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Reading webtoons has to be one of the best experiences in the world. But what if you read something that can immerse you in it and take you into a different world? Yes, we’re discussing Fantasy webtoons.

Fantasy manhwa/Fantasy Webcomics naturally involve something that you can only imagine but not possible in real life. When you feel like you need something that can take you on an adventure of an incredibly different world, then these fantasy manhwa/webtoons are for you.

Best Fantasy Manhwa!

1. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

King Grey was the best among the ability users in his world, but he was murdered and reincarnated into a new world filled with magic. When he was born, it felt like life has given him a second chance.

Indeed, it is a second chance with a good familya cute little sister, and a beautiful girl named Tess as his best friend. But underneath this peaceful life lies a prophecy that can question his very existence. 

Starting our list of fantasy webtoons/fantasy manhwa with this one might be a good choice because it isn’t like any other manhwa you’ve read till now. If you’re fond of isekai manga, then you’re going to have one hell of a ride with this one.

The plot, characters, art, world-setting, and literally every aspect in the manhwa is perfect. There isn’t a moment I felt like taking a breath from reading it. If you want to know more about it, check out our review!

2. Who Made Me a Princess

Who Made Me a Princess- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

The beautiful princess Athanasia was killed by her own father, an emperor. But it is just a bedtime story. However, Jenette finds herself becoming the princess when she woke up from sleep.

The time is ticking, and she only has three options. To live quietly and unnoticeably or gather enough money to escape from the emperor or change her fate by sweet-talking the cold-blooded emperor. What will she choose?

From all the fantasy stories where “women getting reincarnated into another world,” this is by far the best one. The protagonist of this isekai fantasy manhwa is definitely one of the best things you can wish for.

The artwork is splendid, and it completely delights your eyes. The story is pretty interesting, and you’ll definitely love to read these types of fantasy webtoons.

3. King’s Maker

King's Maker- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

Wolfgang Goldenleonard is the fourth prince of the kingdom and has been hiding since his mother’s death. He hates his father and never thought of interacting with him until he met Shin Soohyuk, one of the king’s son.

Shin and Wolfgang share the same goal of changing the kingdom, and to make it successful, they both form an alliance. Can this alliance be enough to take down the king? Or will this become a counterattack?

The strongest selling points of the manhwa is definitely its storyline and the characters who make the story-worthy. It might not have some mind-bobbling twists and turns, but it never fails to entertain you.

If you’re a fan of BL manhwa, then this one is a must-read for you, and even if you aren’t, you should at least give this fantasy manhwa a shot.

4. Villains are Destined to Die

Villains are Destined to Die- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

Penelope Eckart gets reincarnated into a dating sim as the daughter of Duke Eckart. Unfortunately, she entered at the most difficult level, and besides, whatever she does, the ending is her death.

In order to survive and change it to the desired end, she had to choose a male lead, but that scenario has more complications than she can imagine. What fate awaits her?

It is hard to find a well-thought-out story in this genre. Luckily, you got one in here, and if you love fantasy webtoons that’ll provide a mixture of romance and thrill, this one is for you.

It hits you in the feels and makes you wonder why you haven’t read such an amazing fantasy manhwa all these days. So, we suggest you read this one of the best fantasy webtoons out there.

5. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS- Class Suicide Hunter- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

Kim Gong-ja is an F-rank hunter who gets sick of his life and always dreams of becoming an S-rank hunter. He could even die for an S-rank skill, and interestingly, he gets what he wants.

However, there is a high price for it. He awakens an S-rank skill, but it only works when he dies. But what’s the point in getting that skill if he’s going to die? Read how Kim Gong-ja becomes the strongest hunter from being weak.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is a genuinely worth reading manhwa. The story sets in a modern world with leveling-up system just like Solo Leveling. The story presentation is pretty new, and the execution is good too.

If you’re looking for a fantasy manhwa with an action-comedy premise, then you might as well add this one to your list.

