13 Hottest Bara Manga You’ll Enjoy Reading!

best gay/bara manga

You must’ve been a huge fan of BL or Yaoi manga. But what does Bara mean, and how is it related to Yaoi?

Bara is a genre that deals with the romance between Muscular men, and it exists simply because we find too many sub-genres in Yaoi like Trap, Shota, etc.

So, here is the list of best Bara manga you’ll enjoy reading, and we hope you’ll find the list interesting.

Best Bara Manga List!

Fisherman’s Lodge

Fisherman's Lodge- Best Bara Manga

The story is about an old watchman of a sea lodge and a male mistress who forces him to entertain.

Explore their sexual adventures as they both indulge in ultimate pleasure day and night.

Fisherman’s Lodge is a beautiful story and a perfect story for men. Its art is great, and both the main leads are made for each other.

It is hard to find any manga like these consisting of force, passion, and power throughout the volumes.

Sailor Men

Sailor Men- best bara manga

Maki and Kana are best friends, but Maki never thought of him in another way. One day when Kana dresses up as a sailor man to entertain everyone.

Somehow, Maki finds him cute, and the feelings are hidden deep in his heart rush out keeping him in an awkward situation.

Sailor Men manga has fantastic artwork along with an intriguing storyline. Every time you flip a page, you feel enticed.

If you’re into BL Smut manga, you’re going to have a blast throughout the read.

Gachinko Battle!

Gachinko Battle- best bara manga

Gachibuto is a martial arts festival hosted by gods. Every year people train hard to participate in it, and only a few quality to the final rounds.

As in every year, this time, eight people are qualified for the final rounds and there is a little change in the combat. Whoever ejaculates their opponent first wins. Who’ll win in this complicated battle?

Gachinko Battle is really a unique and fresh concept for bara manga lovers. The way the author introduced the characters and their interactions blew my mind.

If you love bara manga with a wrestling concept, then you’re going to love this one to your heart’s content. So, make sure to read it.


Priapus- best bara manga

Zeus gets sick of all the hate, rape, and violence among the humans. To set everything right, he gives a task for Priapus, and that would be, to turn every man into a homosexual.

Thus, he begins the journey to enslave every man with his amazing intercourse and turn them gay. Well, his journey includes a lot of adventures, and you’re going to love it.

Bara manga always brings out some wonderful concepts instead of just amusing the readers through the artwork and mindless sex.

This one had to be one of the best in this genre, and if you have read at least a few bara mangas, this one should be on your list as well.

Akkan Complete

Akkan Complete- best bara manga

Yasuo finally has become a master of his own and moved to his new condo. But a person named Ichijou moves next door to him, and he seems like a Yakuza guy.

However, soon Yasuo finds him interesting and feels him up a few times. Later on, he finds that Ichijou is not a yakuza but a wrestler he loves so much.

Akkan Complete is a cute bara manga with two amusing characters. It is a bit small, but you’ll enjoy it reading even multiple times.

Darkness Hound

Darkness Hound- best bara manga

The story follows Rozzo, a runaway soldier who gets pursued by the military and has been hiding for three years. To catch him, they hire a first-rate assassin named Darkness Hound.

Although he almost gets succeeded, due to his weakness of kittens, he gets caught by Rozzo. Soon, Rozzo gets irritated by his provocations, he ends up doing some nasty stuff with him.

Darkness Hound is a pretty decent bara manga with some hilarious moments and cute characters. It also has some engaging scenes to turn you on.

If you’re looking for something light-hearted and funnier, then try this one out. It might not be one of your favorites but will ensure to keep you satisfied.

My Brave Lover

My Brave Lover- best bara manga

Tyga sets out to become an adventurer, and on the way, he meets Claus. They both are strong men, and they hunt the monsters for the sake of the village.

After resting in a room in the village, Claus equips the strange ring he got from the dungeon. Somehow, he ends up forcing Tyga to do intercourse, and they both become boyfriends forever.

