13 Best Chinese Anime You’ve Missed (Which You Shouldn’t!)

best chinese anime

We’re well associated with Japanese anime, but Chinese anime are also worth checking out. They always come up with surprising stories and don’t involve many complications with the characters’ abilities.

The recommendations we present below compile of action, romance, Slice of Life, and indeed all the genres you can expect of. So, make sure to check every one of them and choose the one to your interest. Let’s dive right in then!

Best Chinese Anime to Watch!

13. Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Doupo Cangqiong

Battle Through the Heavens” fills you in with quite an interesting premise, and though you’ve seen similar ones already, it feels too different. The story sets in a world where there isn’t a place for any magic, and the strong rule the weak.

Before three years, Xian Yan, a cultivator with immense talent, lost all of his abilities besides losing his reputation and the promise he made to his mother. But could there possibly be sorcery that even can seal away Xian Yan’s powers? Watch this mysterious adventure of Xian Yan in this historic Chinese anime.

While the story is pretty decent with rather amusing characters, the incredible world-building is the one you need to look after. It is eminently enjoyable and makes you regret why it is only a two-episode anime.

It feels even better if you jump right into the anime without going through the light novel. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to do it sooner or later. After all, it is one of the best Chinese anime with only two episodes in it.

12. Zombie Brother

Zombie Brother- Best Chinese Anime
Alt Title: Shi Xiong

Chinese are great at making out concepts like mutation and evolution. Zombie Brother follows the story of Xiao Fei, an ordinary guy who lives in H city. When an abnormal virus contaminates the Springwater, people start turning into zombies one by one.

It doesn’t stop there, though. They devour each other and gradually evolve into whole new species. Can Xiao Fei, an ordinary guy, make it out of the city himself and meet his beautiful girlfriend, Wei? Watch it to find out what happens next.

If you’re not much familiar with wuxia novels or Chinese novels, you’ll have a blast with this anime. In novels, they mutate zombies to create a whole another level monster. Well, you could say Zombie Brothers pretty much follows the same pattern.

Just because it got an intense and thrilling premise, don’t think this anime is totally action-packed. It is one of the hilarious anime I’ve watched to date. So, I also suggest you watch this hilarious zombie Chinese anime.

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11. The Leader

The Leader- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Ling Feng Zhe

The Leader” is an anime that shows more like one’s biography, unlike other Chinese anime shows. The story follows Karl Marx, the German intellectual, and his political life, where he had to go through his various obstacles together with his wife, Jenny von Westphalen.

His best friend and companion, Friedrich Engels helps him achieve his dream. Watch how the legend went from a zero to a hero with his Communist Manifesto.

It might not have some epic action scenes or the thrill to entertain. But the way it depicts the story shows the true effort of the crew and the cast. Since it is a story based on a person’s life, you might wonder it is just another slow-paced autobiography.

It did lack in a few aspects, but it wouldn’t be fair if the story is already a masterpiece of the anime. So, if you’re wondering whether to watch it or not, make sure you do it sooner or later. After all, it is one of the best Chinese anime out there.

10. Big Fish & Begonia

Big Fish & Begonia- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Da Yu Hai Tang

Not only Chinese movies but also Chinese anime movies can grab the viewer’s attention. Yes, we’re talking about Big Fish & Begonia anime. The story follows a little girl named Chun, one of the overseers of the human realm. However, she must go through a trial in the human realm.

But then she gets caught in a fishing net because of a storm and gets rescued by a boy. Unfortunately, the boy ends up drowning, and she had to return to her world with guilt.

She asks the Soul Keeper to revive the boy by taking a part of her lifespan. But is it okay to defy destiny and especially when she’s the one maintaining the world order? Watch this exciting Chinese anime to find out what happens next.

It is a beautiful film with amazing artwork, and its animation even equals Ghibli studio movies. What’s not there in this fantastically animated Chinese anime film to watch? If you haven’t watched it yet, do it right away.

Both English Sub and Dub versions are available in the link below!

9. Flavors of Youth

Flavors of Youth- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Shikioriori

Flavors of Youth” is a three-episode anime, and in every episode, you get to view a different story. The first episode, titled “Sunny Breakfast,” shows the Chinese culture of how their parents convey their love towards children. Xiaomin will be the center of the story, and we witness his life experiences.

