15 Best Dubbed Harem Anime You Can’t Miss! [With Streaming Links]

best dubbed harem anime

Harem anime have a separate fan-base as you can see several beauties with immense charm and every character comes with different personalities and flavors.

Well, who wouldn’t want to have a harem of their own, regardless of their gender. Furthermore, people tend to love harem anime a lot and if you’re looking for the best dubbed harem anime shows, this list is for you.

Best Dubbed Harem Anime List!

15. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

When Basara’s father left overseas, he left two beautiful step-sisters Mio and Maria to live with him. In truth, these girls are a new demon lord and succubus.

Accidentally, Basara forms a reverse contract with Mio and becomes her master. Now he had to face danger as both heroes and demons are pursuing her.

Unless you’re looking for a harem anime where you get to watch both action and sex, you might not enjoy this anime very much.

Its story is pretty good with a generic concept and the dubbing was pretty great too. So, try giving it a shot and see if it really is your cup of tea.

14. Freezing

Freezing- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

When Earth gets threaten by aliens known as “Nova,” the only source of protection lies with Pandora girls who have physically enhanced bodies.

However, the girls need to choose a younger boy who acts as a Limiter to them. Known as ‘Untouchable,’ Bridgette l Sattelizer let no one near her when Kazuya Aoi accidentally falls into her breasts.

Out of nowhere, this anime caught our eye, and we immensely enjoyed it regardless of what everyone thought. It sure has a few flaws like unnecessary violence and over nudity, but the harem concept was eye-catching. You’ll probably enjoy it as well if you don’t mind the negative reviews on it.

13. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

Leading an average life, Tsukune Aono never thought he wouldn’t be enrolling into a not-so-ordinary school. Apparently, the academy is filled with monster blends who are trying to co-exist with humans.

Being the only human in the academy, he soon attracts a few beauties including a Vampire Moka, a Busty Succubus, a Young Witch, and even a cute stalker.

Rosario + Vampire embeds every inch with fan service and since it is not common to view it in a harem anime, we think this anime will entertain you endlessly.

All the characters are lovable and hot. If you’re looking for an enjoyable dubbed harem anime, despite its flaws, Rosario + Vampire does an impressive job in securing its place on the list.

12. Infinite Stratos

Inifinite Stratos- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

The development of Infinite Stratos exoskeleton brought the world its peace with the balance of power. However, these IS systems only accept women to pilot them and to everyone’s surprise, Ichika Orimura controlled it. Soon, Japanese government ordered him to enter female infinite stratos academy.

One of the best things about Infinite Stratos is the characters itself bring a strange aura. The story is pretty generic but with some good action, from the first episode, it captures your attention. If you’re into ecchi dubbed harem anime shows, this one is for you.

11. Campione!

Campione- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

After accidentally killing the god Verethranga, Godou took his divine powers. As a “Campione,” a god slayer, his life is nothing but normal with constant attention from gods and powerful knights like Erica.

While Campione is not the perfect anime, if it hits the perfect audience, it could become their favorite anime. From our perspective, the story, and characterization are fantastic along with some good dubbing. The rest, we’ll live it to you to judge.

10. Shuffle!

Shuffle- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

Kaede lives along with her adopted brother Rin and waits for the day, he’d show his interest on her sexually. However, when the lords of Heaven and Hell approach Rin to ask him to mate with their daughters, he decides to take full advantage of the harem.

Despite how cliché and weird the story looks, Shuffle! is a wonderfully dubbed harem anime. You have a great flow with the story, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the females angels in any means. With a little mystery to the story and comedy, you won’t have to worry about getting bored.

9. Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Monster Musume- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

When Kimihito volunteered into government exchange program, he ends up taking care of a few monster girls including Mia, a snake, Cerea, a Centaurus, Papi, a bird, Aranchnera, a spider etc. However, inspecies breeding is against the law and with all these sexy ladies, can he control himself?

Generally, we don’t mind fan service, but some people do. But this show is gold when it comes to fan service, since it generates a lot of humor. You can kiss goodbye to your control of lust while watching this anime because the females are enticingly irresistible.

8. Sekirei

Sekirei- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

Minato Sahashi’s normal life took a turn when a busty girl fell on top of him. She’s a sekirei, one of 108 who are destined to fight each other only one of them remains, and the winner gets to ascend to heaven along with their Ashikabi. However, Minato is the Ashikabi of several girls.

