All 11 Titans Ranked from Weakest to Strongest in Attack on Titan!

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This article might contain some spoilers from the anime, so only read if you have seen it.”

While Titans are the main focus of the anime Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), it is also important to know their types and how powerful they are according to strength and wits.

So, in this article, we’ll be deliberating each Titan’s strength according to its abilities. I’m sure you’ll see one or two new things about them. Let’s get into the article then.

Attack on Titan Titans Ranked!

11. Pure Titans

Attack on Titan Titans
Muku no Kyojin

The most number of Titans in the anime belong to this category. Also referred to as Muku no Kyojin, these titans vary from 2 to 15 meters in height and often attack humans in numbers to make them helpless.

Out of all the titans, these are the weakest because they don’t have any powers besides their heavy bodies. These Pure Titans have been used as war weapons by Eldia and Marley.

The only way to kill these Titans is by slashing the nape of their neck (which is the same for almost every titan). The first appearance of these titans was at the gates of Trost District when Colossus Titan broke the wall.

One more interesting fact about Pure Titans is that anyone can possess the power of main Titans if they can eat the holder after taking the Titan Serum.

10. Abnormal Titans

Attack on Titan Titans
Kiko-shu no Kyojin

Abnormal Titans are also a part of Pure Titans, but they have strange behavior and intelligence. These titans often perform unpredictable moves during fights and inflict more damage to the troops.

Some of these titans have speed, some perform long jumps, and some even speak the language of humans. Although some of these titans look weaker than pure titans, their abnormal behaviour makes them harder to deal with.

Hange finds a diary outside the walls that explains how these titans behave. One such story is about IIse Langnar, who witnessed one such titan speaking the human language before her final moments.

We have seen how a titan right flanked the Survey Corps and surprised them during the expedition outside Wall Rose. Even Rod Reiss, who drank titan serum, has turned into an abnormal one.

9. Cart Titan

Attack on Titan Titans
Shariki no Kyojin

The Cart Titan is well-suited for long missions as its endurance is unusually high. It stands out as unusual among the Nine Titans because it has a quadrupedal form.

In addition to combat, Cart Titan carries supplies and is armed with machine guns. During the Raid on Liberio, the Cart Titan has become a great obstacle for the Survey Corps until Sasha took care of it.

It also possesses unimaginable speed similar to Jaw Titan, and it helped Zeke Yeager escape during his fight with Levi. It also played an important role in the Shiganshina arc and Marley fight with the neighbouring country.

Even though Cart Titan isn’t suited for close-range fights and can’t hold against Nine Titans, it is the worst enemy for the army of soldiers and a handy accomplice for Beast Titan.

8. Jaw Titan

Attack on Titan Titans
Agito no Kyojin

The Jaw Titan is a type of assault unit with powerful claws and jaws that can literally crush anything. Due to its small size, it can make surprise attacks on enemies.

With its speed and agility, it is also known as the fastest of Nine Titans. Catching any enemy off-guard, it can crush it with the strength of its powerful jaws and Game Over!

During the war with a neighbouring country, Jaw Titan aided Armored Titan in conquering it. Jaw Titan is also the most annoying enemy for Eren as it tried to eat him a few times.

Also, the main fight is waiting in the upcoming War in Paradis Arc. With all these abilities, Jaw Titan is an absolute beast. Its fighting prowess are unique from every other titan.

7. Colossal Titan

Attack on Titan Titans
Cho Ogata Kyojin

Colossal Titan is known as “God of Destruction.” We all know how they generate enormous heat while turning into Titans, but Colossal Titan takes it to the next level. It even uses steam to attack the enemies.

During the Battle of Shiganshina District, Bertolt used this heat to blow up a part of the city. Also, Armin wiped out the entire fleet of Marley soldiers during the Raid on Liberio.

It is infamous for its incredible size and height of around 60 meters. Its physical strength is superior to most of that titans as it destroyed the outer gate of Wall Maria with a single kick.

But Colossal Titan has a weakness because of its enormous size. It can’t move freely as other main titans. Regardless, it is one of the most powerful titans in Attack on Titan.

6. Female Titan

Attack on Titan Titans
Megata no Kyojin

The Female Titan is more like an all-purpose unit that is capable of mimicking other titans’ abilities. It can harden any part of its skin to protect itself and has high mobility and endurance.

Similar to Founding Titan, this Female Titan can exert a degree of influence on other titans through a scream. But it could not work in favour because the control over the titans would be lost soon.

