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Adult manhwa/webtoons are a perfect way to kill time if you’re looking for some 18+ erotic stuff. You have NTR, incest, forced, vanilla, stunning artwork and even fantasy genres available in here.

So, what are the best adult webtoons you can read? People call them with various names like adult webcomics, yet the desire to look for something to unleash your lust is the same. So, let’s explore the list while we’re at it.

Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

1. Secret Class

Secret Class- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

When Daeho’s parents passed away, he was taken in by the family of his father’s friend. After a few years, Daeho has stepped into teenage, yet he has no knowledge on pleasures like masturbation.

After finding out Daeho’s insecurity, his busty aunt June decides to teach him. However, soon Daeho finds out more about sex and begins to seduce the whole household including his milf aunt, and two sexy sisters.

Secret Class is one of the most popular adult manhwa for a reason. While it involves a lot of cheating, it is pure vanilla. The sexual intercourses between Aunt June and Daeho are god-tier, and the artwork is a bliss for the eyes. If you love reading about hot chicks getting banged by an innocent teenager, check it out.

2. Drug Candy

Drug Candy- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Seunggu’s life has become hard with demotion at work and problems in his married life. Just when he is low in his life, he meets a beautiful girl named Yura. He gets attracted to her playful nature and gets aroused whenever she teases him.

Although his personal life has gotten much better after secretly having an affair with her, will it benefit him in the long run? or will it be the cause for his demise?

Drug Candy is one of those webtoons where you can’t forget it in your lifetime. The artwork is simply gorgeous and there is continuous sexual action going on in every chapter. However, the best aspect is the storyline and how it portrays the life. If you want to read a meaningful adult manhwa, go for it.

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3. Lust Awakening

Lust Awakening- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Emma is a young man who leaves for town searching for a job. It turns out to be that the owner distrusts men and hired Emma as his name sounded feminine. The owner gives him the job on one condition: never make a move on her precious daughters.

However, the three daughters are hot, and they have lived their life without the scent of a man. Can they resist their sexual urges after coming in contact with a man?

You might not get a consistently top quality story from the beginning to the end in this hentai manhwa. However, the sexual interactions between the characters get better through the chapters and the artwork is decent enough to provide you an urge to blow the steam off (if you know what we mean).

4. Lady Garden

Lady Garden- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Kang Doo has been banned from the competitions of UFC and had to work as a security guard at a luxurious mansion filled with gorgeous ladies. Although it is a lady heaven, they are insecure and often get into troubles.

As the security guard, Kang Doo is brave enough to save the ladies from all the dangers. In favor to him, the hot women in the Lady Garden offer him pleasurable services whenever they feel like it.

Kang Doo’s job is a dream life for many guys around the world. Imagine living in a place filled with hot women who can have sex with you every day; wouldn’t it be a dream come true? Although the story is not that solid, the artwork and sexual intercourses are worth looking into.

5. Brawling Go!

Brawling Go!- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Jaejin’s life is living hell, as he was born as an impotent person. However, through a fortunate encounter, he undergoes a significant transformation and awakens his manhood.

They say, “The great power comes with great responsibility.” Jaejin faces a real crisis from here on, as once his penis gets erected, it is impossible to make it go down unless he is sexually satisfied.

How does it feel to witness an overpowered character in here? This manhwa is hilarious, but manages to pull out some hot intercourses between the male and female leads. Combined with gorgeous artwork and good characters, it will be one of the best adult webtoons you’ll ever read.

6. Perfect Half

Perfect Half- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

In the world of Perfect Half, wolves (men) and foxes (women) fight each other for domination. However, it’s not your usual war, but everything is decided through sexual intercourses. Who will emerge victorious in this never-ending battle?

You get into Perfect Half expecting for some smooth Smut, but you’ll stay for the story and gorgeous artwork. With some amazing characters and funny situations, it captivates your mind and keeps you excited throughout your read.

