Top 20 Best Anime Singers Ever! (And Their Best Song)

Best Anime Singers

Anime songs are a part of our daily lives because we can’t live a day listening to them, whether they be anime openings or endings. It’s not lyrics we’re addicted to but to their voices and music.

There are some phenomenal anime singers (anisong) in Japan, and no matter how many times we listen to them, we can’t get enough of it. So, in this article, we’ll provide an amazing list of the best anime singers.

Best Anime Singers List!

21. Yoh Kamiyama

Yoh Kamiyama- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Iro Kousui

Yoh Kamiyama is also known as Yukisan and has been an active singer since 2008, but his albums came to light in 2019. In fact, his songs weren’t that impactful to the audience over the world until he sang the opening of Horimiya anime.

Yellow song being another pretty exceptional one, Yoh Kamiyama is definitely one of the best anime singers I’ve known. If you haven’t heard his songs yet, you should really try them out.

20. Arcana Project

Arcana Project- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Yume de Sekai wo Kaeru nara

I never thought I’d include Arcana Project on the list because there aren’t many songs, to begin with. But when Redo of Healer anime came out, and I heard the ending song, I was stunned by how beautiful their voices were.

Later, when I checked some other songs of them, they were all pretty amazing. In fact, when I made a list, Arcana Project was one of the first things that came to my mind.

19. Kiro Akiyama

Kiro Akiyama- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Identity

Kiro Akiyama is an underrated anime singer because his voice is freaking awesome. Although he is popular enough in Japan, his songs aren’t much recognized outside Japan.

The opening song of The Promised Neverland 2 was sung with such a fantastic pace by Kiro Akiyama. Probably you’ll love almost every song of him because I heard a few and loved all of them.

18. Goose house

Goose house- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Hikaru Naru

Even when I’m writing these words here, I recall the anime’s opening song that made me cry the most. Yes, I’m talking about “Your Lie in April.” I have a habit of listening to more songs of a particular artist I find interesting.

Goose house surprised me with their songs. Their band was formed in 2014, and I’m sad since I found them after five years (in 2019). I listen to their songs occasionally, but they always seem pretty refreshing.

17. Riko Sasaki

Riko Sasaki- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Good Night

Riko Sasaki is both a singer and a voice actress. What? Do you expect any less from such a cute voice? While she is so beautiful with the voice, you can’t deny how gorgeous she looks outside as well.

Her album “Play the World” has only three songs but has become one of my favorite albums in 2020. If you haven’t listened to her songs yet, we suggest you do it right away. She’s an angel who came right from heaven.

16. Vickeblanka

Vickeblanka- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Lucky Ending

Yamaike Junya goes by the stage name Vickeblanka, and he might not be much famous, but his songs are absolutely fantastic. Two of my favorite songs are Black Rover (Black Clover) and Lucky Ending (Fruits Basket).

His latest album was Fate, and I’ve heard it like once, but it was pretty good. If you haven’t heard from him yet, you might as well add him to your list as one of the best anime singers.

15. Hitomi Kuroishi

Hitomi Kuroishi- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Stories and Continued Story

Most of you might not have heard her name before, but that angelic voice in the song that comes at the end of Code Geass is Hitomi’s. Continued Story and Stories songs have such a heavenly and soothing voice.

All of her songs have the same pattern that feels like humming onto the lyrics randomly, but that’s where Hitomi Kuroishi differs from other singers. She’s been in the industry for decades, and her songs feel as influencing.

14. Co Shu Nie

Co Shu Nie- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Asphyxia

I have come to know of Co Shu Nie anime band from Tokyo Ghoul anime, and since then, it has become an addiction. Miku Nakamura’s voice is as soft as a feather and quite impactful as a fireball.

Asphyxia, Give it Back, and Lamp are some of my favorite songs from the band. While Miku nails the vocals, Shunsuke Matsumoto gives the perfect background music.

13. YUI

Yui- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Again

All these years, I’ve heard again and again. Yes, Again song from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but I never paid much attention to the singer who has sung it so amazingly.

All of her songs are composed with excellent lyrics and rhythm. Her voice alone is so captivating, and whenever I play songs on Spotify, time flies by. She’s one of the best anime singers, for sure.

12. Kana-Boon

Kana-Boon: Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Full Drive

Kana-Boon is a Japanese rock band formed in 2008, and since then, they have been quite active in the anime field by sings many anime openings. In fact, they’ve had four albums reach the top ten on the Oricon Albums chart.

Some of their popular anime songs being, Silhouette (Naruto Shippuden), Starmarker (My Hero Academia), Fighter (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans), etc.

