Attack on Titan Season 4 Reveals Episode Titles and A Stunning Key Visual!

attack on titan season 4

Attack on Titan season 4 is all set to make a comeback in just a week and we, fans have been eagerly waiting for it as well. Just like how we were excited when the franchise released teasers and trailers, now we’re going to something rather amusing. The finale is just up ahead and the series already revealed the title of the first episode and a stunning key visual which will blow the audience’s mind.

Recently, TV listings in Japan revealed the episode titles of the first two episodes of Attack on Titan season 4. The show will debut on December 6 overseas, and the first episode (Episode 60) will be titled “The Other Side of the Ocean.” The official Twitter account of Attack on Titan Wiki even tweeted the titles along with a few images. You can view it here:

Apparently, a new key visual has also been released as MAPPA studio showcasing their ongoing anime and luckily, they chose to show Attack on Titan’s key visual.

This key visual features the Survey Corps’ makeovers in the form of a poster. Though MAPPA studio displayed the key visual during the showcase period, it has yet to come through official online channels.

While the key visuals from the episode titles show the aftermath events of season 3 where Eren’s point of view on Titans changes. Clearly, from the title, it says the other side of the ocean which meant the Survey Corps might get into the desired place in the first episode itself. Now all that’s left is action and that’s exactly what we’re expecting from the anime.

Since Attack on Titan season 4 will come out next week, we’re already excited to death and not to mention the manga readers who already witnessed the incredible plot. So, how do you think the finale will start and end? Do you think it could surpass the previous season? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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