13 Best Cultivation Manhua Recommendations You’ve Ever Seen!

best cultivation manhua list

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Chinese manhua often centers a lot on cultivation-based abilities. Almost in any historical Chinese drama or manga, we find these techniques. But exactly what is Cultivation/Xianxia? Cultivation in Chinese novels refers to as a Taoist technique.

This Taoist technique lets humans hone their skills to the maximum by practicing a set of martial arts. So basically, these Xianxia/ cultivation manhua provides you with some breathtaking action scenes along with astonishing abilities.

There are lots of highly popular cultivation manhua like The Untamed, but we thought it would be better to include some other ones on the list since most people already have read them. So, let’s begin our list of best cultivation manhua!

Best Cultivation Manhua List!

13. Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator- Best Cultivation Manhua List
Alt Titles: Rebirth: City Cultivation

Monk Chen Fanyu is known as the strongest in the heavens, fell into the catastrophe of the day during the anti-cataclysm period. Instead of getting reincarnated as who he was, he wishes to born as a young boy in five hundred years.

Now, 500 years have passed, and the immortal is born as a young boy while trying to live a regretful life as a weakling. The man once who overseen the world is now a small part of it. Read how the story turns with each chapter in this amazing cultivation manhua. 

The story doesn’t make much sense, right? Well, normally, Chinese manhua are meant to make stories like these into masterpieces. Although it won’t fall into such a category, this cultivation manhua still succeeds to entertain the reader until the very end.

The artwork and the character stylizations are meant to catch the reader’s eye. There are still a few things that could’ve been done better, but overall, it will be a good read for you. After all, it is one of the best cultivation manhuas out there.

12. Spirit Sword Sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign- best cultivation manhua list
Alt Titles: Spirit Sword Master, Ling Jian Zun

Chu Xing Yun is a strong man but returned to his youth and became a weak young lord when attacked by an unknown enmity. But he is determined not to let go of the enemy who made his previous life regrettable.

In order to do that, he needs his Spirit Sword to become powerful enough so that he can once again become the supreme entity in the earth and heavens. In addition to this, he is also determined to kill anybody who stands in his way.

Nothing is more exciting than a story based on revenge and reincarnation. Surely, the story is a typical one like most cultivation manhuas, but the execution here is unique. Although the story gets a bit draggy in mid chapters, hold on a little while.

It gets back on track within no time, and the main characters become overpowered seamlessly. The artwork is surprisingly good, and the story progression is the one you can actually like at most times. So, in the end, it is one of the best cultivation manhuas out there.

11. The Scholar’s Reincarnation

The Scholar's Reincarnation- best cultivation manhua
Alt Title: Haksajaesaeng

Hwang Jun-woo is a martial artist who claims himself as a murderer, but in a suicide attack, he is defeated and reincarnated again. In this life, he is the firstborn child of a lord who looks after a peaceful region.

With a good family and a precious little sister to protect, he decides to live his life in peace by becoming a better person as a whole. But is life always that easy? Of course, it isn’t, and that’s why Hwang Jun-woo is ready to face any enemy that hurts his family.

Firstly, it is a very light-hearted cultivation manhua with some hilarious moments that you can’t seem to forget so easily. If you’re used to reading cultivation manhua where an intense plot makes the whole storyline, this will be a change of pace.

But don’t think you won’t find any action scenes in this manga because you’ve got plenty of them too. The artwork might not be the best in the world, but it fits well with the context making you love it over time.

10. The Pinnacle of Martial Arts

Martial Peak- best cultivation manhua list
Alt Titles: Martial Peak, Wu Lian Dian Feng

The Pinnacle of Martial Arts” or “Martial Peak” is a cultivation manhua with op mc and sets in a world where getting at the pinnacle of martial arts is considered to be an impossible task. In fact, many have tried it and failed to achieve it in the process.

Yang Kai, a disciple of the Lingxiao sect, who is on trial discovers a Black Book with nothing written in it. Could this book be the key for him to achieve the impossible? Read this amazing cultivation manhua find it out.

I don’t know why it is like a most essential thing for Chinese manhua to make the main character seem like perfection, but this one has an amazing MC. Besides, the main female characters will make you feel all fluffy.

