25 Best Witch Anime You’ll Love to Watch Twice!

best witch anime

Witches, one of the most fantastical characters in the fantasy genre. In ancient days, people used to mention this word a lot.

As of now, we only see them in movies and anime. So, why are witch anime shows so intriguing?

Simple, the witch characters are pretty amazing with the abilities and magical world they introduce to us. So, here is the list of best witch anime you’ll enjoy watching.

Best Witch Anime!

1. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Best Witch Anime!

Kiki’s Delivery Service follows Kiki, a young witch who leaves her home to undergo witch training. However, she can’t find any neighbors being friendly with her.

Later, a local shop’s owner offers her a place to stay, and thus, she starts her own delivery service to engage in different adventures.

The first thing you’ll love in this anime is the animation, and the story is pretty decent. As in every Ghibli movie, the music is so good that intensifies the emotions of the characters.

So, if you’re looking for a witch anime movie, then this one is exceptionally good.

2. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Best Witch Anime!

Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki encounter a small cat named Kyuubey.

It proposes a deal of granting a wish if they agree to fight against the witches with the magical powers it lends.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica chooses the concept of “magical girl” and redefines it with a dark twist. The animation is beautiful, being dark and edgy at times.

The openings and endings connect really well with the audience, and the characters are everything that makes this anime exciting. Overall, it is an exceptional anime with an amazing concept.

3. Little Witch Academia

Best Witch Anime!

The story follows a girl named Akko Kagari who is inspired by a witch named Shiny Chariot and enrolls into Luna Nova Academy even though she has a non-magical background.

Little Witch Academia has a weak storyline, yet it feels so intriguing, and its best selling point is definitely animation.

It has only a few memorable characters, but it delivers two complete character arcs, and it can be considered an achievement.

4. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Best Witch Anime!

Ryuu Yamada is a delinquent of Suzaku high school, and one day he falls down the top of the stairs with Urara Shiraishi.

It results in switching their bodies, and soon they both entangle in a supernatural and non-stop fun journey.

If you’re a fan of romance anime, then Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches would be a refreshing one while utilizing the concept of witches to the maximum.

The characters are wonderful, and Yamada is one of the most selfless characters I’ve seen. If you’re looking for a unique witch anime, then this one is for you.

5. Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

Best Witch Anime!

Elaina has been reading stories about a witch named Nike, soon she took the title “Ashen Witch” and began exploring every country.

Some people might think this story is too ordinary and is copied from other sources. However, from the view I see it, it is fantastic.

The animation, the battle scenes, the characters, and what else, everything was amazing. It gives you a pleasant watch and at the same time never lets you get bored.

6. The Familiar of Zero

Best Witch Anime!

Louise is nicknamed “Zero” because her success rate in magic is close to zero.

Soon, she goes to summon a familiar along with her classmates, and to her surprise, her familiar is a normal Japanese boy?

If you’ve seen harry potter movies, then you’d see a few familiar settings and concepts in here. With a slight amount of ecchi and a lot of romance, it is a good witch anime.

Although it has its complexities, The Familiar of Zero never lacks in any aspect to keep the viewer’s interest intact.

7. Flying Witch

Best Witch Anime!

The story follows the Young Witch Makoto, who moves to her relative’s house to undergo witch training. Witness as how she leads her everyday lifestyle.

Just from looking at the synopsis, you can tell that this anime belongs to the “Slice of Life” genre. It is, but it vastly varies from the typical Slice of Life anime shows.

There is no fan service and only fun and entertainment. If you want to watch a relaxing witch anime, try this one out.

8. IRODUKU: The World in Colors

Best Witch Anime!

In a magical world, Hitomi Tsukishiro loses the ability to see the colors along with her loved ones.

Her concerned grandmother sends Hitomi to the past, where she can see the vivid colors of the beautiful world.

The first thing you’ll love in this anime is the world-setting along with a few characters.

With some beautiful friendships and magical things, it hits you right in the feels. So, it is a must-watch witch anime for you.

9. Umineko: When They Cry

Best Witch Anime!

Ushiromiya family gathers to discuss the inheritance of the family when its head, Kinzou is in his last breath.