If you haven’t read a solid adult manhwa in a while, Perfect Half could become your new favorite.

7. Wet Women

Wet Women- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Hye Juri is a lustful woman who craves sex all the time. However, she doesn’t have the privilege to enjoy it to the fullest as she can’t find the perfect man to satisfy her. So, she becomes a delivery girl to find the man she’s looking for so long.

Wet Women is a fantastic adult manhwa with an extremely erotic FMC. It provides you with longer sexual intercourses and makes them as exciting as possible. With solid art and stunning women, it can entice you easily.

8. H-Mate

H- Mate- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Tae and Miro have been friends for over 15 years, and one night they unknowingly have sex with each other. When things get complicated, they seek different relationships. Are they truly suitable to just stay as friends? Or will they take their relationship to the next level?

H-mate is your usual drama between couples, but with exciting sexual situations. There is a bit of NTR, but since it has a happy ending, you’ll end up loving it more than you think initially. Hence, one of the best adult manhwa we’ve read.

9. He Does a Body Good

He Does a Body Good- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Hosang is never popular with women and always felt they’re way out of his league. However, things take a turn when he gets electrocuted by an electric mat and awakens an ability. With new-found power, Hosang is ready to explore the world of hot women without holding back.

Also titled “Sweet Guy” it is one of the most erotic manhwa we’ve read in a while. The story is funny and interesting, with a gorgeous female lead and top-tier artwork. If you want to read a vanilla hentai manhwa with super exciting sexual intercourses, look no further.

10. Household Affairs

Household Affairs- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Si-Yeon is an adorable wife who loves her husband, but she never gets much sex from him. When she comes to a point of not being able to hold back anymore, she seduces a delivery boy and sleeps with him every day. However, her husband is an assassin which she isn’t aware of, and what will happen to them if he discovers their affair?

Household Affairs is your typical cheating manhwa where wife sleeps with several men for carnal pleasure. If you’re fine with NTR and aren’t really concerned about weird endings other than hot sex and artwork, this one is a great choice to read.

11. A Pervert’s Daily Life

adult manhwa/adult webtoons

Seyoung arrives to her company dorm and is excited to share her dormitory with new roommates. However, just when she enters, she finds Jinwoo jerking off without care. Embarrassed, Jinwoo can’t face her, but it seems Seyoung has her own dirty little secrets.

A Pervert’s Daily Life is a sweet adult manhwa about a perverted couple. The story is mildly exciting, but the characters are everything. If you’re looking for a vanilla manhwa with adorable main characters and some smooth sex, make sure to read this one at any cost.

12. Lilith

Lililth- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Jahee is a responsible and hard-working teacher at school. But when she arrives into her room, she enjoys getting punished by her childhood friend Huilin with a whip. However, when she encounters Sulhwa at the same school, her buried feelings take shape and her life is going to experience a different kind of pain.

Lilith is an incredible yuri manhwa, although not the best. The main reason it is on the list because the situations and sexual intercourses in this adult manhwa are spectacular. If you’re into GL webtoons, never miss out on this one.

13. An Innocent Sin

An Innocent Sin- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Nayeon began pleasing herself, thinking that she was all alone in the train. However, a handsome man observes her and approaches to give his business card. After seeing him, she accepts the business card, and soon you’ll witness the sexual adventures of this couple.

An Innocent Sin is a great adult manhwa as it comes with a good artwork and unforgettable characters. Although there is so much drama going on, we get to witness continuous sexual stuff and the main couple are just too adorable together.

14. Redemption Camp

Redemption Camp- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Choi Da-ae is not so proud of her past, and she has done some dirty deeds. While so many men have become her victims, minister’s son Gitae notices and captures her. He gathers all the men who were hurt by her in the past and lets them take revenge on her by banging her over and over again.

As the title suggests, this manhwa deals with a revenge storyline. Blatantly speaking, the story is messed up in all sorts of manner, but if you’re only here to witness some wonderful sexual intercourses, you might enjoy it.