But these are only just some entertaining elements, and the action is still the main theme. So, make sure to read this marvelous cultivation manhua sooner or later.

9. Apotheosis

Apotheosis- best cutivation manhua list
Alt Titles: Principles of Heavens, Bai Lian Cheng Shen

Zen Luo is the Young Lord of the Luo Family who has been kind to people, but unfortunately, an incident changed their whole fate. His father is dead, his sister is held in detention by a powerful sect, and he became a slave.

He has suffered a lot, yet he strives to save his sister and bring back the peace. When he finds a secret Weapon Creation technic in the book left by his father, he finally finds a way to restore the old days. But will it be possible with just his cultivation abilities?

Most cultivation manhua tends to focus on a single Qi-based concept, but Apothesis shows you a whole different level. The only downfall is you won’t get some of the stories in the beginning because the author skipped a few important points.

But once you get past these, you’ll get a clear picture of the manhua, and also you’ll be able to enjoy it to the maximum extent. So, make sure to add this cultivation manhua to your list right away.

8. Spirit Blade Mountain

Spirit Blade Mountain- Best Cultivation Manhua List
Alt Title: Reikenzan

Spirit Blade Mountain is well-known for Wizards who reside within who also known as Spirit Blade Masters. They are known as the Reiken clan who tries to maintain the world’s order. But when they find out that a falling comet will bring great calamity, they need to find a way.

That’s when they decide to resume the examinations to discover the fated child and take him as a disciple. Lu Wang possesses a special soul that only arises once in a thousand years. From here on, Lu Wang begins his journey to become the greatest sage who can stop the calamity.

Firstly, the main character is one of the best things you can find in this manhua. He is smart, overpowered, and even beats the shit out of the people that cultivated their abilities a lot longer than him. That is expected since he’s the destined and chosen one.

However, there will be moments you’ll like how he levels up his abilities, and probably, you’d need forever to forget these epic moments. If you haven’t read this cultivation manhua/manga yet, we highly recommend you do it right away.

7. Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group- best cultivation manhua list
Alt Title: Xiu Zhen Liao Tiao Qun

Song Shuhang was added to a chat group consisting of his many seniors and different kinds of people. To his surprise, the group is filled with people who call each other nicknames like Immortal Master, Cave Lord, etc.

One of them even named his dog a ‘demon dog‘ after it escaped from his house. But what if Shuhang happens to find out that they’re actually real-life cultivators who can live for thousands of years. Read how he deals with this pleasant surprise in his life.

From the premise, you can pretty much tell how unique it is from the other cultivation manhua you’ve read until now. Although you won’t find it like the historical manhua you’ve loved reading, it won’t show you any dissatisfaction.

All the characters are likable, and the story is perfectly executed. So, if you want to read a freakish cultivation manhua/manga with a different concept, then this one will be right up your alley.

6. God of Martial Arts

God of Martial Arts- Best Cultivation Manhua List
Alt Titles: Peerless Martial God, Jueshi Wushen

Lin Feng is born in a world where martial arts is essential and martial artists are respected well. While some split boulders and trees, stronger ones can even cut off mountains into two halves.

Also, some martial kings can even traverse into different universes. In this world, the weak are humiliated, and the strong trample on them. But it all seems indiscriminating to Lin Feng, who has yet to become a great martial artist.

Before you start reading this cultivation manhua, keep one thing in your mind. The beginning of the manhua isn’t really that good, but once you get past a few chapters, we swear, you’ll be amazed from time to time.

The art is terrific, the characters are amazing, and the story is so good makes you love it over time. So, make sure to add this cultivation manhua to your list and read it sooner rather than later.

5. Soul Land

Soul Land- Best Cultivation Manhua List
Alt Titles: Combat Continent, Douluo Dalu

Tang san is born as a prodigy in the Tang sect, and all the elders had high hopes for him. But due to treason for stealing the forbidden secret to reach the peak in martial arts, he is forced to commit suicide.

Later on, he is reborn in Soul Land where it is filled with soul masters who can make their hosts powerful. However, Tang is born with the most useless soul known as “Blue Silver Grass.” Can he bring the glory he always dreamed of this way?