The second episode, titled “A Little Fashion Show,” shows more attachment towards the Chinese culture and strikes us more emotionally. It is amazingly narrative and tells the short story on how to cheer the people who are close to you.

The third episode, titled “Shanghai Love,” is about three friends who end up on different paths after various encounters. The third episode really gives a feeling like it is a conclusion.

Overall, it is an inspirational anime that depicts the story of how precious life and youth is! So if you haven’t watched it yet, we recommend you do. After all, it is one of the best Chinese anime out there.

8. Uncharted Walker

Uncharted Walker- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Mi Yu Xing Zhe

Uncharted Walker” starts pretty wild and follows a group of individuals- a doctor, a magician, a gangster, and likewise. These individuals find themselves on an island when they wake up from their sleep, and they had no idea how they got into a place like that.

The island is full of tribes, mutant viruses, and with each encounter, they face a new threat of death. Could there be a way to escape from all these? Of course, there should be one, or else the story wouldn’t move forward, would it?

If you’re into survival anime like Btoom, then Uncharted Walker is a must-watch for you. It takes the survival concept to a whole new level and provides you with a stunning quality of animation.

The plot, characters, and action scenes are top-notch, and it never fails to impress the viewers. So, make sure you add this Chinese anime to your watchlist right away.

7. The Legend of Luo Xiaohei

The Legend of Luo Xiaohei- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Luo Xiao Hei Zhan Ji

The Legend of Luo Xiaohei” is a warm anime that makes you relaxed while watching it. The story follows Luo Xiaohei, who finds a little black cat on a rainy night and brings it back to her home. Deciding to raise it herself, she names it Luo Xiao Hei.

But it is not an ordinary cat but an entity that can host creatures known as Heixiu? When Luo Xiaohei’s life gets threatened by a mysterious being, this cat comes in handy in helping her. Well, you know, the journey of a little cat and a girl is all set now.

It might not be for everyone, but for the people who love cute and fluffy moments, it’ll be an enjoyable ride. It doesn’t have any dark or thrilling themes, but it provides you with a cool slice of life feel.

The art, story, and characters are amazing too. You’ll probably watch it twice or even thrice if you get how lighter and cute this Chinese anime is, and thus, we brought this delightful Chinese anime to the list.

6. Fox Spirit Matchmaker

Fox Spirit Matchmaker- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Huyao Xiao Hongniang

Fox Spirit Matchmaker” tells a tale about the love of a human and a spirit. As human life is limited and short, the fox spirit (youkai) finds a way to live together by pledging their love at the Kuqing Tree. But they won’t be able to remember their past lives.

However, Fox Spirit Matchmaker helps them remember their past lives so that, they can live happily for eternity. In the current life, the human is Bai Yuechu, and the fox spirit is Susu. They both set on a journey to help the other spirits and humans reunite by retaining their memories.

This anime is a bit slow in the beginning by introducing all the characters at once. But once it gets into the love story between the main couple, you’ll know the excellence of it.

There are a whole lot of 48 episodes or two movies (1-28, 29-48) that you can watch. But make sure you hang on until episode 12, and from there, it gets amazing. After all, it is one of the best Chinese anime out there.

5. Soul Land

Soul Land- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Douluo Dalu

Tang San is a prodigy for the Tang Sect, and elders always believed that he would have a bright future. But when he committed an act of obtaining the sect’s lore (forbidden), he receives the punishment of death. Without any reason to live, he jumps off Hell’s Peak.

Later on, he reincarnates into the world as a blacksmith’s son and tries to become a Spirit Master. His spirit is Blue Silver Grass, useless one of all but due to his immense spiritual power, and his memories getting back one by one, what will Tang San do next?

Just how amazing is the storyline? It has a slow start by introducing the past of Tang, but once you get into the story, you’ll be amazed by the level of story-telling. The animation and art are the great aspects of the anime by making the viewer appreciate it even more.

The power system is the best I’ve seen in any other Chinese anime. The action scenes were pretty amazing too, and once you get used to the characters’ names and abilities, it gets even cooler. So, make sure to add this Chinese anime to your watch list.