Its high Versatility made Annie Leonhart run to the Walls sooner even though it exhausted her to the limits. Its hardened skin can even shatter the blades of ultrahard steel.

If it weren’t for Eren’s transformation in Stohess District, Annie would have escaped with her endurance. Thus, Female Titan is one of the most powerful titans out there.

5. War Hammer Titan

Attack on Titan Titans
Sentsui no Kyojin

War Hammer Titan uses unprecedented techniques to fight against enemies. With its ability to create weapons out of hardened Titan flesh, even Attack Titan has a hard time dealing with it.

The only weakness of the titans is the nape of the neck. But War Hammer Titan can even shift its control centre from the nape to the underground, and if the enemy doesn’t figure it out, he’s done for.

During the fight with Eren, War Hammer Titan demonstrated how powerful it is by pushing Eren to his limits. Structural hardening and Remote control are two of its greatest abilities.

Even founding titan would have a tough time dealing with War Hammer Titan with these deadly abilities and fighting techniques.

4. Beast Titan

Attack on Titan Titans
Kemono no Kyojin

Beast Titan’s pitching assault is the deadliest weapon as it knocks enemies regardless of their dodging skills. Unlike Nine Titans, Beast Titan takes the appearance of an animal (Zeke as Ape).

Zeke Yeager, who inherited the Beast Titan, has showcased his abilities in the anime. Powerful boulder throwing, Hardening, Titan creation, and Titan control are the frequently used abilities.

In the final season’s part 1, we have seen how his spinal fluid can even transform people into Titans. Zeke’s spinal fluid also made Falco a titan and made him inherit the Jaw Titan.

During the fight against Survey Corps in Shiganshina district, Zeke mercilessly slaughtered the Survey Corps while demonstrating his absolute prowess.

3. Armored Titan

Attack on Titan Titans
Yoroi no Kyojin

Armored Titan specializes in hardening abilities, and one slam from it can easily destroy the walls and gates of Paradis Island. It also has a high defense as it possesses skinned-armoured plates across its body.

These armoured plates are capable of shielding most of their damage and, at the same time, can inflict more damage on the enemy. We have seen how Reiner fought with Eren after his revelation.

During the Clash of Titans arc, Reiner overpowers him until Eren uses a technique taught by Annie. He also saved Bertolt from a group of Titans by shielding him.

In conclusion, Armored Titan can defend against any titan (even Beast Titan) and fight without much worry about its nape being slashed. So, I think it suits here on the list.

2. Attack Titan

Attack on Titan Titans
Shingeki no Kyojin

The Attack Titan can see through the memories of its past and future inheritors, which literally means it can see the future. Zeke Yeager described this power as “the power to transcend time.”

From history, the Attack Titan has been self-righteous and never obeyed others. Now this Titan suits perfectly for Eren Yeager. In the series, it first emerged in the Battle of Trost arc.

But its powers have been revealed in the Female Titan arc and the Shinganshina arc. Since Eren has eaten the War Hammer Titan and has Annie under control, he could emerge as the strongest in the anime sooner or later.

There are no specific abilities for the Attack Titan except for retaining the past and future memories. Considering all the moments from the anime & manga, Attack Titan definitely deserves #2 on the list.

1. Founding Titan

Attack on Titan Titans
Shiso no Kyojin

The Founding Titan is also known as “Progenitor Titan“, and it is first of all the Titans. According to history, The Founding Titan is the one that connects all the subjects of Ymir.

It has some unusual abilities such as Titan creation, Titan control, Memory manipulation, Anatomical manipulation, and Telepathic communication. This is also the only Titan with bloodline restriction as only royals could use most of its abilities.

As we know, Eren consumed his father and inherited the powers of the Founding Titan. So, we can possibly see most of its powers in the final war of the Fourth Season Part 2.

So, among all the Nine Titans, the Founding Titan is the most important one. That’s why Marley has gone to such lengths to retrieve Eren alive, and thus, we consider the Founding Titan as the most powerful of all Titans.

Let’s Conclude!

I guess that sums up the list of all the titans ranked in Attack on Titan. If you have been watching Attack on Titan for a long time, you must’ve been excited about the final season.

The previous season has been absolutely mind-boggling, and I’m pretty sure the next one is going to be even more amazing. So, if you have any thoughts regarding the article, feel free to share them with us through the comment section below.

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