10 Best Fantasy Anime with OP MC, Ranked

Fantasy Anime with Overpowered MC
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From Drifters to Overlord, these are best fantasy anime with overpowered main characters.

The fantasy anime genre had a rocky start because most anime began to follow a stereotype of overpowered characters transported to another world. Since then, the category has grown tenfold, and it now includes anime with well-developed plots, such as Overlord and Sword Art Online.

However, with so many anime now populating the fantasy anime tags, it’s challenging to know which ones are truly worth your time. As a result, we’ve compiled a listicle of the best Fantasy Anime with OP MC that deserves your attention.

10. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
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The Devil Is a Part-Timer! by Satoshi Wagahara compares favorably to more established fantasy anime with OP MC titles such as Overlord and Sword Art Online. Mainly because the anime’s comedy tends to mislead viewers, and when you’re caught off guard, it surprises you with amazing fights you wouldn’t have expected.

When the hero Emilia forces Demon Lord Satan to flee the world of Ente Isla, he escapes through a portal that opens in Tokyo. Unexpectedly, Satan is now stuck in Tokyo with his generals, and because there isn’t enough magic around, they’re all weak as well. As a result, Sado Mao (Satan) begins working part-time at MgRonald’s, a fast-food restaurant.

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9. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
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Rudeus Greyrat was born into the powerful Greyrat family, but that was not where his life began. He was a hopeless shut-in who was tragically killed by the notorious Truck-kun. He is now regarded as a magical-wielding child prodigy after reincarnation in this epic fantasy world. 

With his memories intact and extraordinary powers finally, at his disposal, Rudeus promises to redeem all of those years of desperation by living his life to the fullest this time.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation has a lot of action sequences, stunning visuals, and an engaging story that won’t let you turn away, and because of all of these fantastic strong points, do bookmark Mushoku Tensei when creating your fantasy anime with OP MC watchlist.

8. The Rising of the Shield Hero

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
Image via Funimation

This one stands out when it comes to fantasy anime with OP MC. The Rising of the Shield Hero gets off to an unusually dark start for an anime, with the main character being accused of horrible crimes just days after being summoned to a fantasy realm to aid in the defeat of demons. When Naofumi Iwatani is named the Legendary Shield Hero, his life takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

Because the shield is regarded as a useless weapon, Naofumi is subjected to unjustified criticism, adding to the pile of false accusations. If traditional harem comedy fantasy anime isn’t your thing, The Rising of the Shield Hero is a refreshing change of pace.

7. Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
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Kazuma Sato is summoned to Heaven by the Goddess Aqua after dying from shock after mistaking a tractor for a speeding truck while attempting to protect a fellow student. Later, Kazuma is transported to a fantasy world, but instead of accepting an ability, he chooses Aqua to accompany him. 

Aqua, on the other hand, turns out to be relatively weak and thus begins our rambunctious party’s quest to defeat the Demon King.

Konosuba has several seasons and a couple of movies available, which would not be the case if it were just another fantasy anime, so check out this fantasy anime with OP MC while you can.

6. Drifters

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
Image via Funimation

Shimazu Toyohisa is fatally wounded during an all-out war, but instead of dying, he finds himself in the presence of a mysterious man. Toyohisa is sucked into a nearby door and teleported to a different world.

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This one, however, isn’t so far removed from his previous life, as he appears to be a member of the “Drifter” race on this planet. Drifters, folklore’s great warriors, must fight against the evil “Ends” who wish to destroy them.

Kouta Hirano has created a fantastic story, mainly because it takes a historical fantasy setting instead of the usual flashy route. So make sure to drift by and check it out. Drifters is one of the best fantasy anime with Overpowered MC available to stream right now. 

5. No Game No Life

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
Image via Sentai Filmworks

Sora and Shiro are two amazing neat siblings in this story. They are well-known online and are internet gaming prodigies. Since they’ve created fantastic online personas for themselves, they are known as legends because they formed the legendary ‘Blank’ team.

And one day, They are invited to a chess game. They accept the challenge, put up a fight, and win. But to their surprise, the opponent they defeated was a god named Tet, who, upon witnessing their extraordinary abilities, brought them to his world—the gaming world.

Everything in this world is decided by games, and as you might have guessed, the duo is highly enthusiastic about this idea. They both want to experience the new world and put their gaming skills to the limit.

4. Log Horizon

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
Image via Sentai Filmworks

Over 30,000 Japanese gamers mysteriously vanished in Japan one day. When they awaken, they discover they are inside “Elder Tale,” the game they were playing. One of them is Shiroe, a college student with social anxiety. 

Shiroe has been playing the game since middle school, making him a seasoned veteran. He puts his mind to work and attempts to create a peace-offering government to unite all players trapped inside the game using his knowledge of the game and political science. 

In this anime, the MC is overpowered because he is extremely smart and tactful and uses all his abilities to overcome challenges. This show is for you if you’re looking for a fantasy anime with an intelligent OP MC. 

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3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
Image via Funimation

Okay, so, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime pretty much follows the same fantasy anime pattern of getting stabbed and being thrust into another world. However, TTIGRAAS stands out in this list because its fantasy setting is actually based on strong lore that never stops innovating.

Satoru is able to mimic anything or anyone around him after being reincarnated as a slime. Aside from that, he’s incredibly strong. Imagine the wonders you’ll witness in the anime when a ball of mucus is the most powerful being on the planet.

If you want an OP MC who goes through fierce battles and a show that turns out to be fantastic humor, this is the one for you.

2. Sword Art Online

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
Image via Aniplex of America

The good news is that no one dies and is transported to a fantasy land in this one. Instead, Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya is one of the lucky few to receive a copy of the new VR game Aincrad—or is he? 

As it turns out, the mad scientist who developed the game has locked all of the test players’ subconscious minds inside Aincrad, and they must now all learn how to survive the difficult tribulations of their new reality.

Sword Art Online, like Overlord, is an early member of the fantasy anime genre. Not only that, but SAO is widely regarded as many people’s favorite fantasy anime. Kirito is a brilliant protagonist who is shown to approach every problem he faces in Aincrad with a well-thought-out plan, and as the story continues, Kirito, who was previously under-leveled, emerges as one of the game’s strongest players.

Sword Art Online’s tempo is very enjoyable, and its dark-toned visuals will soothe your eyes, which truly defines what the definition of fantasy anime with Overpowered MC.

1. Overlord

best Fantasy Anime with OP MC
Image via Funimation

Overlord is credited as one of the first anime to bear the fantasy anime label, so it’s appropriate to include a pioneer of the genre on this list. Instead of being logged out when the servers of the popular VR game YGGDRASIL go down, Suzuki Satoru becomes stuck in its dark fantasy reality as his skeleton character Momonga. 

Fortunately, he is the most powerful player in the game. After fully accepting himself as Momonga, he plans to conquer YGGDRASIL’s unchartered territory. 

Overlord by Kugane Maruyama is an incredible journey from beginning to end with its comedic yet solid plotline, making it an easy recommendation in our top picks for fantasy anime with OP MC; you should definitely watch it.

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