Bahubali The Lost Legends: An Initiative Towards The Anime Community!

bahubali the lost legends- review

Bahubali The Lost Legends – Even before it’s release, almost everyone in India is familiar with the word Bahubali. Especially after the second part of the Bahubali movie, it is even more popular, not only in India but in other countries like the USA and China. If you’re a fan of animated series or cartoon shows by which our childhood has become promising, then you should watch an anime series once in a while.

With the success of Both Bahubali parts one and two, the studio took the initiative towards making an animated series known as Bahubali The Lost Legends. The show includes the additional plot which the audience has never experienced. It also reveals the origin of the main characters, like Bijjaladeva and Shivagami. So, what can we expect from the series followed by the movie Bahubali which created history in the Indian film industry? Let’s get to the review to know more.

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Bahubali The Lost Legends

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

IMDb: 7.5/10

Bahubali The Lost Legends is an Indian television animated series and is a part of the Bahubali franchise, produced by Arka media and the company Graphic India. It began airing from April 10, 2017, to April 19, 2019. It parts into a total of four seasons with 59 episodes and a special episode. The streaming network for the series is Amazon Prime Video. It is available both in English and Hindi languages.


“Bahubali The Lost Legends” sets before the invasion of Kalakeya, where Bahubali and Bhallaladeva both are still the young princes of Mahishmati. It chronicles two brothers competing to rule the most magnificent Kingdom of its time and the epic adventures they have to endure to ensure the safety of Mahishmati. Under the watchful eye of Shivagami, one of them shall rise to be the king to the throne and others to the people. The story features the events off your expectations.


The story follows the two brothers who strive to become the heir to the throne. To become the king, one must prove that they have the potential to rule and fight. As they journey across the kingdoms, they experience new things and encounter terrors. And with the more epic action scenes, it gets even enjoyable. As well as with the dozens of new characters, there are hidden secrets and untold stories about Bahubali. The story is usually picky and easily attracts the viewers with its constant pace.


The character development is pretty good in the series. Since there are new characters which you haven’t known yet, they will surprise you for sure. To take the reference from the movie “Bahubali’, I can’t its character development is the same as that. But, since its an animated series, they even included some scenes that can only present through animation. Due to the strong plot, its easy to develop the character, and it also gives you the chills of a suspense thriller.


The film Bahubali is known for its breathtaking music and the fantastic composition of songs. The anime series might not reach the peaks of the original movie. But being an animated series, and that too historical, the music somehow made it look like an intense. It’s a good thing that they at least focussed on the background music.


bahubali the lost legends

For the people who used to watch historical movies or tv shows, this will entertain with its strategical fights. Even though animation doesn’t make the action scenes look epic, but at least they are worth the watch. Some action scenes resemble the movie. And those aren’t messed up, which is, by the way, a relief for the movie lovers. You may not love the action, but at least you won’t disappoint.


bahubali the lost legends

Being a fan of anime series, I would always prefer a good quality of animation. But its sad to see the animation of “Bahubali The Lost Legends.” It’s more like an Indian cartoon. No offense, but with such a fantastic plot, at least arka media should have put more budget into it. Since the animated series are loved all over the world, It should’ve been an initial step towards the anime community. It is a historical animated series, so people would’ve shown more interest in it. But sadly, it didn’t reach the heights of a classic anime series.

An Initiative Towards Anime Community:

Even with the great plot, some anime series doesn’t work out. And the reason is they lack either representation or animation. Also though Bahubali The Lost Legends represented the series very well, they failed to concentrate on animation quality. It would’ve been an excellent initiative for India towards anime community.

With a few negative reviews, it might’ve received a little bit of discouragement. But the fourth season proved that it would improve with the application of reasonable effort. Well, even in animation quality, it hasn’t improved much in the fourth season. But at least we can hope that we get more series like this with exceptional quality of animation.

Will there be a Fifth Season?

With the ending of the fourth season, there isn’t any scene that can imply in the making of next season. All we can do is wait for more updates on the series. And if you’re thinking of watching it, you can find it on Amazon Prime Video.

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