Attack on Titan : 6 Reasons Why It Is A Must Watch Series!

Attack on Titan is an anime series you might’ve heard about it more than a few times. Especially in 2020, with the hype of the previous season, it became one of the trending anime series over the world.

And Attack on Titan fourth season stands above all the anticipated anime of 2020. Why? Is it that good? Well, if I say it now, there would be no point in writing the review. So, let’s find the reasons which made Attack on Titan a must watch anime series.

Attack on Titan

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Action, Post-apocalyptic

IMDb: 8.8/10.

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Its manga was published on Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine by Kodansha. It started publishing in 2009, which included 30 volumes and still ongoing. And the series was adapted by Wit studio, which is known for its works on anime like Vinland Saga(2019). Hiroyuki Sawano gave the music for all the seasons and, hopefully, for the Final Season.


Two thousand years from now, the human race nearly wipes off by man-eating giants known as Titans. In a final attempt to live, a small percentage of humanity survives protected by the walls in a city. And nonetheless, humanity believes these walls can hold all the Titans outside the wall since they haven’t seen a Titan attacking them in over 100 years. But how long those walls can withstand the Titans?


Attack on Titan sets in a fantasy world where humanity is driven to the brink of extinction by the mindless, man-eating giants. Humanity builds three walls- Maria, Rose, and Sina to survive from Tians. In the year 845, after nearly a century of peace, a “Collosial Titan” breaches the Wall Maria, and as a result, Titans massacres the city inside the Wall Maria.

However, even though some of them survived and escaped into the Wall Rose, a young boy Eren Jaeger witnesses the horror of Titans. He loses the people dear to him and vows to get rid of every last Titan from the world and bring back the freedom of humanity. His journey begins along with Mikasa and Armin.


The show makes you like the characters more than any other aspect because of their will power and motives. Like Levi, the captain of Recon Corps, Erwin, the commander of Recon Corps, and the main character Eren Jaeger. Every character in the anime makes the way when there is a necessity. And from the beginning to the end of the series, character development is fantastic. The least focused role will end up being your favorite.

The Soundtracks

The first opening of Attack on Titan “Guren no Yumiya” alone gives you the chills. The epicness of the whole series can found in just one soundtrack. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s just how it is. Not to mention the other openings, they’re also amazing.

And when you finally immersed in an action scene, the background music suddenly makes you feel goosebumps. How does it feel? The music is one more critical aspect, which made the epic action scenes even more intense.


Well, since Attack on Titan set in a post-apocalyptic world, you might think there wouldn’t be any modern based weapons to fight. How do you think they’ll compete against Titans? Of course, 3D Maneuver Gear is the weapon they use. The animation of displaying the usage of gear and those stunning visuals are enough to know the quality of animation.

Wit Studio has done a fantastic job. The animation is good, not just at action scenes but also at usual stages. It proves that the studio cares about every detail to entertain the viewer.


When it comes to action, there are no words to express it. Because the main reason the series is getting so much hype is of action scenes. With the stunning visuals, the action scenes make your eyes pleased. With every season, the action gets better and better.

There are many anime shows which contain a lot of action sequences. But why are we considering Attack on Titan as the best action anime? The action scenes involved in the anime are full of Strategy. The decisions made by the characters are Tactical. And without a doubt, the action scenes in the series gives you the real goosebumps.

The Finale

The fourth season is going to be the last season of Attack on Titan. Since it’s The Finale, finally, the story is coming to an end. The Secrets in the story made everyone surprise, and the action scenes which made viewers watch them, again and again, will not be the same after the final season. But still, with the current hype, the fourth season of the anime definitely will end as one of the best endings in anime history.

With the released teaser of season four right after the airing of the third season, the hype for the finale has grown even more. The teaser has shown the first look, which including a new character with a scary look. But even a small sneak peek could make the fans go crazy. Well, if you haven’t watched this series yet, go and watch it so that you can experience the finale together with the Fandom.

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