Tang isn’t an overpowered main character, but he trains to hone his skills to the maximum. In the process, you’ll be able to find lots of epic moments that can make you go, “Awww!

The story is well-written, and the characters are pretty amusing as well. So if you haven’t read this amazing cultivation manhua yet, now is the time you do. It is not only a good cultivation manhua but also one of the best manhuas out there.

4. Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens- best cultivation manhua list
Alt Title: Doupo Cangqiong

Battle Through the Heavens” sets in a Dou Qiu world where the strong trample on the weak and are respected over the world. Xiao Yan is one of the strongest of eight clans. From this clan, an 11-year-old kid with an amazing talent loses all his powers.

Due to this, everybody looks down on him, and he is on the verge of getting kicked out of the clan. Later on, Xiao Yan vows to prove to everyone that he is not trash but the strongest in the whole Dou Qiu world.

The story of “Battle Through the Heavens” is made to be a cliche, but it has both comedic and serious reliefs. While the story is not the best aspect to add up in the merits, the characters are really amazing.

The artwork gets better with each chapter, and so does the manhua. As for the entertainment, you’ll be amazed by the level of humor, battle scenes, and emotions it provides.

3. Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon- best cultivation manhua list
Alt Title: Sinma-gyeongcheongi

Hyuk Woon Seong is the apprentice of the Spear Master Sect’s successor, and they both are framed for learning Demonic cultivation. Even though they faced death as punishment, the artifact of the sect provides Woon Seong with a new life.

But this time, as a trainee of the Demonic cult. There are two sects- the Orthodox Sect and the Demonic Sect, but his target is only one. His vengeance is more important to him than his new life, and he waits for the moment while cultivating his abilities.

Adding “Chronicles of Heavenly Demon” to the list of best cultivation manhua is one of the good things I’ve done today. While it has been fantastic right from the beginning, it might make you hesitate with the artwork.

But it gets a lot better in lateral chapters, and we assure you, there won’t be a moment where you’ll feel like taking a nap. So, make sure to add this amazing cultivation manhua to your list.

2. Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods- Best Cultivation Manhua List
Alt Title: Yaoshenji

Nie Li became the strongest Demon Spiritist and reached the pinnacle of the martial world to protect his home. However, he lost his life in the battle with Sage Emperor, but fortunately, his soul was brought back into a thirteen-year-old kid’s body.

Although he is the weakest among his classmates, with the knowledge of his previous life, he decides to become stronger once again. On the other hand, the demonic beasts and their foes are ready to make a move.

In this cultivation manhua, the plot is so captivating, and the reader can go on reading, like 100 chapters. Its plot takes some time to build the world you need. So, before you read it, try to keep this thing in your mind.

If you’re a fan of the Naruto franchise, then this one is really your cup of tea. So, make sure to add this amazing cultivation manhua to your list.

1. Legend of the Northern Blade

Legend of the Northern Blade- Best Cultivation Manhua List
Alt Title: Bukgeomjeongi

Darkness plunged the world into its grasp, and there is almost no one to stop it. But then martial artists gathered up to form the “Northern Heavenly Sect” to fight back. With the help of this sect, peace has returned to the world again.

But after years, the sect leader died, and eventually, the sect was disbanded resulting in everyone to lead their own lives. But the sect leader’s only son, Jin Kwan, finds the secret techniques left by his father and decides to learn them for a better future.

Legend of the Northern Blade” manhua is well-known for its flow of the story, and every chapter is filled with thrill. It reminds me of solo leveling in some events with all the leveling up or cultivation techniques.

The art feels so original, and it fits perfectly with the premise. Overall, it is an amazing cultivation manhua with a great blend of aspects.

Concluding Cultivation Manhuas!

Well, I guess it’s time to wind up the list of best cultivation manhua. There are plenty of choices for you to choose from the list. 

Like how leveling up abilities are shown in manga/manhwa, these cultivation manhuas comprise of some really amazing ability-based themes. So, if you haven’t read any cultivation manhua/cultivation novels yet, it is time you do.

What is your favorite Chinese manhua/manga? Do you think these manhuas need more appreciation? And what would be your pick from our list? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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