Anime Gives 7 Reasons Why Suicide is Not an Option!

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Life isn’t always fair because it brings more problems than happiness. So, obviously, people lose hope at some point. Some get sick of their lives, some give up, and some are just afraid to live.

But is it really worth losing your precious life over such mere (or not) life problems? Everybody goes through hard times in their lives, but fighting the situation is a better solution than giving up on it.

The feeling we get when we achieve our goal after tons of obstacles or after solving a haunting problem is sweeter than the feeling of insufferableness you’ve faced till now.

Suicide is Not an Option!

You Have Only One Life, Live It!

anime quotes about depression

“Life is like a tube of toothpaste. When you’ve used all the toothpaste down to the last squeeze, that’s when you’ve really lived. Live with all your might, and struggle as long as you have life.” – Mion Sonozaki (Higurashi)

Everybody has one life, and why can’t you live it to the fullest? There are plenty of things you can find happiness like anime. When you’re lonely, it gives you company; when you’re hurt, it heals a part of it.

The dark truth about making anime is, the animators are often underpaid, and they work their asses off to provide quality anime to viewers, and through them, they influence a lot of people.

No Problem is Permanent!

anime quotes about depression

Often, anime studios go out of business, but they never try to give up because they know that it is rewarding sometimes. So, no problem is permanent, and you always have a way out.

“You can die anytime, but living takes true courage,” said Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin. Living a life needs courage, but if you don’t have that, it’s okay. You’ll find it someday for sure.

Things Will Get Better!

anime quotes about depression

“If your life can change once, your life can change again.” Sanae from Clannad anime has said this. If your life has suddenly turned upside down due to problems, it can also flip the opposite way.

You just have to wait for the right moment while trying to solve every problem. Of course, it’s never easy, but it is definitely a better option than completely giving up on it.

Don’t Runaway from Problems, Fight Them!

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“If nobody cares to accept you and wants you in this world, accept yourself, and you will see that you don’t need them and their selfish ideas.” -Alibaba (Magi) 

Why should you care about someone who doesn’t accept you? Even if no one cares, you’ll find a single person out of 7 billion people in this world. In the worst case, you have youself and the anime to cure your depression. So, running away is never an option.

You Always Have a Way, Even if Everything’s Lost!

anime quotes about depression

“You can’t always hold on to the things that are important. By letting them go, we gain something else.” -Kunio Yaobi (Tamako Market)

You’ve lost everything, so what? Can’t you start over? If you can endure this pain, the gain would definitely be rewarding. I can’t say you’ll succeed for sure, but perhaps you can find a reason to live.

Don’t Assume You’ll Fail!

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“Even if you’ve only got a 1% chance of winning, but you convince yourself you’re gonna lose, that 1% becomes 0%.” – Lina Inverse (Anime: Slayers)

“We cannot waste time worrying about the what-ifs.” Ichigo Kurosaki, the protagonist of Bleach, has spoken the right words. Before even trying, some people come to the conclusion that they can’t do it.

How do you know that? If you believe in yourself and put in enough effort, won’t you get something in return? So, never assume you’ll fail even if the goal is as big as a mountain.

Don’t Abandon the Loved Ones!

anime quotes about depression

“What you can’t accomplish alone, becomes doable when you’re with someone else.” – Taichi Yaegeshi (Kokoro Connect).

It’s not always you’re alone because you have at least a single person in your life with who you can share some things. Why not try to work it out together instead of suffering? More importantly, it’s not like you’re going to put an end to the whole misery.

You’re being too selfish here because your loved ones will suffer for eternity for losing an amazing person like you. So, live your life to the fullest and never lose hope.

Let’s Conclude!

I know all the statements above might not make sense for the people who are suffering right now. But if you see them from a different perspective, you’d know that they’re 100% true.

Even if you have nothing to hold, you have yourself. I don’t believe killing yourself would put an end to the problems. So, don’t make rash decisions and never attempt such things in your life at all.

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