Top 10 Hottest Bara Anime to Awaken Your Lust!

best bara anime

In a world filled with fantasies, everyone is free to choose whatever they want, and I support it. So, if you’re here looking for some bara anime shows, feel free to explore the article entirely.

Since bara is the romance between grown and muscular men, we’ve laid out a fantastic list covering a good story, intense romance, and some hardcore action.

So, without any further ado, let’s start our list of best bara anime.

Best Bara Anime List!

Goblin’s Cave

Goblin's Cave- Best Bara Anime List!

“Goblin’s Cave is about a muscular young man who gets caught by a group of Goblins and taken to their hideout, which is their cave. He expects them to kill and eat him instead; they begin to violate him in a romantic way, so he submits to them with pleasure instead of resisting.

Later a group of adventurers comes to his rescue, and somehow, they get captured as well and receive the same treatment as him. However, his friend saves him in the end, but he can’t help but remember the pleasurable time with goblins. So, soon, he ends up making out with his friend as well.”

I’d say Goblin’s Cave is a pretty awesome bara anime because the animation is just incredible, and the story is pretty decent from the looks of it. There was non-stop bara action to entertain you till the very end.

The character designs were splendid, and the voice actors were also excellent. Overall, if you’re into muscular guys and are looking for some satisfying bara anime shows, this could be your one of the best choices.

Reincarnated into Demon King Evelogia’s World

Reincarnated into Demon King Evelogia's World- Best Bara Anime List!

“Toshiaki Gozu has been mesmerized by his favorite game and the antagonist, the demon king Evelogia who everyone hated. In reality, he was an emotional and lonely person who only Gozu understood.

One day Gozu gets killed by a mafia guy and finds himself in a familiar room that looks exactly like the one in the game. There he meets the demon king Evelogia and instead of assassinating him, he shows kindness to him. Can you see a love story is blooming here?”

Bara is a genre dedicated to men instead of like the yaoi, where it is for girls. So, it’s pretty refreshing to see love and content in these anime and that too in a fantasy isekai world.

There are nine episodes in the series, and from the first few episodes, you’ll realize how beautiful this bara anime is, and I bet you can’t stop watching it. It is sweet and contains a beautiful relationship between the demon king and Gozu.

Titan’s Bride

Titan's Bride- Best Bara Anime List!

“Kouchi Mizuki leaves his basketball career after a great win and looks forward to enjoying his life by socializing and maybe finding someone to have little romance with.

However, he gets summoned into another world where Caius, the titan king, says he’ll become his bride and bear his children. Will Kouchi be able to get back to his world or end up in bed with Caius?”

Titan’s Bride has one of the cutest chemistry between the characters, and even if you’re not into BL anime shows, you’ll enjoy it because it fills you in with laughter.

Even though we can’t expect many episodes in bara anime, you have nine episodes in it, but I think we still crave more after finishing it.

Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols- Best Bara Anime List!

“The anime is about an average-looking boy named Norio who suddenly finds everything strange as he gets lots of romantic attention.

But when he finds a new secret society, he can’t believe what’s happening. What happened all of a sudden that he became prey for a group of humans?”

It’s literally impossible to explain the synopsis in an easier way without spoiling anything. Although this is not the bara anime recommended for newbies, if you have prior experience with it, you’ll enjoy it.

It is unique and gives you a fresh take on the yaoi/bara anime genre. It has a lot of sexual intercourses you would love to watch.

Boku no Sexual Harassment

Boku no Sexual Harassment- Best Bara Anime List!

“Mochizuki is a young and talented businessman, but that alone won’t be enough to climb the ladder. His boss Honma feels him up during office hours by fondling and licking.

When he realizes it was the only way, Mochizuki begins to sleep with other hot men, and soon everyone finds him sexy. These men try to take advantage of him whenever they get aroused.”

Although the story basically tells you that it is a “sleeping your way to the top” concept, the anime has a lot of twists and turns while incorporating a lot of intercourses.

The voice actors did a great job, especially with the main character. His moans will turn you on, and even though this is not entirely a bara anime, it somehow gives the same feeling.

Haru Wo Daite Ita (Embracing Love)

Haru Wo Daite Ita- Best Bara Anime List!

“Iwaki and Katou are two adult video actors who seem adorable together and have also acted in films. To become great actors, they auditioned for a popular movie.

Iwaki was selected for the movie while Katou was beaten. Katou believes that he’s fallen in love with Iwaki, but he refuses to believe the same. But when a gay actor co-stars with Katou, the feelings arise.”

Unlike usual bara anime, this anime has a wonderful romance, not just physically. You can feel what the characters feel for each other.

