13 Nostalgic High School Anime That Are Extremely Good!

High School Anime List

Whether it be in real life or anime, high school days are fun (at least for the majority of the people). Anime depicts high school most realistically and also in an exciting way.

So, if you’re looking for some excellent high school anime, either it is a romantic one or a funny one, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get you on the ride then!

Best High School Anime!

13. School Days

school days- Best High School Anime!

On a faithful day, Makoto fell in love with Kotonoha at first sight on a train. Thanks to his classmate’s nosy personality, Makoto got closer to her without breaking a sweat.

Soon they both begin to date, but he isn’t the only one in love with her. Any horny teenager would die for her, and their relationship is put to the ultimate test with all these events.

School Days is anime that presents the youthful days by spicing them up with malice, deceitfulness, hatred, and a lot more. How realistic!

This isn’t some passionate and innocent romance anime, and though it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, it succeeded in portraying school life in the most realistic way.

12. K-On!!

K-On!!- Best High School Anime!

Joining a club is one of the most exciting things for any new high schooler. Yui Hirasawa is in her new high school year, and she seems to be in a dilemma to join a club and somehow ends up joining a music club.

But since she doesn’t have a talent in it, she decides to apologize and quit it. Since their club is in a critical situation, they play her a song as a last resort to keep her in the club. Well, a new life is waiting for Yui, and how will it go?

These kinds of anime always bring out silly persons in us. Although the story isn’t a great aspect of it, it is memorable and contributes a lot. Its main theme is music, but it gives you a lot of high school anime vibes.

If you haven’t viewed a slow-burn and pleasant school life anime in a while, this might cover up for the things you have been missing so far.

11. Hyouka

Hyouka- Best High School Anime!

Houtaru Oreki is such an energy conservationist that he doesn’t do many things, and if he does, he prefers them to finish quickly. But later, he joins a Classics Club at his sister’s request.

Then he meets a curious girl named Chitanda, and his life changes once and for all. Oreki gets caught up in the middle of solving mysteries related to the club.

Hyouka is one of the rare anime series to spark your interest right away. School club, mysteries, heavy romantic undertones, and literally everything you want in a high school anime.

The animation is simply beautiful (after all, it’s Kyoto Animation). The characters are so lovable, and the story is pretty decent. But even you wouldn’t know for what you’re loving this anime.

10. Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon- Best High School Anime!

Yuugo Hachiken is a hardworking guy, but he cannot meet the expectations of others. To escape from the stress from his parents, he enrolls in Ooezo Agricultural High School in the countryside.

But when he meets his talented friends who grew up with foods, vegetables, and livestock, he realizes that he is just an amateur in this field. Can he discover his dream here, maybe?

Silver Spoon is an inspiring high school anime because it tells even that everyone has the ability to set out their own path, and they just got to keep trying.

I’ve never seen an anime with such a scenario where a city boy gets placed in a farming school. The concept is pretty new, and the characters really take the anime to a whole new level.

9. Tsuki ga Kirei

Tsuki ga Kirei- Best High School Anime!

It’s a new school year, and as the new students gather in the final year class of junior high, an aspiring novelist Kotaru Azumi meets a track team member Akane Mizuno.

A few encounters between them stir feelings in their hearts, and despite being in a comfort zone of love, they are uncertain of the true feelings. What conclusion awaits?

While school life anime shows explore many genres like magic, food, supernatural, Tsuki ga Kirei is exceptional in its simplicity.

It doesn’t have a deep or complex plot to stand out, but it is a fantastic school life anime with genuine relationships, and it would be the new high school anime you’re going to love today.

8. Kaguya-sama: Love is War?

Kaguya-sama: Love is War- Best High School Anime!

Kaguya and Miyuki are elite students and also prominent members of the student council. Although it is boring at the top, they both have feelings for each other, making it rather enjoyable.

But due to their pride, neither of them can propose first. However, they both have their plans and schemes to make the other one confess first. Who’ll win in this game?

This one is a brilliant anime. On top of the great visual comedy, you have bombastic personalities, and the narration on the show is simply marvelous.

The schemes they use always backfire, making it hilarious, and we also have some lovey-dovey moments. Overall, it perfectly catches the essence of high school life and portrays it unbelievably.

7. Toradora

Toradora- Best High School Anime!

Gentle high schooler Ryuuji Takasu loves doing housework, but he got a delinquent face in contrast to his personality. And his plans of confessing his feelings to his crush, Minori Kushieda.

