13 Best Mature/Adult Anime Recommendations for Grown Men!

best adult anime

Adûlt anime is quite a popular genre in almost every field of anime. But how do you define it? By its plot? Or by how expličit they are? The latter seems more justifying.

These adult anime typically involve a lot of aggrešsive scenes whether it comes to romance or violence.

So, if you’re here looking for a good mature/adult anime, then brace yourselves because you might have not seen these recommendations anywhere and these are right up your alley.

Best Adult Anime!

13. Nana to Kaoru

“The story follows Kaoru, a person with an S &M fetish. He always wanted to have an S&M relationship with his childhood friend Nana. But due to an incident, they have been separated for years.

As the days pass by, both of their lives reach a phase where they need some sort of a habit to go on with their lives. One day, Kaoru’s mom gives some of his toys to Nana for safekeeping. Curiously, Nana tries them on and develops a tenderness for them. Could this be a solution to save her stressful life?”

If you’ve read Nana to Kaoru manga, then you’ll definitely want to watch this anime. However, you might’ve some uncertainties about its adaptation. Well, we suggest you watch this OVA and judge yourselves because it depends on the person’s perspective.

As for the scenes you’re expecting, there are plenty of them in a 24-minute episode. If you haven’t read this manga yet, still, you can give it a shot because it is just one episode, right? After all, it is one of the best adûlt anime on our list.

12. Kiss x Sis

“When Keita’s mother passed away, his father gets remarried which results in bringing two stepsisters home. Twins Ako and Riko tend to show incestuous feelings towards Keita from the day he meets them.

When he reaches the end of middle school, Keita has to attend the same school as Ako and Riko. While attending school with them, he needs to settle this improper relationship by himself. However, it seems like both the sisters are determined to only love his onee-chan.” 

Kiss x Sis is probably one of the best adûlt anime to connect with the mâture audience. The concept might seem a bit eerie to you but in the adûlt anime world, everything is fair. With just 12 episodes, it’ll surprise you with too many depraved relationships.

If you’ve watched any adûlt anime, then you’ll definitely love it to the core. It not only succeeds in delivering adûlt content but also some lively scenes. So, throughout the anime, you won’t get bored at all. Make sure to add it to your watchlist then. 

11. The Qwaser of Stigmata

“When Tomo Yamanoba’s father (headmaster of Saint Mikhailov Academy) disappears, he leaves a piece behind known as “Icon.”Soon after this incident, rumors began circulating about a serial killer attacking female students of the academy.

Tomo and his sister Mafuyu discover a secret regarding the piece left by his father due to an incident. When Tomo and Mafuyu discover the existence of Qwasars and these Qwasars transfer to their school eventually. What will become to these two students?”

If you wanted to watch this series, we can ensure that you’ll have a lot of fun. We mean in both funny and the way it draws more audience. Though you might not be able to enjoy the show, the concept is very well portrayed.

The story is pretty good, and the characters are well introduced. So, if you’re looking for an adûlt anime with some great ecchi scenes and a well-written story, you’re more than welcome to try it out.

10. My Wife is the Student Council’s President

“Hayato Izumi is running for student council president with his rival UI Wakana. Though he’s diligent, responsible, and ambitious, UI wins by using some unspeakable attempts like comprehensive $ex education, etc. Izumi somehow accepts his defeat and settles as vice president.

Then, they both had to live together because they made a promise ages ago that they both get married when they grow up. Now Izumi and UI must balance their lifestyle as sweethearts and student council members.”

My Wife is the Student Council’s President is one of the most intense adûlt anime out there. Sure, you’ll get to view a great story but what’s more, is that the scenes are portrayed brilliantly. Ečchi in the anime is too simplistic and makes you wonder is it really an adûlt anime?

But never judge a book by its cover. Though on the outside it might seem like a normal anime show, when you get into it, you’ll notice the difference. So, If you’re here looking for a good adûlt anime, include it in your list as well.

9. Gangsta

“Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo are known as “Handymen” in the city of Ergastalum. They are mercenaries who can do any job regardless of minding the hirer.

After completing the order of eliminating a local gangster, they stumble upon the order to protect Alex Benedetto, a prostitute who is targetted by a large number of forces.”

Normally, an adûlt anime contains either extreme violence or some good amount of ecchi on it. What if it has both of these and portrays it effectively? Well, you get Gangsta anime. As the name suggests, it is a pure violent yet thrilling adûlt anime to watch.

It utilizes all elements like prôstitution, drugs, and some other illegâl activities that bring true meaning to these kinds of shows. Though the pacing is normal, the scenes are so intense and make you excited until the end.

8. The Testament of Sister New Devil

“Basara Toujou leads a hard life thanks to his two demonic sisters, Mio and Maria. When he finds out that Mio is targetted by demons to claim her power, he decides to protect her regardless of the outcome.

They decide to face the hardships head-on when a messenger arrives from the demon realm. Now Basara has to become stronger through erotic pleasure to face them and protect his two precious sisters”

Though the story has a lot of capability to make it an amazing anime in terms of story, action, and animation, they wasted efforts by focussing on ečchi. Well, one way or another, it came out to be a success for adûlt anime lovers.

While the story is normal, the screenplay shows true adûltery with some effective scenes. The characters are so interesting and make you love them over time. While the MC is not your typical type, female leads are one more reason to watch it.

7. Yosuga no Sora

“Haruka and Sora finally decide to come to their hometown years after their parents died in a tragic car accident. They stay at their grandfather’s house which is a constant reminder of the past.

It reminds them of the old days with their childhood friends Yorihime, Akira, and Kazuha. Though they like the days spent in their hometown, soon they create a dark secret themselves that no one should know.”