As his last wish, he wishes to see his true love Beatrice, a witch. Having practiced black magic, after an attempt, a strange phenomenon happens that threatens the lives of the whole family members.

If you were to watch this anime without reading the synopsis, then you’ll be shocked as to how it introduces so many twists in the first few episodes.

With its supernatural theme, excellent openings, and endings, this witch anime-only leaves you in amazement.

10. Witch Hunter Robin

Best Witch Anime!

STN is an organization that captures the witches who commit misdeeds with their abilities. Robin is the new recruit for this organization.

She wields the same power as witches, and as the number of witches seems to be increasing, Robin needs to get stronger to fight against them.

Doesn’t the plot seem a bit like Hellsing Ultimate? I thought the same in the beginning, but after watching the anime, my expectations were blown off.

It is very deep, and the characters are complex but well-developed. Overall, a very good series, even though you need to force yourself for the first couple of episodes.

11. Witch Craft Works

Best Witch Anime!

Honoka Takamiya is an ordinary student who is in love with the school idol Ayaka. When a part of the school building falls upon him, a mysterious witch comes and saves him.

However, that witch is none other than Ayaka, and she decides to save him from the other witches.

Witch Craft Works anime is terrific with its action scenes or the characters. The execution is top-notch, and although the plot seems ordinary, you’ll love it wholeheartedly.

12. Sugar Sugar Rune

Best Witch Anime!

Chocola and Vanilla are on a mission to become the new Queen of their Magical Kingdom. To qualify, they need to capture the humans’ hearts in the human world.

Although Chocola’s behavior has been quite popular in Magic Kingdom, she can’t compete with Vanilla in the human world. How can she overcome such an obstacle?

If I were you, I’d jump right into the anime just by witnessing such a peculiar plot. I mean witches to steal people’s hearts? Come on, they’re already fearsome.

You’ll be witnessing two cute witches, and even though it feels fluffy at times, its execution isn’t bad.

13. Tweeny Witches

Best Witch Anime!

Alice used to believe in magic, and when she gets transported into the world of magic, she must prove that magic is used to spread happiness.

Tweeny Witches has such a cool premise, and the main character is pretty amazing. Its charm and uniqueness entice the viewer completely.

If you love the witch anime shows where a girl is transported into the other world, then watch this one.

14. Maria the Virgin Witch

Best Witch Anime!

Maria is a powerful witch, and with her magic, she often tries to stop the humans from hateful conflicts that lead to wars.

Seeing this, Heaven made her lose the powers the moment she loses her virginity. But what if she falls in love with a person named Joseph?

Maria the Virgin Witch uses the fantasy theme in the medieval setting in the most efficient way. There are a few flaws in the show, but you’ll ignore them.

In the end, it is a refreshing witch anime that fills you in non-stop entertainment of 12 episodes.

15. Burn the Witch

Best Witch Anime!

Most deaths in London occur due to dragons that are invisible to most people. A duo Noel and Ninny fight against these dragons as the protection agents for Wing Bind.

Burn the Witch is a part of the Bleach franchise, to be honest. However, you can watch it regardless you watched Bleach or not.

Although the manga is better and anime lacked in few aspects compared to it, it is still a pretty good watch for you.

16. Izetta the Last Witch

Best Witch Anime!

Izetta the Last Witch sets in Europe in the pre-world war II period where Germania plans to take over a small village by force.

With the kidnap of the country’s princess, the last hope it left is Izetta, the last witch.

Witches and War both go well together if the execution doesn’t fail. It is fully action-packed with a mystery premise.

Even though fun is a bit stretched, it still makes you watch more episodes. Overall, it is a pretty good watch if you’re war-action anime.

17. Magical Angel Sweet Mint

Best Witch Anime!

Mint, the princess of the Kingdom of Magic, decides to travel to the earth to preserve people’s hopes and dreams to become the wise ruler of her kingdom.

But with the little contact from this world, can she make her mission successful?

It is a pretty medium anime with 47 episodes, and with every episode, you’ll love the character of Mint and how she deals with things is impressive. 

