Top 20 Best Anime Episodes of all Time!

best anime episodes of all time

We may or may not love a particular anime, but there’s at least one episode outstanding in most of them. Sometimes a single episode alone can change your opinion on the anime.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best anime episodes from various anime series, which we felt extremely enjoyable, and some were even shocking. Let’s see more about them in the article.

Best Anime Episodes!

23. Dororo (The story of the Moriko, part 2)

Dororo- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Combined with the part 1 episode, this was one of the most influential episodes I’ve ever watched. It depicts the exact situation of people during wartimes, and in this episode, Mio didn’t deserve it.

She sold herself to both factions in the war to feed the homeless children, and in the process, every one of them lost their lives. When Hyakkimaru gets to know it, we can see his anger for the first time in the series, and the direction couldn’t be any more perfect.

22. Angel Beats (Graduation)

Angel Beats- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Angel Beats has one of the most beautiful endings, and the last episode was really a tear-jerker. We didn’t know the real meaning behind the title being “Angel Beats,” and when we do, it was the most beautiful moment.

When Otonashi learns the truth, he becomes speechless and proposes to Tachibana. I watched this episode in English dub, and I couldn’t stop my tears through the end. Who knows what would’ve happened if I had watched it in subbed version.

21. Bakemonogatari (Tsubasa Cat-Part 2)

Bakemonogatari- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

I don’t know about you guys, but this scene was everything to me. I just loved the personality of Senjogahara in this episode when she modestly asks for a kiss since it won’t be scary.

It is the most heartwarming and romantic scene of the Monogatari series. Because it perfectly shows how their relationship isn’t one-sided and who wouldn’t dream for a waifu like Senjogahara after watching this episode?

20. Assassination Classroom (Graduation Time)

Assassination Classroom- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Graduation Time is the 24th episode of season 2, and until this episode, the anime was pretty entertaining. In no way has this anime prepared us for an emotional ride, and this episode is all we need to bawl our eyes yet.

From the first episode, the students had a mission to assassinate their teacher, who later became the reason for their happiness. But in this episode, they had to witness his death and know his painful past.

19. One Piece (My Crewmate’s Pain is My Pain)

One Piece- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

There are far better-rated episodes in One Piece, but there’s a reason (in fact, many) why this is the best episode. Firstly, it shows the loyalty of Zoro to the crew, and the scene was just so badass.

He doesn’t even care if he dies from the pain, but when he survived and is still conscious until they wake up shows why Zoro is the most badass character. To me, this was the moment that made me scream watch many times.

18. Black Clover (Captain Yami Sukehero)

Black Clover- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Seriously, this is the best episode I’ve seen in Black Clover and also one of the greatest moments in the manga. From the beginning, we only see much action about Asta and Yuno, but fans always wondered how strong Yami is.

But this episode was pure fire. The animation, the action sequences, and the duo of Asta and Yami make it worthy of Shounen’s Big Three. Even if you’re not a fan of Black Clover, it is impossible to love this masterpiece episode.

17. Tokyo Ghoul (Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

I agree with everyone that Tokyo Ghoul wasn’t a successful adaptation, but how about this episode? The evolution of Kaneki’s character is insane, and combined with the background score; this episode was a freaking masterpiece.

All the previous episodes of season one were Okay, and just when we thought it wouldn’t hype us any longer, this episode hits like an arrow. I think I watched this episode like 20 times just to see badass Kaneki. Will you agree with me that this is indeed one of the best anime episodes out there?

16. Food Wars! (Metamorphose)

Food Wars!- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Yukihira Souma is so cool, isn’t he? Especially in this episode, where the contestants in the hotel had to finish 200 servings for random people. We can clearly see how Souma gets cornered when his dish doesn’t stand out.

He only has like 30 minutes to finish 200 servings, and how did he do that? By putting on a fantastic show with his live cooking skills and got to admit, this is definitely one of the best anime episodes.

15. The Seven Deadly Sins (Return of the Sins)

Seven Deadly Sins- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

If you have watched this anime, then it’s decided, Esacanor had to be your favorite character. Escanor single-handedly stole this episode. I mean, the battle between Estarossa and Escanor was one of the craziest moments ever.

The level of hubris Escanor shows, and his confidence is on the next level. We think the Sins are cornered in this episode, but Escanor jumps in to prove there is still someone who can save Liones. This is the best episode of The Seven Deadly Sins (at least for me).

14. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (He Who Would Swallow God)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Seriously, almost the last 20 episodes of FMAB are genuinely outstanding, but this episode was something else. When all the hope is last, Hohenheim reveals how he planned everything from the beginning, and that was an amazing plot twist.

No death hit me harder than his in the whole series. He was a slave, cheated by his only friend, was traumatized by the deaths of thousands of people, and much more, but he didn’t give up. This is one of the epic and saddest episodes of the anime.

13. Dragon Ball Z (Transformed at Last)

Dragon Ball Z- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Everyone loves when Goku goes Super Saiyan, and in fact, Dragon Ball anime was famous for Goku’s transformations. This episode was truly exceptional from the rest.

When Frieza destroys Goku’s friend Krillin, we witness the first Super Saiyan transformation, and it is the first one to occur in 1,000 years. The whole episode was a blast, and goosebumps are just the beginning.

12. Your Lie in April (Spring Breeze)

Your Lie in April- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Well, I’m writing this paragraph right now, and I can’t help but bawl my eyes out, remembering what Kaori wrote in the letter for Kousei. This episode was obviously heartbreaking yet feels so beautiful.

