7 Hot Manhwa like Sweet Guy You’ll Enjoy Reading!

best manhwa like sweet guy

Sweet Guy, otherwise known as “He Does a Body Good,” is a fantastic Borderline H-Manhwa. Its art, story, and scenes are so good.

So, if you’re looking for manhwa like Sweet Guy, then this list is for you. Make sure to check out the whole list since we chose the titles based on art, story, and characters.

Manhwa like Sweet Guy!

1. Pheromone-holic

Pheromone-holic: Manhwa like Sweet Guy!

Hyunwoo used to be a loser until one day he saves an old geezer on his way home. Oldman offers him a special potion as thanks.

Luckily, Hyunwoo’s life is about to be filled with hot chicks, and also his dreams are becoming true?

Just from the plot, you can guess how it is a manhwa like Sweet Guy. Both main characters receive some faptastic powers to make girls fall for him.

It’s very addicting that you end up reading at least a couple of times, and the artwork is excellent.

2. Stand Up!

Stand Up!- Manhwa like Sweet Guy!

Jaejin has been facing troubles in his life because he can’t keep his erection for a long time. When he undergoes a significant change, he faces another problem.

Now he can’t make the erection go down, and since he always faces women in his daily life, his life gets even tougher.

Stand Up!, otherwise known as “Brawling Go,” is an excellent pornhwá with some intense scenes in it.

Both main characters end up getting a special ability, and they face problems with it. It has a pretty good plot and great artwork too.

3. Love Parameter

Love parameter- Manhwa like Sweet Guy!

Young Hoon is very unlucky with women, and he always gets dumped by his girlfriends.

One day, a mysterious guy gives him special glasses, making him an irresistible person to women.

Love Parameter is yet another manhwa like Sweet Guy in terms of both storyline and characters’ interactions.

The artwork is pretty great in this manhwa, and in addition, it has some great pleasurable scenes.

4. H-Mate

H-Mate: Manhwa like Sweet Guy!

Tae and Miro have been best friends for 15 years, and one fortunate night, they end up sleeping together.

Will things get complicated from now on? Or will they be able to keep things as they were before?

If you loved the artwork and sex scenes in the Sweet Guy manhwa, then you’ll love this one as well.

In both manhwas, romance is awesome, and you’ll find characters so similar. Thus, it is a manhwa similar to He Does a Body Good.

5. She is Young

She is Young- Manhwa like Sweet Guy!

The MC gets to choose a 19-year-old version and a 31-year-old version of his girlfriend.

Who’d he prefer to make a move younger with little experience or older with a lot of experiences?

She is Young/Young Girl is an amazing manhwa with tons of NSFW scenes. The story is so good, and the characters’ interactions are pretty awesome.

You don’t get any hardcore scenes; instead, all of them are pleasant and delicate intercourses.

6. Freshman

Freshman- Manhwa like Sweet Guy!

June went to college expecting a good college life. But it isn’t quite expected as he catches his professor having a secret affair and also ends up sleeping with a freshman.

Both “Freshman” and “He Does a Body Good” webtoons contain several sex scenes. I love how both protagonists cluelessly sleep with girls.

It has good art, and women are hot-looking in this manhwa. So, you’ll find this manhwa similar to Sweet Guy.

7. Drug Candy

Drug Candy- Manhwa like Sweet Guy!

Seung-Gu‘s life has become tough because of his demotion at work and marriage life issues.

At the right time, he meets a girl named Yura and soon becomes too addicted to her like a drug.

I’ve never read a disturbing story like this one. The sexual interactions in this manhwa are incredible, and the story is excellent.

The artwork is beautiful, just like Sweet Guy, and you won’t even know when you read all the chapters.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Sweet Guy manhwa gave me a great experience, and I hope it did to you as well.

Since you liked it anyway, you’ll love the ones we suggested above. Although some are pretty disturbing, there is no shortage of séx.

We hope you loved our article, and if you have any thoughts to share or spare, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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