We have a lot of guy-on-guy action, and the sexual intercourses were quite intense. Overall, it was a beautiful yaoi/bara anime with a package of emotions.

Revenge 1 & 2 (Sana)

Revenge 1 & 2- Best Bara Anime List!

“Revenge is another work from the creator of Goblin’s Cave, where the main character is a cute furry guy (think of a male version of a dog girl but with muscles).

He gets captured by an Orc and gets videotaped while getting pounded from every one of his holes. Later he was taken to the bathroom, and the Orc begins to bang him even harder.”

The main character in this bara anime is so cute, and the way he moans will definitely make you aroused in seconds. There isn’t really any story except for mindless pounding, but it is still worth watching.

The animation was a bit lacking in the first part, but in the second one, it was fantastic. The voice acting, fluid moments, artwork, and overall, it is a beautiful bara anime to watch if you love yaoi stuff.

Hyakujitsu no Bara (Maiden Rose)

Maiden Rose- Best Bara Anime List!

“The truce between the countries, which has been for over 100 years, is finally broken due to the invasion of the Empire of Eurote. Even though nations have been falling, Taki is not afraid.

The only reason is that he has a left-hand man named Klaus who keeps them at bay. But Klaus always needed compensation from Taki after the battle and that too in bed.”

There are a lot of forcible scenes in this anime, but don’t let them stop you from watching this fantastic bara anime. The romance is so good that you would turn gay even if you weren’t.

The plot was solid with a historical setting, and you would definitely crave more episodes. Despite a few little flaws, this bara anime deserves a rating of 10/10.

The Legend of the Blue Wolves

The Legend of the Blue Wolves- Best Bara Anime List!

“In the far future, humankind is faced with unknown enemies and is fighting back with mechanical robots. Second Lieutenant Jonathan Tyberius just became the elite in the military.

While working through hard military training, he gets close to his roommate, Leonard Scheinberg. But soon, this couple begins to doubt there is a true enemy beyond their understanding.”

The Legend of the Blue Wolves was one of the unexpected shows I loved. It completely blew my mind aside from all the gay stuff. The characters were just unforgettable, and the story was splendid.

The sounds characters make while reaching orgasms will definitely turn you on and reflect these lovers’ passion. If you haven’t watched it yet, you might as well do it sooner.


Free!- Best Bara Anime List!

“Haruka Naruse has a passion for swimming, and in elementary school, he used to compete a lot with his three friends, Rin, Nagisa, and Makoto. Soon, they went their separate ways, and in high school, they were reunited.

After the reunion, Haruka, Nagisa, and Makoto form a swim club, but they need a fourth member if they need to participate in the upcoming tournament. Can they find Rin and make him the fourth member, or do they welcome a new member?

I know, Free! isn’t wholly a bara anime; nonetheless, a yaoi anime. It is directed towards the females with all the hot bodies of the characters. Well, I just want to fill the list to 10, so I decided I would include it.

If you’re into bara anime, you might love this anime as well because there is a little spark between the characters, which implies that the character might be gay. So, give it a try if you have watched all the above anime.

Final Thoughts!

There you go- The ultimate list of best bara anime. It has been quite tough to find these and go through the episodes to write every one of them. It doesn’t matter as long you enjoy these recommendations.

So, are you satisfied with the list? What’s your favorite bara anime? Do you know any other good bara anime that might take a spot on the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Most of those aren’t bara… Goblin Cave is on the border of bara. But for the most part its still very effeminate targeted–just a little less than the others. Bara is targeted for men, not women and men or just women. Sadly nobody really makes bara anime cause people are afraid it wouldn’t catch-on to bring in much revenue. I love to read bara genre manga, but to make it into an anime would be a ‘leap of faith’ for the producers. I can understand the chance of off loss in revenue due to most producers are ignorant or bluntly prejudice. I believe there wouldn’t be a loss if the marketing was head strong and blunt. Currently we are entering a paradime where anime needs a change, and I think bara would be a great asset. We need to stop pushing the same story where women are girls with great power that is used weakly and cut off by wimping boys who are in the coming of being a god tier human. The amount of plot holes and cut offs in character’s development becomes humorless comedy which defeats any full interest in most anime. I would say all, but that it would could be ignorant of me since there is so much of it. Perhaps I am mistaken, but regardless of that fact, mainstream anime is obviously becoming a short-coming story to how anime lost market and drops off into a nostalgia.

    My point is, thank you for making an article which list your idea of bara anime, but it gives the wrong connotation of what bara is to those who had never heard of it. Bara isn’t just men being super big muscles, but it is about being masculine.

    1. What you said is absolutely right! But these are the only ones which stay on the border of bara. So, might as well include a few instead of no list at all.

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