13 Best Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc to Read!

best cultivation manhua with op mc

Cultivation manhua are loved for more than one reason. While the obvious reason would be seeing how characters cultivate and how the concept of sects, world-building is involved.

But one thing everyone loves is the overpowered main character. The Mc beating the shit out of arrogant cultivators always makes it more exciting. So, here is the list of best cultivation manhua with op mc.

Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

13. Cultivator Against Hero Society

Cultivator Against Hero Society- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

What happens when a powerful immortal cultivator time travels only to end up in a modern world? To our surprise, the modern world is filled with hero society with superpowers.

In this new world, where will he go, and will he end up in trouble once in a while? Whatever happens, he is strong, and he’ll never bow to anyone. In the worst case, he’ll face the whole hero society.

The concept is really cool in this manhua. We’ve seen cultivation manhua with game system concept and modern world MC transported into a historical world where cultivation is everything.

But this is the opposite and just imagine how exciting would cultivation vs. superpower be? It is pretty exciting, and the pace is great too. Thus, it is one of the best cultivation manhua with op mc.

12. Martial Arts Reigns

Martial Arts Reigns- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

The story takes place in the Continent of Tianyuan, where cultivation makes people break the limits of humans and literally become a god. Ye Ming is born poor in this world.

When his parents get murdered by Huang Family, he was weak, but now, he has taken a “Divine Foundation Building Pill” and won’t stop until he avenges them.

This story starts a bit rough right from the beginning but trust me, you’ll only like it more. Although the protagonist feels a bit hesitant in the beginning, he becomes very likable later on.

Besides presenting us with an overpowered main character, it also has a cute and romantic love story with some beautiful moments.

So, for many reasons such as these, it is one of the best cultivation manhua with op mc (overpowered mc).

11. Spirit Sword Sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

The strongest cultivator of his generation was attacked and somehow returned to his youth only to become a waste young lord. He left too many regrets in the past life.

In this life, he swears that he’ll never let go of his previous life’s memories and for that to happen, the Spirit Sword should become powerful. Is there anyone supreme to him then?

A story about cultivationrevenge, and reincarnation is never boring, and when a little romance adds up to it, it is the best choice to read (at least in my opinion).

The story is similar to most of the cultivation novels and manhuas, but this one does it better. The artwork is excellent and the growth of the characters is fabulous making is an amazing cultivation manhua with op mc.

10. Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

Monk Chen Fanyu fell into the catastrophe during the anti-cataclysm period and always dreamed of returning to earth as his younger self.

Although in the previous life he has been on the pinnacle of the universe, he was alone. Now after 500 years, he is reborn and returned to the city to make up for the regrets he had in the previous life.

Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator has lots of good things and also a few things that could’ve done better. Regardless, it has an overpowered mc and uses the concept of cultivation exceptionally.

The Mc is not annoying or a womanizer who spoils the epic story. You’ll love how he grows stronger, and the artwork is simply astonishing. It is a good cultivation manhua with op mc if you’re looking for one.

9. My Three Thousand Years to the Sky

My Three Thousand Years to the Sky- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

Bai Qiuran, an extremely talented cultivator, was accepted as a disciple of the founder of the Qing Ming Sect. Since then, he has been cultivating his powers relentlessly but can’t seem to break through the Qi refining stage.

All of his peers tried to pass the Heavenly Tribulation and died. After three thousand years, Bai Qiuran manages to reach the 66,664th Qi refining stage. What lies ahead of him?

The MC in this manhua could be defined as a meaning of overpowered. The whole manga is hilarious, but it does provide space for some epic action scenes.

Although it takes the light route instead of the intense one, I’d say, it is extremely satisfying and worth a read. If you want a cultivation manhua with op mc along with a refreshing storyline, try this one.

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8. Peerless Battle Spirit

Peerless Battle Spirit- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

The story takes place in the Canglan Continent that runs by one important rule: those who possess a Martial Spirit are the only ones to take the path of cultivation. Qin Nan is a talented young man born with the lowest-grade Martial Spirit.

However, when he gets struck by lightning, he obtains Divine Battle Spirit. It helps him level up through the realms breaking through the rules, but it also possesses a secret. What might be it?

Peerless Battle Spirit starts at a slow pace, but once you get into the actual storyline, you’ll find it interesting. Seeing Qin Nan ranking up feels so satisfying, and the story is incredible.

The artwork is pretty awesome, and if you’re looking for a cultivation manhua with op mc, then it is a must-read for you.

7. Song of the Sky Walkers

Song of the Sky Walkers- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

The emperor’s family gave birth to a special pair of twins. Of two twins, the male is born with a mole on the forehead, and the female is born with six fingers.

