16 Scariest Horror Anime Shows to Give You a Heart Attack!

Best Horror Anime List!

Whether it be 2D or 3D, horror is something that can send chills down your spine. From Higurashi to Another, there are plenty of horror anime series highly rated by fans worldwide.

So, what are the best horror anime series? If you’re unsure of that, we’re here to compile a fantastic list of the best horror anime recommendations!

Best Horror Anime List!

16. Doomed Megalopolis

Doomed Megalopolis

Set in the year 1912, Tokyo, government decided to industrialize the capital, but an evil sorcerer named Kato prefer to see it in ruins. To resurrect an evil spirit powerful enough to destroy the city, he needs the soul of a young girl named Yukari Tatsumiya, who is protected by a shrine maiden.

Doomed Megalopolis is your typical Indian/Japanese horror setting. Adapted from the novel, its story is quite intriguing at a glance and although it feels incomplete, you should give it a watch to see whether this horror anime is to your liking. Regardless of everything, we enjoyed it—it was decent and well-executed.

15. Boogiepop and Others

Boogiepop and Others

There is a rumor regarding an urban legend who releases people from pain. This “Angel of Death” is known as “Boogiepop” and in fact, it is real. When an incident takes place in Shinyo Academy, police and faculty assume it was just a normal runaway.

However, one student knows that it is not as normal as it seems. Could it be because of Boogiepop, or something more sinister?

Boogiepop and Others has a very intriguing premise and even though it entirely doesn’t fall into the horror genre, the dark and gloomy atmosphere it presents leaves you scared. This thought-provoking anime is one of the top-tier horror anime shows with a supernatural twist.

14. Yameshibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yameshibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Step forward and take a look at these terrifying and fear-striking Japanese horror stories related to the urban legends. From a boy who comes across a horrifying family secret to a man who feels like being watched by a long-haired creepy woman.

Yameshibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is a compilation episodic series of various horrifying Japanese tales. Although it fails to be scary for the most part, the narration makes you feel like you’re experiencing everything as in person. It is unique, different, and fascinating horror anime to watch.

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13. Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life

Satou Matsuozaka encounters a young girl named Shio and falls in love with her. She even considers it as the only true feeling of love in her life. She moves in with her and and does anything to protect her—even if it means committing murder.

Despite how sweet their relationship looks, don’t get fooled. It has everything you wouldn’t expect at first glance and right from the beginning to the end, you won’t face a disappointment. It is a two-way fun with some lesbian romance and horror theme.

12. Corpse Party

Corpse Party

A group of students perform a ritual in their school to bid farewell to a friend, using paper like dolls as charms. However, the charms somehow link to Heavenly Host Academy, which got destroyed years ago due to continuous murders. Now, trapped in an alternate dimension, these students must survive from the vengeful souls.

Corpse Party is the sheer meaning of a suspense and hardcore gore. The story felt so gripping and interesting until the end. It might not be the best horror anime you’ll watch in your life, but you’ll witness a fantastic horror story with full of suspense and twists.

11. Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror

Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror

Ayakashi consists of three dark horror tales: a human and a god fell in love, and they struggle for their future, a woman named Oiwa who gets betrayed by the one she truly loved, and an evil demon who is slaughtering a family for unknown reasons. Could all these stories share a common point?

Ayakashi delivers exactly what you came here for: bone chilling horror. Every story makes you question the heart of human while giving you plenty of time to enjoy the storyline. If you’re looking for some good horror anime series, you can add this one to your list.

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10. Hell Girl

Hell Girl

Rumor has it there is a website titled “Hotline to Hell” which satisfies the needs of people who seek revenge. You type your name and do the bidding, and Hell Girl will do all the work for you. In return, you lose your life and soul to the Hell Girl.

We wouldn’t say that the story is the strongest part of this anime. In fact, there are many other aspects like animation, sound, portrayal of characters and emotions which easily beat the unique and intriguing storyline. If you’re looking for a unique horror anime, then Hell Girl is for you.

9. Mieruko-chan


Miko suddenly started seeing ghosts and grotesque creatures, and although they are quite scary, she decided not to run. She tries to entirely ignoring them while continuing her routine life. Can she keep a straight face with all these scary monsters appearing only to her?

