7 Best Action Fantasy Manhwa and Webcomics to Read

Best Action Fantasy Manhwa

With a surge in Korean culture’s popularity, they have drawn everyone’s attention globally, leading to Korean Manhwa are taking the world by storm. Among them, the most sought-after genre in the world is fantasy, which has been the most in demand. They are true masterpieces with exciting plots, fantastic artwork, and unique power systems.

A story that lets you lose yourself in a world filled with swords and sorcery, fighting monsters and golems and experiencing a truly spectacular journey. Here are some of the best Korean action fantasy manhwa and webcomic titles with extraordinary fantasy and fiction settings that will leave you craving more. 

Best Fantasy Manhwa List

7. The Lone Necromancer

The Lone Necromancer - action fantasy manhwa

Seongwu just returned to college from his obligatory military service, and weird incidents began to occur. The world is suddenly overrun by monsters; the streets are littered with corpses, and hot weapons are rendered ineffective. Humans are given a chance to choose a class/occupation for the new world order. What would you decide if you could select one job in this apocalyptic world?

Our protagonist chooses the “Necromancer” class, a rare ability that gives him the power to create skeletons and control the undead. He uses his powers to save as many people as possible while fighting against monsters and those trying to use this opportunity to gain authority over the new world. But will he make it out alive?

6. Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset - action fantasy manhwa

Humans are summoned to play a life-threatening game in the dungeon world, where they are given skills and must band together to kill monsters and clear stages to return to Earth. Once a stage is cleared, the dungeon resets and all the traps and monsters are respawned.

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Our protagonist, Dawoon, falls into a trap that supposedly kills anyone who falls in on the spot during the first stage and is thus abandoned by his party members. But when caught up in a glitched reset, he is completely healed but cannot use the teleportation portal to reach the next stage. Now that the rules no longer apply to him, armed with only production skills and no combat abilities, he’ll need to get creative to survive.

5. The God of High School

The God of High School - action fantasy manhwa

Jin Mori has been trained in taekwondo by his grandfather at a very young age and thus has been obsessed with finding strong opponents to challenge. With that thought in mind, he enters the “God of High School” competition.

A fierce martial arts tournament, where any fighting style and all weapons are allowed, is organized to find the best fighter among all Korean high schoolers. You can gain fame and wealth beyond expectation, and the person at the top gets anything they can wish for. Although the competition looks simple, it soon unveils a more significant threat hidden within its shadows.

4. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - action fantasy manhwa

The story revolves around Kim Dokja, a lonely 29-year-old office worker who loves reading web novels. On a subway ride home after a tiring day, his favorite novel, “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse,” comes to an end. Kim Dokja receives a strange email from the author, thanking him for reading the novel and saying that since he was the only reader to continue until the end, he would receive a prize.

All he expected was a gift card, but the world turned into a bloodbath. He soon realizes that the series of events isn’t random but follows the novel’s plot. As the only person who knows how the world ends, what will he do to survive?

3. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling - action fantasy manhwa

When mysterious portals unleashing monsters started appearing across the globe, the world was thrown into chaos. But as the years passed by, humanity started regaining its power with the help of special humans blessed with the power to combat these monsters called “Hunters.”

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Sung Jinwoo started as the lowest of the low, an E-Rank hunter who risks his life to earn a living, but that didn’t last for long. Because of an unfortunate accident, when most of his raid members are killed, he sacrifices himself to save the others, but as he’s at death’s door, he is given a gift: the gift of necromancy. This is the story of a low-ranking hunter who turns into the all-powerful Shadow Monarch.

2. The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After the End - action fantasy manhwa

King Grey, a duellist in a world where diplomatic and international issues are settled with battles, was unrivaled in strength, wealth, and prestige but lacked ambition and the will to live. Unexpectedly, he was reincarnated as a newborn baby named Arthur Leywin in a world of magic and mystical creatures. Seeing this as a new opportunity to live a life of purpose, he uses the knowledge from his past life to hone his skills in battle and magic, with the desire to protect his newfound family.

As the years pass, he gains strength and fame, rivaling the most powerful people on the continent. But beneath the calm of the new world lies a clandestine threat unlike any other, slowly creeping towards the destruction of everything he cherishes. Will Arthur be able to save the world and those he loves?

1. Tower of God

Tower of God - action fantasy manhwa

What is it you desire? wealth, honor, authority, power, or revenge? Or something that transcends them all? Whatever it is, you can attain it at the top of the tower. This series, which is one of the best action fantasy manhwa, follows the journey of a boy named Bam, whose only friend and family is a girl named Rachel.

Weary of the darkness surrounding them, Rachel decides to climb the tower to obtain the very stars in the sky. Bam follows her into the tower but is separated and sent on a path to climb the tower as an irregular: someone who was not chosen by the tower but was able to enter.

A tower filled with secrets, monsters, and heinous humans, and Bam must overcome these challenges to climb the tower. Where strength and intelligence determine your worth, will Bam be able to find his friend? And what will be the outcome of his adventure? Only time will tell.

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