Unfortunately, one was taken away by Penglai Xianchang, and the other one was abandoned in the reeds. When the fated day arrives, will they two join together to fight destiny?

I would rate this manhua 10 out of 10 for its artwork alone. It feels as if you’re viewing a painting. The story is so captivating and feels too original.

But if I had to mention another aspect, it would be character development. It is perfect and exactly what we need to form this amazing manhua.

6. Apotheosis

Apotheosis- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

Zen Luo used to be the Young Lord of the Luo family until the day he became a slave, and her only sister got held in detention by a powerful sect. He has been suffering all these days, both physically and mentally.

When he finds a secret Weapon Creation Technique in a book left by his father, he finally finds hope to get through this hell. Will Zen Luo fight against fate for freedom and revenge?

Apotheosis has its flaws, but you have way too many reasons to read it. The first fifty or so chapters are fast-paced and could be a little hard to read comfortably. But once you’re past that, you’ll love it.

The plot is complex, and the world-building is profound, but you’ll enjoy it regardless. So, if you’re looking for a good cultivation manhua with op mc, this one will be your cup of tea.

5. God of Martial Arts

God of Martial Arts- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

The story sets in a world where people with martial arts are respected well. While weak martial artists can break boulders, stronger ones can even split a mountain in two.

It is a world where the strong look down on the weak. People’s worth is decided by the levels of cultivation. Lin Feng has faced enough betrayals and finally made up his mind to reach the peak.

This epic cultivation and martial arts-based manhua is all you need if you’re looking for one with an overpowered mc. The story is fantastic, and the artwork makes it even more impressive.

If you love manhua that contains lots of epic action and battle scenes, you shouldn’t miss this one. After all, it is one of the best cultivation manhua with op mc.

4. Master of Gu

Master of Gu- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

The story takes place in a world where Gu is the essential element to the cultivators. Gu is a legendary venomous insect, and Fang Yuan reborn over and over again to achieve immortality.

To achieve immortality, he won’t hold back whatever obstacle comes in his path. In this cruel world filled with magical creatures, Fang Yuan rises above all to survive.

Reverend Insanity/Master of Gu is one of the best stories I’ve read. Although I read its novel before, later on, catching up with manhua was really worth it.

The MC’s character is full of mystery, but still, we’ll love to see him like that. It is fun, and there isn’t much drama to drag the concept making it an amazing cultivation manhua with op mc.

3. Martial Peak

Martial Peak- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

Aiming for the pinnacle of martial arts isn’t easy. It is an endless pursuit with lots of obstacles, and to surpass them, you need to break through the limits, increase the will to survive, and adapt to every situation.

Yang Kai is a disciple on the trial of the Lingxiao Sect, and one day, he finds a Wordless Black Book. From this moment, his fate began to change and his journey to the peak of martial arts has begun as well.

The story of Martial Peak is so addicting, and MC is the type that we exactly what we love. He’s kind, ruthless, and more importantly, he overpowers enemies.

This manhua gets pretty interesting right from the beginning but what we love more is the moments. So, if you’re looking for a cultivation manhua with op mc, then you shouldn’t miss this one.

2. Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens- Cultivation Manhua with Op Mc!

In a land where the strong prey on the weak, Xiao Yan is born. It is filled with lots of treasures along with unforeseen dangers. He has shown a talent that inferior to none before three years.

But suddenly, he lost everything. His reputationpower, and promise to his mother. How can such a powerful person lose everything? What’s the mystery behind this?

Battle Through the Heavens is a fantastic manhua if you haven’t read similar ones yet. I mean, back in 2018, there weren’t many manhuas with such concepts, but you can find them everywhere now.

Regardless, you’ll love this one because it includes a mystery to the plot, and it has a good pace along with a standard storyline. Moreover, it is an amazing cultivation manhua with op mc.

1. Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods- Best Cultivation Manhua with Op MC

In his past life, Nie Li was weak to protect his home, even though he became the strongest Demon Spiritist. He lost his life in the hands of the Sage Emperor and lost everything precious to him.

But somehow, he returned to his thirteen-year-old self, and he is the weakest in his class. With the previous life’s knowledge, he decides to achieve the impossible in a short time. Can he do it?

I don’t care what everyone says but this manhua is goated. I’ve read all kinds of manga, manhwa, and manhua but Tales of Demons and Gods definitely stays in the top 10.

It could be different for the people who have read the novel but what manhua has to offer, it has done a splendid job. So, if you haven’t read this one yet, try it out right away.

Concluding Cultivation Manhua!

Cultivation manhua provides unique entertainment for the readers, but if it has an overpowered main character, you can’t help but love it endlessly.

So, have you read any of these manhuas yet? What’s your favorite cultivation manhua, so far? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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