The artwork is fantastic in this bara manga, and the characters are pretty well-drawn. The concept is well-laid out, and the scenes are amusing as well.

If you’re looking for a fantasy bara manga with dungeons and monsters in it, you must read this one. You won’t regret it at all, and probably you’ll read it more than once.


Raiatea- best bara manga

A photographer gets affected by lupus and loses eyesight for one of his eyes. Years ago, he met a man in South Pacific Island, and since then, he has appreciated the beauty of photography.

Now, due to this sudden disability, he gets an urge to visit that place once again, but it isn’t that easy to find it. So, he finds a person who can guide him to that place. But will he succeed?

Raiatea takes a little bit of time to hook you in, and also, you won’t see any sexual interactions between the characters for a couple of chapters.

But just wait until it picks up the pace, and you’ll be witnessing heaven. The characters are drawn wonderfully, and you’ll probably love this manga to the core.

The Melancholy of GOGO-BOY

The Melancholy of GOGO-BOY- best bara manga

Maki is the cousin of Acchan, and since childhood, they have been pretty close. But when Acchan left his hometown, Maki changed a lot with his appearance and body.

When Maki visits Acchan to stay with him in his apartment, Acchan somehow gets attracted to his worked-out body. After a few incidents, they break the barrier and become partners.

There isn’t much action between Maki and Acchan in the manga, but the relationship is shown very well. So, if you’re looking for only some hardcore action, you might not be satisfied completely.

But if you love reading bara manga with a good storyline and artwork, you should try this one out.


Incompatible- best bara manga

Seta gets together with their classmates for the class reunion even though he was left out. However, a topic about comparing dicks comes out, and someone ends up mentioning him.

He gets pissed and goes into the washroom to cool himself. But Retsu meets him in there to see how Seta’s is bigger than his, and soon, they both end up in a little intercourse.

Although Incompatible manga is a one-shot and didn’t involve many sexual scenes, it is worth a read. The artwork is pretty great, and with a small story, it’ll be a short read for you.

One Fourth

One Fourth- best bara manga

Ooshima is a cheerful guy, and he always liked his best friend, Suga. One day, he somehow gets shrunk and becomes a tiny man.

The only way he can return to normal is by having sex with the person he loved. So, now he decides to go on a sexual adventure with his best friend, Suga.

One Fourth is quite an unusual bara manga because it is obviously not a usual one. As you read, you’ll find out it is more fun and makes us laugh.

Overall, it is small, but the characters are cute, and the artwork is stunning. If you want to read a unique bara manga, then you might as well try this one out.

Boss: Delusion Planet

Boss: Delusion Planet- best bara manga

Arai Kouji is a 32-year-old man with kids, and he’s a hardworking boss. Although he is strict, he is quite reliable, and once the work is over, he immerses himself in pleasurable things.

One of his underlings, who has a crush on him, captures a video and blackmails him to have sex with him. Later on, he tries every different kind of fetish on Arai-san.

This manga is colored, and although it only has 20 pages of content, you’ll love how the author goes straight into the story.

If you’re into bara manga and looking for something to fap, this one would be among the best. So, we hope you’ll have fun reading it.


Application- best bara manga

Yugo always loved hooking up with random guys through apps. But after some time, he didn’t love himself anymore. Even when he met his old friend and made out with him, nothing felt happy.

On his birthday, his big brother made him food, and when they happen to get into an argument, Yugo instinctively made out with his brother. Finally, he learned what it means to love himself.

Application is a bitter-sweet bara manga. It showcases what a person truly needs and how he should feel about himself.

The artwork is good, sex scenes were short but great, and the story itself is pretty well-written. So, if you love reading bara manga with a cute lead, read this one right away.

Concluding Bara Manga List!

These bara mangas we’ve mentioned on the list comprise various concepts, some are long, and some are short. Regardless, you’ll enjoy every one of them.

So, what do you think about our list? What’s your favorite bara manga? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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