, if you feel like reading a manga like Haikyuu with slightly a different approach, try this one out.

5. Run with the Wind

Manga like Haikyuu!

Kakeru Kurahara, a former ace, ends up in the Kansei University Track Club due to an encounter with Haiji Kiyose.

But in the club, except for these two, the rest are running novices. Can they pull it off when the deadline university marathon closing in?

Run with the Wind is a great blend of stunning art and impressive story execution. The pace is pretty awesome, and it never gets you bored.

The characters are pretty good, and the bonds between them remind me of Haikyuu. So, this one might be your cup of tea if you loved reading Haikyuu!

A Word from Us!

Initially, watching Haikyuu has been a great experience with a touching story and entertaining scenes. But the manga was amazing, even though it doesn’t have all the visuals and animation.

Whether you’re looking for an anime like Haikyuu or manga like Haikyuu, this list will help you find one. Choose one wisely and have a great watch/read.

So, do you think our list is justified? If you have any other anime/manga in mind, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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