Probably this is the best adûlt anime on the list if you view it from the perspective of scenes. It has everything a normal anime has like character development, a standard storyline, and most importantly, the chemistry between the characters.

If you have heard any negative reviews of the series and you hesitated before watching it, you might’ve made a blunder mistake. Of course, it’s not up to us to decide but once you watch it, you can judge it yourself and compare it to the reviews you’ve considered so far.

6. The Comic Artist and His Assistants

“Yuuki Aito is a perverted manga artist who wishes to draw panties all the time. When he gets many female assistants, he asks them to be a reference for the manga he draws. Although he is a pervert, he has gentle behavior and is a gentle person.

The dual behavior of Aito confuses his assistants. Could they be able to love this considerate behavior of him? Or do they hate him for his perverted mind? Find it yourself.

The Comic Artist and His Assistants is a slice-of-life type adûlt anime with a touch of harem comedy concept. The animation, characters, and art makes you love it but what makes it worthy of being one of the best adult anime out there?

Well, the way the characters interact and how they build up harem is one likable theme in the anime. As you’d expect, the main character is a pervert and with him as the center, the comedy dwells through the episodes.

5. Keijo!!!!!!!

Japan introduces a new sport that involves knocking off the opponents out of the ring in a pool by using only their breasts or butts. Though the premise is outlandish, this sport attracts millions of viewers and soon it becomes one of the famous sports.

Many athletes even participate hoping to become the next champion. Nazomi Kaminashi enters the competition to bring a fortune to her poor family and with her athletic abilities, she even proves herself. Meeting new rivals and friends turns her life into a new one.”

When you view a certain anime with a simple mindset, you can only get the beauty of them if they’re up to your taste. However, if you can see that, some of the anime doesn’t even get enough recognition just because the approach is different.

Though Keijo has fan service, it really doesn’t make it look like one. The characters, animation, story, and production did a very good job in making this anime, and you must watch this one since it is one of the best adûlt anime out there.

4. Prison School

“Five high school students, Kiyoshi, Andre, Shingo, Jo, and Gakuto join Hachimitsu Private Academy, an all-girls high school. Though girls ignore them all the time, these boys try to get close to them and unfortunately choose a dangerous task only to end up in big trouble.

When their plan fails and gets caught, they get thrown in the school’s prison with a sentence of an entire month’s punishment. Watch how these five students scheme to escape the prison while the student council tries to lock them up by increasing their sentences.”

Prison School is simply one hell of a show in terms of adûlt comedy. The plot is so magnificent and makes you wonder what’ll happen next. It isn’t just a simple anime with a comedy premise but feels like some intense anime with a good screenplay and characters.

Even though you’re not into the mature kind of anime, this anime surely cracks you up. It manages to tell you a story with hilarious moments and some lêwd êcchi scenes. So, if you’re looking for an adûlt anime to get non-stop entertainment, we suggest you watch this right away.

3. Scum’s Wish

“To other people, Hanabi and Mugi are a couple who adores each other. Unfortunately, they share the same kind of pain, and that’s how they got together. Hanabi is in love with her childhood friend Narumi who falls for another girl and Mugi is in love with his tutor Akane.

Through an encounter, they both discover each other’s pain and decide to spend more time together. Even though they don’t have feelings for each other, they share physical desires to get rid of their loneliness.”

Just by looking at the title, you can guess the premise of the anime. Even though most of the anime is filled with lewd stuff, there is a lot of effort in presenting the storyline to influence the viewers. It shows how one’s desire can lead to unexpected turns in life.

The story is not meant for the people who love sweet romance because it is psychological and melancholic. If you’re looking for an adûlt anime with more than just some ečchi stuff, then go for it since it will be a good change of pace.

2. Nana

“Nana Komatsu is an ambitious woman and values her dream greatly. However, somehow she ends up traveling to Tokyo for the reason of chasing her only boyfriend. Here comes Nana Osaki, a proud rock vocalist who desires to become a professional singer.

She crosses paths with Nana Komatsu and eventually becomes roommates with her. As their friendship deepens, they rely on each other through hard times only to end up intertwine their lives with an unexpected romance.”

Nana is not just one of the best adûlt anime but also one of the best anime to ever exist. The concept is presented in the most beautiful way possible and with every episode, you’ll witness the greatness of the anime.

With realistic characters, a standard storyline, and breathtaking events, it’ll leave you speechless throughout your watch. One of the best things about “Nana” is that we can reflect ourselves with the characters in the anime. So, if you’re here for some good adûlt anime, just go with “Nana” right away.

1. Perfect Blue

perfect blue

“CHAM! is a J-pop idol group with a lot of fame and recognition. Sadly, Mima Kirigoe decides to quit the group to pursue her acting career. Though her choice is met with a mixed response from the audience, she decides to go on that path.

But life isn’t that easy as her life becomes harder once she exited the group. In addition to her problems, an obsessed fan begins to stalk her and a website tries to impersonate her life. With each of these turns in her life, she can’t distinguish between reality and dream anymore.”

Perfect Blue is one of those masterpieces to come in the late 90s. Even though it is a movie with a running time of 80 minutes, there isn’t a single minute you can afford to miss.

While ‘entertaining you with the mature theme’ is put aside, it will influence you on how one’s life can change through a single decision.

Concluding Adult/Mature Anime List!

Well, it seems like our list has reached its destination (end). With these thirteen recommendations, we believe you’ll find at least a few of them enjoyable and make yourself free of boredom.

If you think you’ve seen all of the anime from the list or looking for different ones, feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below. We’ll do our best to make your desired content and hope you’ll have a great time.

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