7 Intense Anime like Death Note That’ll Mess with Your Mind!

anime like death note

Isn’t Death Note one of the best anime works ever? Or would you prefer it to say the best thriller anime out there? It doesn’t matter what we call it, but one thing is for sure; It is a masterpiece anime where you can’t afford to miss even a second of it.

While watching it, we feel intense and surprised all the time. But what about the aftermath? You feel like something dear has parted from you, and you can’t get back to the time to redo your watch, can you? Well, you have another option here.

That should be watching more anime like Death Note to fill such a void. We thought this might happen, and especially for you, we made a list of 7 anime like Death Note, which can give you a similar and utmost experience. Let’s explore them together, shall we?

Anime like Death Note!

Code Geass

Code Geass has to be only anime like Death Note with a genius main character on par with Light Yagami. The story follows Lelouch Lamperouge, an exiled prince of Britannia that took over Japan and currently under the rule.

When he gets caught up in a clash between the Britannia and rebel forces, he attains a strange power known as “Geass.” With his new ability and his mastermind brain, he plans to take down the whole Britannia. Would it be possible with him alone?

If you’re expecting things like mind games, plot twists, and stunning action scenes, well, congrats; you’ve found the perfect anime. Code Geass presents you with an immeasurable thrill, and the story is well written too. While the first half seems befitting to the context, the second half totally blows you out.

Don’t think any low of this anime because you’re going to miss an anime with one of the best anime endings of all time. Lelouch drives the show into pure epicness, and it never fails to surprise you. So make sure to add this anime to your watchlist. Thus, it deserves a spot in the list of anime like Death Note.

The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is one of the sensations to arrive in 2019. The story sets in an orphanage where Emma, Ray, and Norman live along with other children. When the children age 12, they get adopted and had to leave the orphanage.

But the trio discovers a dark secret in the process of giving a secret send-off to one of the kids. Is the mother they have been treating as a family is not their mom anymore? What’s the dark secret that terrified the kids to the point they plan an escape route?

Judging from the story, you’ve already got a clear glimpse of why it is an anime like Death Note. In twelve episodes, you can have a beautiful love story or a hilarious drama between high school students but, who’d think, we would get a perfect thriller?

This anime is definitely made for the people who loved Death Note, and in terms of pace, character development, and thrill, it is second to none. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure you do. After all, it is an anime like Death Note with an intensive experience.

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Monster is a type of anime that hits you with full of surprises till the end. The story follows Dr. Kenzou Tenma, who is one of the best neurosurgeons in his prefecture. When he saves an important person by switching the patients, he gets a lot of praise, but guilt tears him apart.

One day, he finds himself in a similar situation. But this time, he didn’t go according to his principles and operated on a little boy instead of the director’s request. While he felt happy for that, the worst is yet to happen for the happy deed he has done.

This anime features a dark theme in the most engaging way and keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. Even though it takes a few episodes to immerse you in the story, you have no idea what’s waiting for you. It is 74 episodes long, being a story based on thrill, but it will be worth the time you spend on it.

If you’re looking for an anime like Death Note but with quite a different approach, this one will be right up your alley. It even features tons of plot twists, intense mind games, and creates deadly situations just like Death Note. Make sure to watch this masterpiece sooner or later.

Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance or Zankyou no Terror either makes you yell in wow or at the very least blows your mind. The story features two young terrorists named Nine and Twelve who call themselves “Sphinx.” They occupy a region of Japan, and with their wits, they easily manipulate the police force.

Now police force is in no position to take them on, but what might be Sphinx’s motive? They sure have a clear goal in their mind, but will they be able to achieve it this way? Watch this spectacular anime like Death Note that gives you chills all the time.

I wonder why this show has mixed reviews. Perhaps it is because its approach is different, and while some people call it a masterpiece, others consider it an anime that leaves all the questions unanswered. But if you think clearly after watching it, you’ll know the depth of its screenplay.

If you’re searching for an anime like Death Note, you can add this one to your watch list. Though it takes a couple of episodes to impress you, you’re sure to get a good blend of animation and music. The duo who previously worked for Cowboy Bebop is in charge of direction and music for this anime. So, do you need any more reasons to watch it?

