Top 25 Greatest LitRPG Novels You’ll Enjoy Reading!

Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Wouldn’t it be awesome to read LitRPG novels? Of course, it would be. These LitRPG books are filled with action and RPG elements to provide a unique way of entertainment.

I’ve read my fair share of these books, and I still crave more. So, if you’re looking for some good LitRPG novels/ books, then this list will help you find a good one.

Best LitRPG Books!

25. Arcane Ascension

Arcane Ascension- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Corin Cadence‘s brother went missing in the Serpent Spire that is filled with dangers. Now it’s Corin’s turn to enter the Spire and face the trails to reach the top of the tower. Will he be able to find his brother?

When I was reading this book, I’ve already dipped my toes into the LitRPG genre. Still, it gave me a fabulous read with a brilliant concept and writing. You’re going to love it for sure.

24. Unbound Deathlord

Unbound Deathlord- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

When virtual reality becomes too real as it makes people believe they have truly been transported to another world, a man who wants to forget his past gets into it. But will it be enough to find what he actually needs in his life?

Unbound Deathlord is a fantasy LitRPG at its best. The world-building, characters, narration, writing, and everything was top-notch right from the beginning. If you haven’t read this book yet, now’s the time.

23. Dungeon Lord

Dungeon Lord- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Edward Wright decided to carve himself to the top as he gets threatened by both dark and light forces. In a world where both sides are cruel, will he be able to survive and become a Dungeon Lord?

If you’re looking for a fantasy LitRPG book that mainly focuses on action and character development, this one is perfect for you. The litRPG genre definitely needs more stories of this caliber.

22. Way of the Shaman

Way of the Shaman- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Barliona has become a renowned virtual world after getting its peak popularity. The players can do anything except feeling real pain, but it is not the same for everyone. Criminals are sent to Virtual Inferno to serve their sentences.

These concepts of LitRPG books never ceases to surprise me. I mean, we often hate some negative characters in these novels, and this book could be the perfect one to satisfy such regrets.

21. World Tree Online

World Tree Online- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

An update in a VRMMORPG game traps millions of players in it, and the time begins to stretch as every five seconds become a year in the virtual world, making the players wait 360 years before they can log out.

In this world, Vincent discovers a way to reach the pinnacle. Now he is the only key to stopping Lucas, who uses his power to abuse other players.

You’ll love this book so much that you might end up losing a couple of days worth of sleep. It has everything that you like in a LitRPG genre, such as amazing world-building, cool concept, and so on.

20. The Completionist Chronicles

The Completionist Chronicles- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Joe learns that people who learn magic are hunted after permanently getting into a game world. Joe begins to fight alongside his teammates by completing quests and leveling up. Will he achieve what he desires?

If you want to read a LitRPG book that sucks you right in from the beginning, this one is for you. The story is very detailed, and it explores everything, including humor, a purpose for the MC, and what not?

19. Emerilia

Emilia- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Austin Zane left his CEO position behind to spend his peaceful days in the Emilia VR game. But what if he discovers a dark truth about the world that relates to the events in the game?

Emilia is such a refreshing take on the LitRPG genre. The story, characters, and world-building are pretty unique to the ones you have read so far. It is a perfect example of “an old idea done right.

18. Everybody loves Large Chests

Everybody loves Large Chests- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Who doesn’t like Large Chests? With a dream of becoming an adventurer, Himmel starts his journey with his grandfather’s sword. But his life takes a turn when he stumbles upon an exposed chest for the first time.

Perhaps, the synopsis isn’t enough to explain how good this book is, but that’s the best I can do without spoiling the story. It’s snarky, hilarious, and definitely an awesome read if you’re into adventurous LitRPG web novels.

17. The Divine Dungeon

The Divine Dungeon- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Cal is an ordinary person, but he receives weapons, coins and gets chased by a fluffy bunny. These things are happening because he is a dungeon core and the only way to protect himself is by making his own dungeon.

This book kind of reminds me of Dungeon Hunter. If you have read some LitRPG books containing dungeon themes, you’ll know how good this one has been done. Just read it, and you’re going to love it forever.

16. Worth the Candle

Worth the Candle- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Juniper Smith began writing books from the age of nine with his fantastical imagination. After eight years, he finds himself in Aerb, a world that compliments each world from his imagination. Will he find answers if he keeps exploring it?

Worth the Candle is really worth the time you spend on it. The writing is pretty excellent, and the characters are far from average. If you haven’t read this fantastic LitRPG book yet, it’s never too late.

15. Swords, Spells, and Stealth

Swords, Spells, and Stealth- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

In Maple back town, four NPCs are given two choices: to pretend as adventurers to go on a journey that may result in their death or see their town getting destroyed. What will they choose?

Have you ever thought of seeing NPCs as the main characters? Well, if you had, this book is for you. It is a fun-to-read book with lots of adventures, and the story gets really good in the latter books.

14. The Gam3

The Gam3- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

The world is beginning to change with all the upheaval about an alien invasion. But the Mc doesn’t care about any of that; he immerses himself in a virtual reality game but later finds out that the game isn’t simple.

The Gam3 novel makes you feel as if you’re playing the game instead of MC. The characters’ interactions and the flow of the story is just too good. You just can’t help but read the whole book without any break.

13. Towers of Heaven

Towers of Heaven- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

When six towers appeared on Earth, they provided all kinds of abilities, treasures, and even waves of monsters to destroy the Earth. In 2083, only a hundred survivors are left.

