Top 10 Best Anime Podcasts Worth Listening To! (With Spotify Links)

Best Anime Podcasts

Whether it be while you’re working or travelling, few things keep you company. I suppose listening to Anime podcasts is definitely a good one in them.

Some people talk about various anime, while some talk about how some characters are exceptional, and some point out the negatives.

Listening to these anime podcasts makes us feel satisfied because someone else is sharing the same opinions. So, if you’re looking for some best anime podcasts, this list is for you.

Best Anime Podcasts!

Anime Addicts Anonymous

Anime Addicts Anonymous- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

They have one mission: to make your anime addiction even worse. People who love anime, manga, conventions, cosplays and everything related to Japanese animation will love it.

They have a catalogue of over 500 episodes, and they cover everything starting from classic Ghibli anime to the latest releases. Even if you want to know the latest updates of anime, this podcast will be helpful.

You have episode overviews, reviews, debates, anime games, and sometimes even off the topic to cool you off. So, if you’re looking for a good anime podcast, this one is pretty much everything you need.

Anime Summit Podcast

Anime Summit Podcast- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

Anime Summit Podcast is yet another intriguing podcast that emerged from the Reddit community to spread the love about anime throughout the world.

Just like every other anime podcast, it has reviews, episode overviews, anime news, debates, top anime lists, and a lot more. With over 300 episodes, they have a lot of content to entertain you.

They have an excellent cast to influence the listeners, and the topics they choose are pretty much what we desire. So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, we suggest you do.

Otaku Spirit Anime

Otaku Spirit Anime- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

Otaku Spirit Anime is a podcast run by two people: Andrew and Chris. Some of the best episodes I’ve personally listened to and loved are The Waifu and Husband Affect, and You’re Not Miyazaki.

They cover anime reviews, top anime lists and often also do discussions about unpopular & popular opinions. It has been around since the year 2013, and they have been pretty consistent as well.

So, if you want to listen to some exciting anime episodes, Otaku Spirit Anime might provide precisely what you need.

Anime World Order

Anime World Order- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

Anime World Order is one of the oldest anime podcasts that has been around since 2005. That’s pretty much the era where anime has been recognized throughout the world.

Over the years, Anime World Order has been pretty consistent, and they release an episode every month and trust me, it’s worth the wait.

I love how they include funny and exceptional titles. But I got to say; they do provide the relevant content for anime fans. If you haven’t heard them yet, give it a try.

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

Now, this is a unique approach in the world of podcasts. You know, just imagine you’re a fan of anime or manga since the 2000s, and after a really long time, you got back into them.

Then you get a feeling that are the anime series I’ve loved are really as good as I remember them? Well, welcome to Anime Nostalgia. That’s what this anime podcast is all about, and you’re going to have fun.

A mix of anime & manga along with history, reviews, and a lot more. But they mainly cover the classic anime from the 70s to 90s. You can try them out to know more about the 90s anime.

Anime Sickos

Anime Sickos- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

Anime Sickos is one of the popular anime podcasts in recent years. It’s not just about anime but also gaming, posting and jobs. I love how they relate everything to anime sometimes.

With over 80+ episodes, you’ll never find a single boring episode in this one. Tom and Joe talk well about anime and gaming especially making us feel the same.

If you’re an anime sicko who also loves gaming, you should definitely check this one out.

Podigious! A Digimon Anime Podcast

Podigious! A Digimon Anime Podcast- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

How about a dedicated podcast for a single anime? You must’ve wanted a podcast that can talk only about your favourite anime. Well, if Digimon Adventure is your favourite, then this is the best podcast you’ll find.

They talk about every episode of Digimon Adventure, and right after you watch an episode, you can have a feel of discussing it with a friend. Personally, I listen to this podcast quite often.

Any Digimon lover would love to express their opinions on the show. So, if you’re one of them, you’ll love this podcast.

Anime Out of Context

Anime Out of Context- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

Here comes one of the most entertaining anime podcasts on the list. What happens when an experience anime watcher explains anime to a newbie?

Well, in this podcast, Shaun tells a lot about anime, and Remington tries to understand everything with his all might. It almost feels like you’re motivating your friend to watch anime.

They have over 170 episodes, and each one fills you in lots of entertaining discussions. If you’re having a dull day, listen to it for a little cheerful mood.

We Are! (Watching One Piece)

We Are! (Watching One Piece)- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

As I said before, a dedicated podcast is always a good one for anime addicts. You know that One Piece is a legendary anime, and there can’t be any better discussion than it.

They discuss every episode, and in the discussions, you’ll find some exciting things related to mysteries like Will of D and a lot more. If you have been a One Piece fan for a long time, you’ll love this podcast.

IGN Anime Club

IGN Anime Club- Best Anime Podcasts Spotify!

IGN is a massive organization, and they also have an anime podcast named IGN Anime Club. With a little over 80 episodes, you get to listen to reviews, unpopular opinions, recommendations and much more.

A unique and most exciting thing about this podcast is at the end of every episode; hosts invite the listeners to discuss about it. How convenient!

Let’s Conclude!

Anime podcasts are pretty much a time killer. Whether you’re having a tedious journey or an unexciting day, you can listen to them all day.

So in this article, we’ve mentioned the best anime podcasts that we think are relevant and entertaining to the viewers. If you have any thoughts to share, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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