Although our article’s title was meant for the people who love scary horror stories, Mieruko-chan is an exception. It’s not supposed to be scary but funny and with a little mix of ecchi and solid storyline, you won’t be stopping the anime until you binge-watch the entire thing.

8. School-Live!


Yuki Takeya loves her school and especially can’t bear to stay away from the School-Life Club. The members spend most of their time in the club, even to the point of growing their own food. However, when a bizarre twist arrives to the story, Yuki didn’t know how to get out of all the mess.

School-Live! has a reason for taking the spot as one of the best horror anime series. You expect it to be a slice of life fun story but without you knowing, it turns unbelievably dark and shows you some quality horror. Watch it and you’ll know why.

7. Shadows House

Shadows House

Sitting on the top of a mountain, a mansion known as Shadows House gives a place to live for faceless people who pretend as nobles. They use dolls to express their emotions, and one servant named Emilico aids her master Kate to learn more about the house and the mysteries regarding it.

You need to hold out for a couple of episodes to know the true worth of this horror anime. It is more of a suspense drama, and it isn’t that scary either. However, we don’t feel right by not including this gem on the list of the best psychological horror anime.

6. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Teiichi is a student at an academy which is known for mysterious occurrences and although was skeptical at first, he soon believes it after coming across a girl named Yuuko.

She is a ghost only he can see, and together they investigate the strange happenings after joining the Paranormal Investigation club.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a perfect horror anime you could ever wish for. It has every element mixed in like romance and comedy, but it can get unbelievably scary at times.

It was a unique experience for us watching such a remarkable horror anime, and we hope you’ll have the same.

5. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt

Mai Taniyama lives a carefree life as a high school student by telling ghost stories. When she comes across the head of Shibuya Psychic Research, Kazuya Shibuya, she tags along to investigate the paranormal activities in a haunted school. Could this interaction change her life once and for all?

Horror mystery fans could never miss out on Ghost Hunt at any cost, as it reels you in with a good concept and keeps you on the edge of your seat in every episode. It is not only scary, but also has one of the best immersive storylines we’ve seen.

4. Mononoke


Evil Spirits known as “Mononoke” are plaguing the feudal Japan and to slay them, a mysterious person known as “Medicine Seller” arrives with his Exorcism Sword. However, to draw his sword, he first needs to understand Form, Reason, and Truth on why these evil spirits exist.

After viewing a couple of episodes in this anime, you’ll notice how each episode shows a similarity, yet it stays unique from the previous one.

Some of the strongest points of this anime is the animation and the in-depth character creation. Although it isn’t nerve-wreakingly scary, you’ll enjoy it if you’re into horror anime.

3. Shiki


The death toll in Sotoba village has risen immensely in the summer. This mysterious phenomenon made the local doctor and temple’s vice chief monk quite suspicious, and they began to investigate.

Could this unnatural change of events have to do anything with Kirishiki family who recently moved in to the village?

Shiki really took us by storm. The whole mysterious plot makes it nothing short of a masterpiece. If you’re the kind of person who loves watching tense drama, Shiki should be your top pick.

2. Another


Sakakibara moves to a new rural town and transferred to a new school. It seems the school has some kind of secret and everybody acts weird. To top it off, he comes across a girl named Misaki Mei, who triggers a series of terrors in his life. Can he get out of his hell?

Another is a modern and typical Japanese horror anime with a spectacular execution. Just the opening song is enough to send chills down your spine, and you can only wait to watch how much thrill you’ll be able to experience from the entire anime.

1. Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi: When They Cry

Keiichi has transferred to a new school in a small rural and everything was peaceful. He made friends with a group of nice girls, but soon he witnessed the end of this peace.

With sudden deaths and murders, he gets entangled in a mystery. Can he solve it, or will he end up becoming a victim?

Throughout the entire first season, you’ll feel surprised with all the gore. However, once you get into the second season, it fills all the gaps and makes all the mysteries clear. The horror in this anime is bone-chilling, and weak-hearted people would not give it another glance.

Final Thoughts!

Horror genre has never been less popular than any other anime genres. Every year, we keep getting new horror anime titles, and most of them are actually quite good.

So, did you think our list is good? What is your favorite horror anime? Do you have any other anime on your mind that deserves a spot on the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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