4. Scissor Seven

Scissor Seven- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Cike Wu Liuqi

Scissor Seven” story centers around an assassin who has the ability to shapeshift and wields a scissor to kill anyone for just 88 bucks. At least that’s what we users think, but he never does. Whenever he accepts a job, he does everything except killing the target.

While he peeks into the victims’ lives, he learns more about them, and instead of doing his job, he makes things that show a difference in their lives. Like a torn family or broken up lovers, and in the process, he turns into a good man.

It mostly involves some hilarious moments, but once it shows the premise of the victims’ lives, it gets kind of emotional. In other words, this anime is so simple by showing how humans live their lives and what they need to do to face their problems.

If you’re bummed up, and you want something to cheer your mood on, then Scissor Seven is right up your alley. So, if you haven’t given it a watch yet, make sure you do because it is one of the best Chinese anime out there.

3. Beryl & Sapphire

Beryl & Sapphire- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan

Beryl and Sapphire” involve the protagonists with unique names as Beryl (Green) and Sapphire (Blue). These two close friends have a relationship that can’t even be shattered for lives. Every episode sets in a different world, and these two best friends/couple meet as either friends or enemies.

With each episode of 10-minute running time, it shows you independent stories of both the protagonists in different roles. Watch how these two encounter each other in every episode and how their unrequited love bloom for each other.

Probably none of the Chinese anime you’ve watched until now might have been this emotional. With the perfect blend of humor and cuteness, it blows you off constantly. Even though it doesn’t have a standard plot, it immerses you in a drama of love and makes the remaining aspects invisible.

So, if you haven’t watched this romance Chinese anime yet, make sure you do it right away. Literally, you can relate to every event that happens in the anime from your daily life.

2. The King’s Avatar

The King's Avatar- best Chinese anime
Alt Title: Quanzhi Gaoshou

Every Chinese anime fan would never ignore this epic anime show whatsoever. The King’s Avatar tells the story of Ye Qiu, a professional player in an online game known as “Glory.” In his prefecture, he is known as “Battle God,” who doesn’t even show his face but summed up lots of trophies for Jiashi.

However, he faces a situation where he has to retire forcibly and leaves the arena to join in a gaming cafe near Jiashi. Starting from zero again, he learns to use a freelancer weapon left by his best friend and makes a comeback in the tenth server launched by Glory.

If you think epicness can only be found in real battles, you’re mistaken. The King’s Avatar comprises tons of moments that you’ll watch again and again. So, if you haven’t come across this Chinese anime, do it right now.

There is also a live-action adaptation for this anime, and it is hella epic too. So, if you want to check that one out, don’t hesitate even for a second.

1. The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation- best Chinese anime
Alt Titles: Mo Dao Zu Shi, The Founder of Diabolism

Popularly known as “The Untamed,” this anime follows Wei Wuxian, who cultivates demonic magic due to a series of tragedies. Even though he doesn’t want to take this path, he had to do it to stand up for justice. However, cultivation clans think of him as a threat and kill him by joining their clans together.

After sixteen years, he gets reincarnated and meets Lan Wangji, his best friend, unintentionally. These both embark on a journey to set everything back that has been destroyed sixteen years ago.

First of all, the illustrations are fantastic that you’ll watch the anime just by looking at them. The story, characters, emotions, and literally everything in this Chinese anime is perfect, and it leaves no space for flaws.

The Chinese drama “The Untamed” is also a wonderful adaptation from the same manhua, and it really resembles the anime a lot. So, make sure you watch both of them or, at the very least, the anime.

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Conclusive Thoughts

In my opinion, Chinese anime needs a lot more appreciation than they already have. From the illustrations to the animation, every aspect is on par with Japanese anime shows. Though there might’ve been a few anime that can’t meet this criterion, the majority speaks.

If you’re thinking of getting into Chinese anime or you’re already into them, this list will help you for sure. So, to find a good one from the list, actually, every option on the list is worth giving a shot.

Thus, we conclude our list of best Chinese anime, and we hope you found what you’re looking for. So, if you have any thoughts to share or spare, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. Well then, have a great time!

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