They try to clear the tower as the last attempt and somehow get succeeded. However, only one person remains alive, and the tower grants him a wish. He wishes to get back in time before the towers appeared on Earth.

Apocalypse, abilities, towers that offer treasures, monsters, Mc who got back in time, and what else? You’ve got tons of exciting themes in this LitRPG to keep you going on until the end page.

12. The System Apocalypse

The System Apocalypse- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

John goes to spend his weekend in a National Park but unfortunately, the whole world changes making the animals evolve, monsters spawn, and people are getting a game system. How will he survive?

Forget about the main character getting transported into another world. You got stuff from another world to Earth in this novel, and it is unique from any other LitRPG novels you’ve read (at least from the ones I’ve read).

11. Life Reset

Life Reset- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Oren, an influential and powerful player, got betrayed and turned into a Level 1 goblin due to a curse. Now he needs to survive with his basic knowledge of the game to have his revenge.

Once you start reading this astonishing book, you probably can’t put it down. The revenge theme is pretty cool, and it drove the story with a remarkable pace and led to a unique world-building.

10. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

When a sensational MMORPG game traps the players making them unable to log out until they clear it, a swordsman named Kirito with insane gaming skills tries to save everyone.

Regardless of how average the anime is, Sword Art Online is a wonderful LitRPG light novel. The translations are pretty awesome, and the story gets pretty exciting with each arc.

9. Azarinth Healer

Azarinth Healer- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Ilea Spears is our typical kick-boxing girl, and one day she gets transported into a fantasy world filled with magic, monsters, and various races. Read how her life will get from here on.

Azarinth Healer is such a fantastic piece of a novel with a classic main character. It’s more of a battle junkie slice of life novel, and you probably haven’t such an entertaining book in a while.

8. Ascend Online

Ascend Online- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Marcus gets separated from his friends in a new revolutionary VRMMORPG game and finds himself in a village that goblins have attacked. As he helps them, he is forced to stay there and find goblins are the least of his problems.

If you’re into LitRPG books that incorporate good humor and adventure, Ascend Online is a must-read. Even though the synopsis doesn’t do any justice for it, it’d only spoil If I reveal any more of it.

7. The Wandering Inn

The Wandering Inn- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Erin Solstice finds herself in a fantastical world and nearly gets eaten by a dragon. In this world, now she needs to survive evil Goblins, hungry Necromancers while being a mere Innkeeper.

Started with curiosity, ended with addiction. The exact feeling I had, and you’ll have while reading this phenomenal book. Don’t worry about keeping high expectations on this novel; for sure, it comforts you.

6. Limitless Lands

Limitless Lands- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Colonel James Raytak is a 93-year-old veteran who hopes to survive using an experimental Medpod controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

It imports the patient’s consciousness directly into the game, and now James must lead his troops in Limitless Lands to repair his body and explore it so he won’t regret it.

Although you feel the story somewhat predictable, you’ll never predict how much you’re going to love it. If you love military and RPG aspects together, this book is for you.

5. Threadbare

Threadbare- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

An older man makes stuffed animals, and Threadbare is one of those toys that awaken consciousness. As it explores the new world, it comes across new enemies trying to gain access to old man’s research.

The first 20% of the book shows how Threadbare explores the world, and soon it levels up skills by indulging in many adventures. Threadbare is everything in this book, and you’re going to love it too much.

4. Reborn: Apocalypse

Reborn: Apocalypse- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

When humanity gets killed by stronger races, their only hope is to cross all the 7 mystical layers and reach heaven. But they failed, and Micheal Care has given a second chance to save it by getting back in time. What will he do?

If you’re a sucker for wuxia novels that contain some good reborn concepts, this book will make you like every jot of it. The concept is executed really well, and it might even become your favorite LitRPG ever.

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3. Viridian Gate Online

Viridian Gate Online- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

When an extinction-level asteroid is about to hit the Earth, only a few got to go through the safety bunkers. Unfortunately, Jack Mitchell isn’t one of them, but he had an alternative idea.

Through his connection with Osmark Technologies, Jack permanently traps his mind into a VRMMORPG game. Even though his consciousness succeeds, survival is his least of problems.

What’s more exciting than the “End of the World” concept in a LitRPG? The reader totally gets wrapped up by the book, and you don’t even think for once to abandon it. It is that good and why don’t you try reading it?

2. Dante’s Immortality: Beginnings

Dante's Immortality- Best LitRPG Novels/Books

Dante found himself in a fantastical world without any memories, and he spent years in the streets of Alazel. Beyond the city are creatures and monsters that can slaughter anyone at sight.

In this world where slaughtering means power and strength made everything easier, how will Dante survive? Will he strive for everything or depend on the blessing of a Goddess?

If you want to read a spectacular and short LitRPG book with a superb plot, then this one is right up your alley. It is a god-tier blend of game and world-building. If you haven’t read this one yet, you’re missing out on a lot.

1. Awaken Online

Awaken Online- best litrpg books/novels

Jason‘s life has been tough at school and home. His only escape is video games, and one day he finds a new virtual reality game that gives him the freedom he wants. But something is off with this game; what is it?

This book is #1 on the list because it relates well with real-life characters, and the world-building is insane. In my opinion, this is precisely how a LitRPG should be written, and the author has done a splendid job.

Let’s Conclude!

If you’re new to LitRPG books/novels, this list will surely guide you to a good destination. Even if you’re well-versed with these books, you could find a couple of more new recommendations.

We hope you found our list satisfying, and if you have any thoughts to share or spare, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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