On the other hand, Taiga Aisaka is a doll-like, cute student known as the school’s Palmtop Tiger. When these two cross paths due to an encounter, they help each other on a single mission. But what future awaits them?

Toradora is a beautiful & cheerful romantic comedy anime with a slice of high school concept. Even if you’re the kind of person to enjoy only action/sci-fi/adventure genres, you’ll love this one.

The characters are amazing, the story avoids all possible cliches, and the romance is simply off the charts. If you haven’t watched it yet, you might as well do it now.


ReLIFE- Best High School Anime!

Arata Kaizaki is a hopeless individual who has quit his job, but it seems his life had taken a turn when he met Ryou Yoake, a member of ReLife Research Institute.

She gives him a pill that takes him ten years back when he was in his first year of high school. Although he gets to relive the school days, the changed rules make him unable to catch up.

ReLIFE is an anime that can influence a lot of individuals. Most people often face the same reality as Arata in the anime, and they always regret it. Of course, almost every one of them wants to relive those beautiful school days.

To wrap it up, it’s a well-written story with lovable characters and good animation. After finishing the episodes, you’ll be wanting more, and you definitely can’t enough of it.

5. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Club- Best High School Anime!

Ouran High School is a place for highly wealthy students, but in the case of Haruhi, she is talented but not rich. But one day, she drops an eight million yen vase in a music room that belonged to a host club.

This club consists of a group of young and attractive men whose primary goal is to entertain the academy’s girls. To pay their debt, Haruhi joins the club and witness a whole new world.

Firstly, I loved Haruhi’s character because she is so lovable and relatable. Her sarcasm is lovely, and the unafraid questioning makes her an even more exciting character.

It doesn’t have a storyline that can blow your mind, but overall, it is hilarious and always makes you feel pleasant at the end of every episode.

4. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K- Best High School Anime!

Kusuo Saiki is your typical high school student who wants a peaceful life. But he has psychic powers, which he only uses unless necessary, but he always gets in trouble because of them.

Whether it be weird Kaido, beautiful Teruhashi, and idiot Nendou, Saiki always gets caught up in their things. Can Saiki ever get relief from these strange and funny classmates?

This anime is way too hilarious and on par with Gintama (in terms of comedy). Every character in the show is ridiculous to the point you can’t stop laughing until your stomach aches.

It not shows you beautiful school life moments but also hits you with lots of hilarious moments. A must-watch for everyone who loves school life comedy anime.

3. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka- Best High School Anime!

Onizuka is a 22-year-old teacher, and surprisingly enough, he got bad grades in school. To add to the surprise, he has even led a motorcycle gang before.

But why did he become a teacher? Is it to educate the young lads or to look up high school girls’ skirts? On the other hand, the delinquent students of the school don’t seem to like this new teacher.

This anime is a classic and captures the perfect essence of a high school theme. It is incredibly hilarious and inspirational, and I can’t recommend you enough.

Overall, it’s one hell of a ride with ecchi, good drama, and great romance. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out on a lot.

2. Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!!- Best High School Anime!

Hinata Shoyo is short, but his ambitions are high. Ever since he saw the little giant (nickname of the volleyball player) score in the national championship, he decided to become like him.

With his lightning reflexes and crow-like jumps, he somehow enters into the competition but gets crushed easily. Later he meets the King of the Court in the same high school and begins an epic journey.

Haikyuu!! is a high school anime but with sports. You got friendship, rivalry, funny interactions, high school boys, and some emotional moments as well. Overall, the environment fits the high school anime genre perfectly.

Besides viewing it as a high school, Haikyuu is a fantastic sports anime that portrays volleyball on a whole new level. If you haven’t watched it yet, consider it watching it at any cost.

1. Orange

Orange- Best High School Anime!

Naho Takamiya is going to attend her first high school day, and waking up; she receives a strange letter from the future herself. Although skeptical to believe it at first, a few more letters prove her wrong.

The letter points out Naho’s life is full of regrets, and she hopes that the younger Naho would correct the mistakes. Evidently, it has something to do with a new transfer student Kakeru Naruse.

Seriously, this is my favorite high school romance anime ever. It mainly doesn’t focus too much on romance but the connection between the characters.

The romance feels genuine and realistic without any fan service. If you have always wished for beautiful school life or missing it, you must watch this anime right now.

Let’s Conclude!

Well, that’s one hell of the list (in fact, a list you can never say no to). If you have been searching for some good high school anime, this list might be what you’re looking for.

So, what do you think about our list? Do you think any other anime deserves a spot on the list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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