15 Cutest Anime Cat Boys You’d Love to Cuddle!

best anime cat boys list

Nyaa? Meow, Purr. These adorable and sweet sounds are only heard from none other than cat boys/girls, since we’re in an anime-related article. Also known as Nekomimi boys, they will steal your heart at the first glance.

Without any further ado, we’ll introduce you to a new world of anime characters. If you love cute, fluffy, sweet (sometimes angry) cat anime boys/anime cat boys, this list (with no definitive ranking) is for you.

Best Anime Cat Boys List!

Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Ikuto Tsukiyomi- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Shugo Chara!
  • Traits: Flirty, Handsome, and Loves Music

Despite flirting with a 12-year-old girl, Ikuto is a cute character. All he does is tease and flirt, but that’s what makes him one of the cutest anime cat boys. You know, how cats like to tease; that’s how he works, too.


Kuro- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Servamp
  • Traits: Lazy, Adorable, and Badass

Kuro is one of the fewest characters who doesn’t get any hate. He’s adorable, funny and can get quite badass at times. Although he isn’t exactly a cat anime boy, he’s a vampire who shape-shifts. So, maybe?


Rokumon- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Kyoukai no Rinne or RIN-NE
  • Traits: Magical Familiar, Adorable, and Loyal

Rokumon became the magical familiar of Rinne through a contract. Although he was fired by Rinne’s grandmother, his endless persistence made him get close to Rinne.

With his three forms, he aids Rinne as a friend and protector. If you love cute anime cat boys, Rokumon could become one of your favorites.


Aion- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Show by Rock!!
  • Traits: Hot, Music Lover, and a Blonde

Aion is the lion guitarist of Shingan Crimsonz and a hot character for whom we’d go head and heels. He often loves to strike poses and takes any attention people give him. Would you care to give him some attention as well?


Rom- Anime Cat Boys List!
Image Credits: ZeroChan
  • Anime: Show by Rock!!
  • Traits: Hot, Persuasive, and Loves Music

Rom is another band member of Shingan Crimsonz besides Aion on this list. Although he’s not the leader of the band, when they go astray, he pulls them together. Such a gentleman, isn’t he? He’s one of the hottest anime cat boys around.

Hiroshi Inaba

Hiroshi Inaba- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Cuticle Detective Inaba
  • Traits: Intelligent, Cute, and Strong

Forgive us for adding another non-cat boy to the list, but we can’t help it. Hiroshi Inaba is one of the cutest characters with animal traits we’ve come across. You can see those adorable ears and glasses, which give him a sexy look, right?

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Shu Zo

Shu Zo- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Show by Rock!!
  • Traits: Handsome, Cute, Sweet, and Flamboyant

Shu Zo is also a band member from the anime. Although he is only a supporting character, you can’t help but get enticed by his looks. He’s one of the cutest anime cat boys and our personal favorite from the anime.


Schrodinger- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Hellsing
  • Traits: Cute, Charming, and Funny

Despite being in a such a dark anime series, Schrodinger is such a playful character. Besides Hellsing, he’s the only one with an omnipotent trait.

Although he’s on the villain’s side, he can get cute and funny at times. We just love him, don’t we?

Kyo Sohma

Kyo Sohma- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Fruits Basket
  • Traits: Tsundere, Hot-Headed, and Lovable

In this list, Kyo is a special case because although he turns into a cat due to a curse, he doesn’t have cat ears in human form. Regardless, it doesn’t stop him from becoming a cute character.

His aggressive and hot-headed personality is what makes him steal the hearts of girls. Well, if you have watched Fruits Basket anime, you should know why Kyo is one of the best anime cat boys.


Cheshire- Anime Cat Boys List!
Image Credits: Tsuki-Nekota | Tumblr
  • Anime: Pandora Hearts
  • Traits: Cute, Lovable, and a Magical Familiar

Probably Chesire is the cutest neko to exist in anime world. He was Alice’s precious cat and can be very sweet and adorable. However, when it comes to protecting his master’s happiness, he’d kill anyone.

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Felix Argyle

Felix Argyle- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Re: Zero: Starting Lie in Another World
  • Traits: Cross dresser, Cute, and Strong

Before you fall in love with this cute-looking cat boy/girl, make sure to remember he is a trap. But who cares, he is a hell of a cute character, and we’d do anything to cuddle him, don’t we?

Ritsuka Aoyagi

Ritsuka Aoyagi- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Loveless
  • Traits: Tsundere, Cute, and Cold

Everyone in Loveless anime is born with cat traits, and they’re a symbol of innocence and purity. Aoyagi is such a pure character who acts with maturity past his age.

Our cute little cat is naive when it comes to love, but you can sincerely accept him, right?


Loke- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Fairy Tail
  • Traits: Flirty, Funny, and Lovable

Loke is the typical playboy who flirts with any girl he comes in contact with, and that includes his master Heartfilia.

Although he doesn’t look like a cat boy, in his celestial form, he is one. If you like flirty anime cat boys, Loke should be the one you’re looking for.

Boris Airay

Boris Airay- best cat anime boys list!
  • Anime: Alice in the Country of Hearts: Wonderful Wonder World
  • Traits: Cool, Cute, and Hot-looking

Boris is quite a mischievous character, but what makes people love him? His cute and cool traits combined with his skills to make any weapons, you name it.

He’s just a cat which does whatever it wants. Boris Airay is one of the cutest cat anime boys for a reason (in fact, many).

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Tomoe- Anime Cat Boys List!
  • Anime: Kamisama Kiss
  • Traits: Handsome, Cute, and Hot-Headed

We’re pretty sure Tomoe is not a cat boy, but a Kitsune (Fox features). However, you can see a lot of familiarization in him with usual cat anime boys. Tome is the top-tier husband material you’d love to have in your life.

Final Thoughts!

There you go! The ultimate list of the best anime cat boys. Although there are a couple of irrelevant characters on the list, you can overlook it because they’re cute. We hope you enjoyed the list, and do you also love cat anime girls?

If you think any other character deserves a spot on the list, you can let us know through the comment section below.

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