To think that Kaori was in love with him since the beginning and she threw away her life so that her idol can love the music again is unexpected. If you’re not crying while watching this episode, you must be a robot.

11. Jujutsu Kaisen (Accomplices)

Jujutsu Kaisen- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Trust me; there is an amazing episode of JJK without Gojou’s action in it. The last episode of Jujutsu Kaisen’s first season was simply fabulous. Nobara stole the show in this episode by showing off how badass she can get.

But the Irony is she refers to Itadori as a pain tolerator and rams nails into her arm. The sync between their both attacks was so perfect, and MAPPA deserves every ounce of credit it has got for making it so epic.

10. Naruto Shippuden (Truth)

Naruto Shippuden- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Naruto is such a long anime, and there are many iconic episodes in it. But for me, there isn’t an episode that can beat this one because, until this episode, I hated Itachi for what he did (just like Sasuke).

But when he saved Sasuke, and the truth was revealed, I threw my mobile phone away and cried for a few minutes. Itachi deserved every ounce of happiness in this anime. Seriously, he’s the best character and not just in the anime.

9. Violet Evergarden (Loved Ones Will Always Watch Over You)

Violet Evergarden- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

This episode is the “If you don’t cry, you have no soul” kind of one. It shows perfectly the meaning of mother’s love, and it was so sad yet beautiful at the same time.

When she reveals how she wrote 50 letters for 50 birthdays to the daughter, tears were flowing in my eyes, and I didn’t even know how to stop them. This is the best episode of Violet Everygarden too.

8. My Hero Academia (His Start)

My Hero Academia- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

The emotions I get each time I watch this episode are surreal. We hated Endeavour for a long time because of what he’s done to his family, but in this episode, he was a true hero who always strived for more power.

Of course, it still doesn’t change what he’s done, but at least he’s seeking redemption. This episode is my favorite in the whole My Hero Academia series because it was just so epic and emotional at the same time.

7. The Promised Neverland (150146)

The Promised Neverland- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

The first season’s ending has been one of the best things in The Promised Neverland. Emma’s badass moment where she cuts off her ear and the plan laid out by Norman is just sensational.

This episode comes with a pleasant surprise for everyone, and it was one of the best endings ever. The episode was full of twists and turns, along with every minute of intense situations.

6. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Chi to ko)

Boruto- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Hands Down! The best episode of Boruto, and this episode puts the anime on fire. No matter what everyone thinks about Boruto being one of the worst anime, this episode is filled with pure awesomeness.

I’ve never seen an anime flipped insanely, and this episode should be marked as one of the best in the Naruto Universe. Naruto and Sasuke’s duo, along with the final touch of Boruto, clearly makes it an amazing episode.

5. Demon Slayer (Hinokami)

Demon Slayer- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

Who wouldn’t remember this episode? This episode literally was #1 trending in 2019, and god knows how nostalgic it is no matter how many times we rewatch it.

While putting aside that Tanjiro has awakened Hinokami Kagura technique, it was so emotional when his mom appears in Nezuko’s dream. The overall fight with Rui, the visuals, and literally everything is so perfect.

4. Hunter x Hunter (Zero x and x Rose)

Hunter x Hunter - Best Anime Episodes of all Time

This one was probably the best episode of Hunter x Hunter. “If there’s hell, I’ll see you there” was the most powerful dialogue in the episode, and when Nettero pierced his own heart, I was stunned.

The whole fight between Nettero and Meruem was marvelous, and to think that Nettero still had an ace up his sleeve. Indeed, this one deserves a spot on the list of best anime episodes.

3. Attack on Titan (Hero)

Attack on Titan- Best Anime Episodes of all Time

While the entire third season of the anime was so intense, this episode takes it to a whole new level. Erwin’s sacrifice, along with Levi’s beast mode, is memorable to every Attack on Titan fan.

The strategy Erwin planned was a suicidal one, and the soldiers knew they were going to die. But they chose a heroic death, and the episode title “Hero” was meant for every one of them, not just Erwin or Levi.

2. Death Note (Revival)

Best Anime Episodes of all Time- Death Note

I’m sure most ratings and people say “Silence” is the best episode of Death Note because of how Light outsmarts L in that episode. But can we talk about this one? I mean, the plan laid out by Light is unbelievable.

When he gets cornered in episode 18, he was almost got caught. But damn, this episode always gives me a nostalgic feeling, and the music is sooooo good.

Light Yagami really proved that he surpassed human’s limits in terms of intelligence in this episode. What a genius!

1. Code Geass (Re;)

Best Anime Episodes of all Time- Code Geass

Code Geass has the best ending I’ve seen in my entire life. The final ten minutes of this episode were just so emotional, and when Nunnally tries to say she loves her brother, it was heart-wrenching.

When we get to know it was planned by Lelouch all along, and it is his way of saving this world, no one can disagree with it being the best anime ending of all time.

Lelouch may have done many evil things but in the end, he was the only savior of Brittania and in fact, the whole world. Do you agree that this is the best anime episode of all time?

Conclusive Thoughts!

There are still a few episodes on my mind which deserve a spot on the list. But for now, let’s just call it a day, and in the future, I’ll make sure to update it with new episodes.

So, do you agree with the list of best anime episodes? Do you have any episodes on your mind? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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