11. Eir Aoi

Eir Aoi- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: IGNITE

Eir Aoi debuted in 2011, and since then, she has contributed a lot to the anime community. With her fadeless music, she has captivated a wide range of audiences.

Some of her famous works are the ending theme song in Fate/Zero anime, IGNITE (Sword Art Online), and in Kill a Kill anime series. If you haven’t heard much of her songs, give it a try right away.

10. Flow

Flow- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Howling

Flow is one of the oldest bands, yet they produce such trendy music. As of 2021, they have 36 singles and 11 studio albums. So, you have plenty of songs to hear from them.

Some of their popular songs are Sign (Naruto Shippuden), Go! (Naruto), Colors (Code Geass), Howling (Seven Deadly Sins), etc. So, if you haven’t heard their songs yet, now’s the time to check them out.

9. Ikimonogakari

Ikimonogakari- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Blue Bird

Ikimonogakari is a duo band under EPiC records Japan, and if you’ve heard Blue Bird song from Naruto, you should know them. This group has been active for a long time now and has been producing quality music.

Several of their albums reached the No.1 spot on Weekly Oricon rankings, and they also composed songs for live-action movies such as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and the 2012 Olympics broadcast.

8. Uverworld

Uverworld- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Touch Off

They shake the surroundings with their rocking voices and always leave us with a feeling of excitement with every song. If you have seen The Promised Neverland anime, you should know how “Fire” the opening was and still is.

Touch Off, ODD Future, Namely, Rob the Frontier (Opening of Seven Deadly Sins) are some of the best songs of Uverworld. If you’ve never listened to one of their songs, you should really try them out.


TRUE- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Sincerely

TRUE is one of my favorite singers because her songs always provide me peace. The perfection in her voice is indescribable. I’ve seen plenty of her live concerts, and I’ve to say, she’s a goddess with a beautiful voice.

Some of her significant hits are from the anime Violet Evergarden. Sincerely, Will and Letter always make me cry, not just because of the anime, but her voice amplifies the emotion.

6. Linked Horizon

Linked Horizon- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Guren no Yumiya

Linked Horizon is the one who sang the national anthem of Otakus: Sasageyo, Sasageyo, Shinzo wo Sasageyo. Well, that was a joke, but the depth in their songs is no joke.

Their playlists always pack a punch and fill you in with unexpected energy. Guren no Yumiya, Shinzo wo Sasageyo, and Akatsuki no Requiem are some of their splendid songs.

5. T.M Revolution

T.M Revoution- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Heart of Sword: Yoake Me

T.M Revolution stands for Takanori Makes Revolution, and indeed he made a revolution in the Japanese music industry. He is one of the best singers in Japan and even has albums exceeding a million sales.

Although his best songs aren’t used in anime shows, some of the songs still rock. Heart of Sword: Yoake Me is the favorite of all, and if you haven’t listened to him yet, now’s the time.

4. Radwimps

Radwimps- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Zenzenzense

The first name that comes to my mind when I hear the name “Radwimps” is “Your Name.” Your Name is not only well known for its stunning animation but also for soothing and pleasing music.

Radwimps is the first reason I loved Your Name anime, and when I checked out all of their songs, I was amazed. Their composition, presentation, and everything is perfectly splendid. They have way too many splendid songs to mention in here.

3. Toru Kitajima

TK from Ling tosite sigure- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Unravel

Just one word, “Unravel,” is enough to define what Toru Kitajima is capable of. Out of 100%, 90% are attached to Tokyo Ghoul for the openings and endings.

With Unravel and Katharsis (which is also a beautiful song), TK is one of my favorite singers. Although he has fewer songs in his collection, every single one of them is worth listening to.

2. Aimer

Aimer- Best Anime Singers
Best Song: Ninelie and Brave Shine

Aimer hasn’t been much famous for a few years, but in the span of the last six years, her growth has been immense. Her voice is so unique and immediately catches the listener’s attention.

It is almost like a drug (I have a crush on her voice) because we always replay her songs once they reach an end. Also known as aimerrhythm, her popular songs include Brave Shine (Fate), SPARK-AGAIN, and Through My Blood (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress).

1. Lisa

Lisa- Best Anime Singers!
Best Song: Gurenge

Risa Oribe is a remarkable singer known by her stage name as LISA. She started as a vocalist, and now she’s literally the top anime singer in the whole world (or it’s just my personal opinion).

LISA’s sings have moved so many people worldwide, and some of those songs are Crossing Field, Gurenge, Unlasting, Oath Sign, ADAMAS, and Catching the Moment.

Let’s Conclude!

There are so many fantastic singers in the anime industry, and with their contribution, anime series have become a lot popular. We love anime openings, and endings don’t we?

So, who is your favorite Japanese anime singer? Do you have any other person in your mind? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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