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Blast of Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest or Blast of Tempest is another Psychological anime like Death Note with some gripping scenes. The story follows Yoshino Takigawa and his best friend Mahiro, who disappears to search for the murderer who killed his sister. When they both reunite, he finds that Mahiro borrowed power from a witch to find Aika’s killer.

On the other hand, the witch’s brother is trying to make use of her power to stir up trouble in this world. Now it is up to this trio to stop that from happening, and with every effort, they get an inch closer to the mystery related to Aika’s murder.

While the show starts normally, it turns into a pretty wild one. Just like the intellectual struggle between Light and L in Death Note, tons of moments leave you with bated breath. People often mention that this anime has references to Shakesphere works, and you bet, it is fantastic.

It is a mind-bobbling series with an intense environment, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt it the same way. So, since you’re looking for an anime similar to Death Note, you might as well add this one to your watch list.


anime like death note

In our list of anime like Death Note or anime similar to Death Note, Psycho-Pass is the oddest one. The story sets in the 22nd century where the world has a Sybil system to determine the crime level of the people basing on their mental state.

Enter Akane Tsunemori, an inspector with an honest desire to eliminate injustice, and as she works with an Enforcer named Shinya Kougami, she discovers that the Sybil system’s judgments aren’t accurate. Akane stands up for this injustice and decides to see it through the end.

I mean, isn’t the setting pretty crazy? Eliminating the crime even before it happens. While it makes you question humanity, it also fills the anxiety in you all the time. Sure, it might not be an anime like Death Note in terms of mind games, but at the very least, it won’t give you a chance to guess what happens next.

If you haven’t watched this anime yet, probably, you’re one of the unlucky ones to miss such a gem. The strongest aspect/selling point of the anime is the development of characters, and the pace once you get past a few episodes. So, make sure to add this one to your watch list.

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No Game No Life

Now, this is what you need to watch to get a whole distinct experience. No Game No Life follows two siblings Sora and Shiro, who is also known as a legendary duo with the name “Blank,” in the online gaming community. When a strange e-mail challenges them to a game of chess, they get transported to a different world.

Soon they discover that the world is filled with games, and everything is decided by games too. With their genius knowledge of games, they face worthy opponents as they explore this new world. But there is more reason for summoning them to this world. They need to reunite the sixteen races of this world, beat the god Tet, and become the new gods of this world.

How great is the concept? The setting in a world of games is already quite tempting, isn’t it? But the best aspect is yet to come. Mad House, the animation studio, has given us a unique piece of gem with his fascinating animation. Art shows you the straight-up modern touch along with stunning graphics.

No Game No Life is unique to other anime shows and a brilliant anime like Death Note/similar anime to Death Note but with a different approach. Its mind games are dramatic and never fails to amuse the viewer. So, we recommend this anime to you as one of the best anime like Death Note.

Recommended Thriller Anime Shows for You!

If you’ve liked Death Note, then you must have an interest in the thriller genre. So, here are some amusing thriller anime for you.

Steins;Gate: Steins;Gate starts at a slow pace, and it takes the viewer to the point where he wants to quit watching it. But once you’re past the 8th episode, trust me, you won’t be able to abandon it even if the world collapses. So, if you’re in for a thriller anime, this might be your cup of tea.

Another: Another is a thriller anime with a horror theme, and it is one heck of ride you’ll be enjoying. You might have not watched a horror anime with such a good premise yet, but this is sure to impress you.

The Future Diary: Mirai Nikki or The Future Diary is not for everyone but people who find it likable are sure to find themselves in an unimaginable thrill. If you haven’t watched this anime yet, make sure you do.

Parasyte- The Maxim: If you’ve come across this anime and didn’t watch it yet, you missed something amazing and beautiful for sure. It is fully action-packed with an intriguing storyline that will leave you speechless.

Deadman Wonderland: To be genuine, Deadman Wonderland has so many unique aspects you can appreciate. With its constant change of pace, it turns you into an anxious viewer.

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It seems like our exploration of anime like Death Note has come to an end. Though most of the anime shows mentioned on the list are famous, you might’ve missed a few of them by chance. And since you’re looking for some thriller anime like Death Note, you might as well have the thriller anime recommendations as a bonus.

We know you’re excited about the anime we’ve mentioned above, and feel free to try them on because we’re sure they are not destined to disappoint you. So, if you can’t choose one from the list, you might as well marathon everyone of them.

So, did our post help you in finding what you’re looking for? If so, make sure to let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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