6. Rooftop Swordsman

Rooftop Swordsman- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

Neung Kwang woke up from a coma after 9 months when he got beat up by eight of his classmates. But in the process of getting justice for his son, his father committed suicide. Not knowing what to do, Neung didn’t leave his room for months.

The days are passing, the same, but he couldn’t do anything since the investigation served their sentences later. One day, a strange phenomenon enticed him, and God himself whispered to Neung.

If you haven’t read this fantasy manhwa yet, you’re missing a lot. It is basically a revenge story, but it isn’t like the usual action-fantasy webtoons you read every day. The action scenes are so insane, and the artwork makes it more appealing.

The main character doesn’t give a sh*t about the military and does anything to get revenge. Overall, it is one hell of a ride you’re going to witness.

7. Lessa

Less- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

The story follows Rano, a demon hunter who is in search of his little sister. On his way, he encounters a demon who is not affected by sunlight like other ones.

This person seems to know who Rano is, but Rano doesn’t remember any of his past. But in his dreams, he often saw this person, and what could the relationship between these two be?

This manhwa actually presents the fantasy concept in a whole different way. While the premise is standard, the action scenes are pretty wholesome in this amazing fantasy manhwa.

So, if you’re looking for fantasy webtoons, then this one might be your cup of tea. At the very least, it entertains you till the end.

8. Room of Swords

Room of Swords- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

Gyrus wakes up in a world overrun by monsters but guess what; this isn’t his first time. In fact, he was in this loop 34 times, yet he thinks it is his first time. To ensure his survival in this dangerous world, he needs to collect the “boss sword.”

But it isn’t that easy since the boss sword is only found in the “room of swords,” which is a far more dangerous place to set foot. Can he achieve it somehow? Or is there anybody else in this mysterious world?

Before you read this amazing fantasy manhwa, make sure to have a little patience. In the early chapters, the artwork is a little messy, and the quality isn’t that good. But don’t let that change your mind.

It gets better and better as you go through the chapters. So, if you’re looking for some fantasy webtoons, then this one might be a unique choice.

9. Days of Hana

Days of Hana- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

Haru and Hana have been best friends since childhood while Haru is a werewolf and Hana is a human. Although werewolves are given equal rights as humans in this world, some humans still see them as violent beasts.

Soon, a complicated relationship forms between them, and what will their fate be? Read this amazing webtoon that can take you on a great fantasy ride.

It might not be a complete fantasy webtoon, but I like the concept of humans and werewolves falling in love. The characters are portrayed remarkably, and the artwork is pretty amazing too.

You might as well grab some tissues while reading it because you’ll bawl your eyes out most of the time. Overall, it is one of the best fantasy webtoons/fantasy manhwa out there.

10. A Good Day to be a Dog

A Good Day to be a Dog- Best Fantasy Manhwa!

Hana turns into a dog through a kiss as it is her family’s inevitable curse. The only way to break free of the curse is to grab a second kiss from the person she took her first kiss.

Well, now this is tricky since she kissed a guy who is afraid of dogs. Is there any way she can make that happen in these odds? Read this romance fantasy manhwa to find out yourself.

This manhwa is literally wholesome of cuteness that’ll make you cry, feel pleasant, and happy. It is funny and lovely, but the story isn’t as tricky as you’d expect.

But it is still an amazing read if you’re into romance webtoons with a little fantasy theme in them.

Everyday Fantasy Manhwa recommendations:

Concluding Fantasy Webtoons!

As we said earlier, fantasy manhwa involve some good world-building involving mythologieslegends, and an unimaginable world. And we did everything we could to provide you with one unique and amazing list.

If you haven’t read many fantasy webtoons yet, you can try the ones we mentioned below with all the unique recommendations. Since we only conferred you with fantasy manhwa instead of some fantasy manga, we’re sure you’ll love them.

So, what are your thoughts on fantasy manhwa? Are those worth reading twice? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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