15. Club Sodom

Club Sodom- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Club Sodom is an entertaining manhwa full of adultery scenes. Each chapter keeps your anxiety at the maximum and delivers you a considerable amount of reading pleasure.

The tale of Club Sodom revolves around a female journalist and her assistant. Here the female journalist is cheeky and beautiful where her assistant is a little weirdo.

Enjoy the romantic drama between these two that brings ultimate pleasure along with the thrill. It is one of the best adult webtoons out there.

16. Secret X Folder

Secret X Folder- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Every man in the world holds a secret folder containing all the erotic fantasies they’re into. If you’re curious in witnessing what kind of fantasies are present in the author’s secret folder, this manhwa is for you.

You’ve got a story between a sadistic boss and a masochistic assistant, weird intercourses between two perverts and many more sexual adventures you can expect. So, if you’re looking for standalone erotic stories, this one is a great adult manhwa you can read.

17. My Stepmom

My Stepmom- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Jin-Woo new stepmom is only 10 years older than him, and she’s a great beauty. Although he sees her with lustful eyes at times, he never took an initiative. However, when his stepmom began flirting with him, he couldn’t stop anymore and decided to bang her whenever he gets a chance.

My Stepmom manhwa isn’t that likable by veteran readers, but if you’re a newbie to adult manhwa, it might give you a good read. The story isn’t that great, but the sexual interactions are pretty good. Try reading it for a few chapters, and you can see if this is your cup of tea.

18. Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Doyon is a pure and beautiful man, but regardless of his attractive appearance, he never felt heat while having sex with another guy. When he luckily stumbles upon Taehan, his work rival, he somehow felt what it truly feels like having destined sex. Can he make Taehan his boyfriend to shape up his new life?

We’re pretty certain, there are at least a few readers who love boys love and that’s the reason this adult manhwa is on the list. It portrays a cute relationship between the main couple and the sexual scenes are too good. If you’re just getting into bl manhwa, this one is a great choice to start with.

19. Talk to Me

Talk to me- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Everyone considers Raeyim to be the purest girl in the world, and they even think she doesn’t know what it’s like to be naughty. However, in person, she isn’t what everyone thinks, but quite the opposite. Is there a person who can see her true self without any hidden motives?

There are two reasons why you should read this manhwa. Firstly, it explains the insecurities of a girl and how she struggles to face them. On the other hand, you can look out for some amazing sexual intercourses in it. Combined with a solid storyline and great chemistry between the main characters, there is no reason you can avoid this one.

20. Wife Training

Wife Training- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

The protagonist has become a sex god in the internet and everyone comes to him for tips. However, in real life, he is a virgin loser who does nothing but masturbates every day. When one of his clients meet him in person and asks him to train their wife sexually, his life changes. Will he accept it and seduce the gorgeous wife? or will he stay as a loser forever?

Going after innocent wives has been a tradition in adult webtoons, but this manhwa takes it in a good way. The characterization of main character the wife is pretty sweet, and you can expect some good twists in the story as well. So, if you’re craving a cheating hentai manhwa, try reading it.

21. Sports Girl

Sports Girl- Korean Adult Manhwa/Webtoons List!

Sports girl is a collection of few short stories where sports girl hook up with men to have sex with them while they’re supposed to train hard. You have a boxer girl, a swimmer, two wrestlers and even a biker.

As we know, the woman who works-out is a lot sexier than who puts their makeup on. This sports adult manhwa explores this concept and lays it out beautifully. There are different characters, and you can actually enjoy various scenarios thanks to that.

Final Thoughts

I guess we have reached the conclusion of our list. Since there are twenty of them on the list, you have a lot of options to choose from, but selecting the most erotic one is your priority.

So, make sure you go through the whole list to find the best adult manhwa. Are there any other ones you’d like us to add to the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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