Top 10 Best Action Anime with Insane Fights!

best action anime

Best Action Anime of all Time-All are best in their genres!

You might have watched some best tv series or movies, but have you ever tried watching an action or adventure anime? If you did, then you’ll know how amazing they are!

Whether you’re looking to watch your next anime series or you’re here for an action anime series, you can find the best list here. So here are the best action anime of all time!

Best Action Anime 2022!

Sword of the Stranger

sword of the stranger

One day a warrior crosses their path and somehow bonds with these two. He promises them that he will escort them to the Buddhist Temple, where a monk is waiting for them to arrive.

But Ming isn’t something that can stop without finishing what it has started. The Elites from the dynasty come after them and now their lives are at stake. Can this unknown warrior withstand a dynasty?

Sword of the Stranger is more than just an action anime. It comprises trust, hope, and more importantly bonds. The story follows a young boy and a dog who is pursued by a foreign dynasty named Ming.

If you’re here to seek an amazing action anime, then just go for it. It has a Samurai theme so you can experience numerous battles between Samurais.

Here’s a fact: Sword of the Stranger has been nominated as the Best Animated Feature Film in Asia Pacific Screen Awards of 2008.

One Piece

one piece

The Story follows the adventures of  Monkey D.Luffy, who decides to become the King of Pirates by finding the ultimate treasure of the world known as “One Piece.”

As his journey begins, he slowly builds his crew, and his journey includes many obstacles and challenges. Can he find One Piece in this vast world?

If you’re familiar with the term anime, then probably One Piece is the name that you heard the most. One Piece is an action/adventure anime, which makes you weep like a child and twitch in excitement.

It will become your forever lovable anime and also one story that you can tell to your grandchildren. Even though it is very long, the anime never gets deviated, and the excitement increases with each arc.

Attack on Titan

best action anime

The Story follows Eren Yeager, who swore to eliminate every last titan as his family and people get eaten by the Titans.

To fulfil his goal and protect humanity, he joins the Recon Corps who defends the walls in which people live.

The anime which thrills you with its mysterious plot and instant twists and turns is Attack on Titan. In every way, this anime is brilliant.

The suspense, music, action what else, everything is included according to the audience liking. Every season leaves you with a cliffhanger in the end, and with every twist, the only reaction you can think of shock.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter X Hunter- best anime of all time

The Story revolves around an 11-year-old kid named Gon Freecs who decides to become a hunter and find his father who left him when he was a child.

As he sets out on his journey from Whale island, he meets various friends and foes. The screenplay itself shows the beauty of the anime, and in the end, you’ll be wanting more episodes.

Hunter x Hunter is a type of anime that will leave you sitting at the edge of your seat. It is one of those anime series that will end up becoming your favourite.

The anime is a mixture of Suspense, Action, and Adventure. If you want to spend your quality time on an anime, this one is recommendable. And the good thing is it has no suitable fillers.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia- best anime of all time

The Story is about Izuku Midoriya, who is born quirkless in a world of superheroes. Since he can’t fulfill his dream of becoming the world’s greatest superhero, his idol Almight passes him the power known as ‘One for All.’

With the new quirk, Midoriya gets into the U.A high school by overcoming a few obstacles. But there is more to becoming the world’s greatest hero than getting into U. A high.

My Hero Academia easily holds its place in one of the best action anime of all time. Because, without My Hero Academia, this list won’t be satisfactory.

This anime is simply amazing, and when it comes to action, I can’t even find any words to express. If you want to start watching an anime, then this anime would easily make you love action anime series.


Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja whose dream is to become the most powerful ninja to protect his village and make everyone recognize his talent.

Even though he gets shunned by everyone in the village due to a monster hiding inside him, he doesn’t seem to give up. Could it be his Ninja way is impeccable?

Naruto is a lot of the new generation’s first favorite anime. The best thing about Naruto is its legendary plot, which surprises everyone. The action sequences are not an exception, though.

Naruto isn’t just an anime as you go more profound; it is a beautiful journey. To be more precise, Naruto is magnificent in every aspect. If you don’t want to miss one of the best action anime of all time, watch it ASAP.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Two brothers Edward and Alphonse, commit a taboo to bring back her dead mother using Alchemy. As a result, Ed loses his left leg and sacrifices his right arm to bound Al’s lost Soul to armor.

Then the journey begins, and as unusual incidents take place, anime turns into a marvelous one.

I’m not sure whether to include Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in action anime or not. But if you watch the anime, I guess you’ll enjoy most of the action scenes. They include different types of Alchemy and abilities.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the remake of the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, and it follows the original events of the manga. It is a true masterpiece.

Fate Series

best action anime

The Story follows Shirou Emiya, who becomes magi and summons a mystic female warrior known as Saber to battle with him.

They are about to enter a contest where only one team can leave, and Shiro has second thoughts about not participating in the battle royale.

Some people love it, and some people think it isn’t as good as everyone says. But it deserves more recognition for its efforts of brilliance.

It is an entertaining anime with an exceptional plot, and what makes it unique from other ones is the presentation of action sequences. Every fight scene is logical, and the deduction level is purely excellent.

Soul Eater

The Story follows a group of students who join a school of Demon Hunters, Shibusen. Maka, a scythe wielder and her friend, Soul, who transforms into a scythe she uses.

Each hunter in the school pairs with a partner who can turn into a weapon and the two of them must fight unitedly. If you like dark fantasy anime series, this will be according to your liking.

Soul Eater is simply a combination of masterful cool moments and touching moments. It takes some time to get to your liking, but once you like it, it will become one of your favourite anime for sure.

It is more like a dark fantasy anime with some adventure/action scenes in it. If you’re looking for an anime that can entertain differently, this one is for you.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer- best anime of all time

The Story follows Kamado Tanjiro, who becomes a Demon Hunter to turn her sister back to the human from a demon after his family gets devoured by a demon.

In his adventures, he encounters various demons, which include some epic action and emotional scenes. You don’t need to be a fan of a specific genre to watch it; it fits perfectly in every genre.

Demon Slayer is an undeniable masterpiece! If you define it in terms of some simple words, then it is no justice for the anime. Hence, one of the best action anime series.

Samurai Champloo

samurai champloo- best action anime

Samurai Champloo follows the Story of three strangers who come across their paths. When a young woman named Fuu, a waitress, is in trouble, these three strangers save her from the threat.

But who knows what’s waiting for them in front? It is worth the try, and after all, it is one of the best action anime of all time.

Samurai Champloo is not less than a masterpiece, and it is well-known Samurai anime. It is one of the anime where the main character is a Mugen warrior with ultimate swordsman skills.

It won’t disappoint you a bit; instead, it gets you excited right from the beginning.


Action anime can be everyone’s cup of tea and with some stunning action sequences, it only makes viewers more interested in this genre.

So, if you’re thinking of watching good action anime, you might as well start with a good one from our list. These action anime comprise both short and long-running anime but both deliver the maximum experience to the viewers.

So, what anime are you going to pick up from the list? And what is the best action anime in your opinion? If you have any thoughts to share, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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