Although it came in in the year 1990, its animation is beautiful, and the character designs are so cute. So, watch this classical witch anime from the 1990s.

18. Mahoutsukai Precure!

Best Witch Anime!

Mirai Asahina is a thirteen-year-old girl who one day comes across a young magician named Riko and later on joins on a quest to find Linkle Stone Emerald.

Mahoutsukai Precure has such depth of world-building, yet it feels so relaxing to watch. Although the storyline is not so unique, the art and characters make up for it.

In the end, it entertains you to the point you’ll feel regret for finishing it too soon.

19. Rental Magica

Best Witch Anime!

Itsuki Iba had to take upon his father’s business: a magician dispatch service after he passed away. Their family employs magicians to assist the people in need.

Being a coward, Iba is not only incapable of dealing with his customers but also faced with the people who threaten their family business.

Rental Magica has a cool premise, and it lives up to the viewers’ expectations. The main character is smart despite being weak, and you’re going to love him for sure.

20. Strike Witches

Best Witch Anime!

The story sets in 1939, where a new enemy Neuroi appears in the world. They attack humans, and with the weapons the world has, it is impossible to kill them.

To eradicate them, humanity formed a strike unit named Strike Witches. Miyafuji Yoshika is a healer, and although her powers aren’t that useful against Neuroi, she tries to save as many people as can.

Strike Witches is an incredible action-packed anime with a magical concept in it. It has catchy opening and ending songs.

It has good dubbing if you prefer to watch the anime in dub instead of sub. So, make sure to watch this anime.

21. Ultra Maniac

Best Witch Anime!

The story tells the tale of Sakura Nina, a magical girl from the Magical Kingdom. She ends up with Ayu, who belongs to the human world, and encounters countless adventures.

Ultra Maniac is a type of anime where only a few people seem to enjoy it. Its story is not that standard, but the characters are likable.

It might not be able to make you laugh continuously, but it’ll definitely make you chuckle. Try watching it and judge it for yourself.

22. Urara Meirochou

Best Witch Anime!

The story follows Chiya, who enters the town of Meirochou with a different purpose but ends up becoming the top fortune teller. But can she predict what awaits her in the future?

On the surface, this anime seems pretty normal with some ecchi moments in it, but unless you get into it, you’ll never know the beauty of it.

The characters are amazing, and every episode feels so heartwarming. If you haven’t watched this witch anime yet, make sure you do it right away.

23. Nurse Angel Ririka SOS

Best Witch Anime!

Queen Earth is a planet similar to Earth and was destroyed by an evil organization named “Dark Joker.” Their next target is to eliminate earth from the face of the universe.

In an attempt to save the earth, Queen Earth’s leader sends Kanon to find the person who’ll be the savior. Now Ririka, a young and beautiful girl is the only hope for earth.

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS is a classic anime from the 1990s. In this anime, Ririka is rather unique from your typical witches.

With the story being pretty standard, you’ll be witnessing some plot twists. So, prepare yourself to watch an amazing witch anime.

24. ESPer Mami

Best Witch Anime!

Mami is an esper with some psychic abilities, and when she finds out this fact, she decides to help out the people in need by hiding it from everyone.

ESPer Mami is one of the oldest witch anime shows that came out in 1987. It has a simple premise but never ceases to entertain the viewer.

Overall, it is a pretty good anime to give you a single-time watch, if not twice or thrice.

25. Mahou Shoujo Lalabel

Best Witch Anime!

Lalabel, a magical witch comes to the human world to stop a wizard from obtaining magical items. In the process, she begins to learn more about humans’ lives.

Magical Girl Lalabel is a Shoujo anime with a fantasy theme. It is a show from the year 1980, but the animation is pretty good.

I can’t say it makes you watch every episode, but it definitely entertains you in every episode.

A Word from Us!

Witch anime shows are pretty rare, to be honest because there are far too few. However, we still pulled off an excellent list containing 25 titles.

While some of them might not be your cup of tea, most are enough to impress you to the point you’ll binge-watch in a day.

So, what do you think of our list? Are there any other witch anime you can think of? If so, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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