Although Sekirei seems a little unnatural to most people, it polishes the harem genre quite well. Out of numerous harem anime we’ve watched, Sekirei has some best characters and dubbing. So, if you’re looking for a fantastic harem dubbed anime, watch this one.

7. Date a Live!

Date a Live!- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

When the world got hit by space quakes, many lives have been lost. These space quakes reigned terror when “Spirits” triggered them accidentally. However, Shido Itsuka had another alternative to save the world. To make spirits fall in love with them and stop the disasters once and for all.

Date a Live! takes the romcom stage to a whole new level with some good variations in the harem. The MC is surrounded by tons of alluring girls with yandere, tsundere, moe kind of personalities. It is one of the best harem dubbed anime we’ve come across.

6. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

Seven girls who rule over Biblia Academy host seven sins: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, and Lust. After encountering a major phenomenon and the disappearance of his cousin, Arata Kasuga enters Biblia Academy. What might he find there?

Trinity Seven explores a bit of dark side, which is quite rare in the harem genre. Although there are some weak points in the anime, it was quite good and entertaining, at least that’s how we felt. One of the reasons why it gets a spot on the list is because the voice acting is top-notch.

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5. Is this a Zombie?

Is This a Zombie?- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

When Ayumu gets murdered by a serial killer, he was resurrected by Eucliwood Hellscythe as a zombie. After accidentally stealing power from a magical girl, he is tasked to fight against the monsters by cross-dressing.

Is This a Zombie? is quite a hilarious anime and more of a parody than a serious one. It has a great dub that only enhances the comedy in the series, and the harem was quite clear from the beginning. If you want to watch a comedy harem anime with good dub, try it out.

4. High School DxD

High School DxD- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

Perverted Issei joins once all-girls high school and finally gets a girlfriend. However, she turns out to be a fallen angel who murders him on the spot. Later on, Rias Gremory, his popular classmate and a demon, resurrects and makes him her servant. What adventures are waiting for him?

Probably no sane person with little anime knowledge wouldn’t know this anime. High School DxD is undeniably one of the best harem anime with English dub. The characters like Rias and Akeno are enough to let you enjoy your fill of the anime. Without another thought, just get it done.

3. Yamada-kun and Seven Witches

Yamada-kun and Seven Witches- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

In his high school, Ryuu Yamada missteps on the stairs only to kiss Shiraishi. Soon after, they both switch their bodies and after discovering this, the student council president and Supernatural Studies Club sole member, Miyamura, recruits them to the club. With Yamada’s kiss ability, they embark on a quest to find all the witches.

Yamada-kun and Seven Witches is one intriguing harem romance anime with some refreshing moments. We would be hard-pressed to think someone who enjoys the harem genre would not enjoy this anime in its entirety.

2. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

Keima known as “God of Conquest” in dating sim games, ends up with an impossible task. When a mysterious mail arrives, he takes it as a challenge and ends up misled by a demon girl.

Now he has to capture evil souls escaped from the demon world, and the only way is to conquer his greatest weakness: to win the hearts of real girls.

The World God Only Knows is not your typical harem anime, as it comes with a solid plot and can be quite misleading at times. However, you need not worry about entertainment or romance. It has plenty of both and with a great execution, it makes you binge-watch the entire show.

1. The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets- Best Dubbed Harem Anime

Poor high school student Fuutaro Uesugi stumbles upon a private tutor gig with a good pay. However, his students are Quintuplets who’d rather have fun than study. His first mission is to gain their trust. How will he achieve this task while every one of them is gorgeous?

Although you have come here looking for a harem anime, you’ll get a much more wholesome one. The writing is honestly remarkable, and the scenario where the main character has to deal with sisters instead of some high school girls is quite intriguing. If you haven’t watched a good dubbed harem anime in a while, you can try this one out.

Final Thoughts!

There are tons of harem anime out there, yet we can’t find a good dubbed anime harem. Well, your worries can rest in peace now because we have laid out the perfect list for you.

Although we sound quite confident, we’re aware, there are plenty of other dubbed harem anime that might deserve a spot on the list. Would you care to suggest a few for our beloved visitors?

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