7 Intense Survival Anime like Btooom! [Must-Watch]

anime like btooom!

I guess you have seen Btooom! recently and came here looking for some similar anime recommendations. Well, I would do the same because Btooom! was awesome with the survival battle royale concept and all.

So, in this article, we’ll let you find some better anime like Btooom! and we think these are the closest ones as far the aspects go. Let’s get it started then.

Anime Similar to Btooom!

7. Gantz

Best Anime like Btooom!- Gantz

Kei and his childhood friend Kato have died in a train accident, and instead of finding themselves in heaven, they are in a room filled with strangers.

As if dying once isn’t enough, they’re forced into doing dangerous missions as killing aliens with an arsenal of guns and high-powered suits while the survival rate being low.


  • Both animes show a bunch of people finding themselves fighting for survival without any idea.
  • Plenty of killing, violence, and mature themes along with a mysterious plot.
  • The main character is kind of similar to Btooom! as his overconfidence makes him become more than what he’s capable of.
  • The characters are casted out of their normal lives and forced to play a game where their lives are at stake.

6. Deadman Wonderland

Best Anime like Btooom!- Deadman Wonderland

Ganta Igarashi had to witness the slaughter of his entire class by a mysterious person named “Red Man.” But he was labeled as a mass murder since he is the only survivor of the class.

He’s thrown into a private prison known as Deadman Wonderland, which acts as an amusement park for many people. Can he survive in this place filled with brutal games and uncover the truth behind all this?


  • Both are action survival anime with mystery involved in them.
  • Both bring you surprising twists and turns in the story and take place for the cause of amusement.
  • In both anime series, it is either kill or be killed and a bunch of people are forced into this situation.
  • Both are adult themed, violent, brutal, and kind of intense making the contestants push past their limits.

5. Uncharted Walker

Uncharted Walker- Best Anime like Btooom!

A magician, a gangster, a female doctor, a policeman, a businessman, and such a random group of people find themselves on a desolate island.

While they have no idea how they got in there, primitive tribes, deadly situations, and mutant viruses await them on the island. How can they survive?


  • Uncharted Walker is about survival set in a desolate island which makes an anime like Btooom!
  • It gets kind of intense with every episode and unveils some mysterious details as the story gets progressed.
  • The main characters are badass in both anime shows and they both try to figure out the truth behind everything.
  • The situations characters are placed, violence and gory moments make it another anime similar to Btooom!

4. Darwin’s Game

Best Anime like Btooom!- Darwin's Game

Kaname Sudo is a high school student who one day receives an invitation from a mysterious app named “Darwin’s Game.” Without thinking much, he accepts the invitation and launches the app.

Right away, he gets drawn into a game of survival where people fight each other using superpowers known as Sigils. Can Kaname survive these furious battles?


  • In both anime, the main character and the others end up in an unexpected life and death situations.
  • As usual, lots of gore and violent themes in every episode.
  • Both are based on survival and if you’re looking for an anime like Btooom!, this one fits right in the criteria.

3. Alice in Borderland

Best Anime like Btooom!- Alice in Borderland

The story is about a group of friends who wake up in a strange and completely different world. At first, they think it’s a dream, but soon they realize it isn’t.

But once they come to know that the only way to survive in this world is by participating in deadly survival games, they find themselves in between a rock and a hard place.


  • While Btooom! is a battle royale themed concept, this one is cooperation based but revolve around survival.
  • In both anime, the characters are thrown into unknown lands to play a game of survival without them knowing.
  • The atmosphere, setting, personalities, situations, and literally everything in this game reminds me of Btooom!

2. Future Diary

Future Diary- Best Anime like Btooom!

Yuki is a middle schooler without any dreams or goals in life, and the only thing/hobby he has is his diary.

One day he finds his cell phone filled with diary entries, and without knowing anything, he finds himself in a game with other diary owners to become the new Lord of Time.


  • Both involve a twisted game in which you either play or die, kill or be killed.
  • Both the main characters are special with experience and smart brain.
  • In both of these series, the characters are selected for the game because of the things they have done in the past.
  • Both display some sort of survival game with blood, violence, murders, and a little spice of mystery.

1. Danganronpa: The Animation

Danganronpa The Animation- Best Anime like Btooom!

Hope’s Peak Academy is known for gathering the best students and providing them with a high-class education. At least that’s what Naegi thought before enrolling into it by a lottery system.

Soon Naegi and other students find themselves playing a game where they have to kill fellow students to graduate. In this bizarre environment of a deadly game, how will he survive?


  • Just like in Btooom! this anime incorporates a battle royale and survival themes.
  • It’s either kill or be killed and if you can’t follow the rules of the game, you die.
  • The suspense, violence, and the gore witness in here definitely make it an anime similar to Btooom!
  • Both the main characters find it unfair to kill others but end up doing the same in the end.

Let’s Conclude!

Btooom! anime has been a great adventure, especially with additional themes like survival, mystery, and action romance. If you’ve enjoyed it a lot, you’ll also love the above recommendations.

So, what do you think about our list of anime like Btooom? Do you have any other anime on your mind? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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