6 Extraordinary Manhwa like UnOrdinary!

manhwa like unordinary

UnOrdinary manhwa is not something that we can just read and forget. It was a fantastic read for me, and probably you loved it too.

If you’re looking for some manhwa similar to UnOrdinary, then this list is all you need. Let’s begin then!

Manhwa like UnOrdinary!

6. Code Adam

Manhwa like UnOrdinary!

Children are forced to become super-soldiers through many scientific experiments. Without knowing anything, they fought in the war and ended it.

But after the war, some of them chose to break free and find a cure before they get consumed by their powers. What will happen to them?

Code Adam isn’t a popular manhwa, but from the way I see it, you’ll love this one if you loved UnOrdinary.

If you haven’t read this one yet, you might have to give it a chance and see it yourself. After all, it is a manhwa like UnOrdinary.

5. The Gamer

Manhwa like UnOrdinary!

Jee-Han is a gamer, and one day he can’t believe everything that’s happening around him. He can suddenly see levels and stats above others’ heads.

Not just that, he gets to fight monsters and level up. But soon, he realizes that the world he is entering is far from safe.

The Gamer has a good storyline along with some great action and humor. If you want to start with a good webtoon, you can try this one.

The ability users, high school life, hiding his powers are some of the similarities you can find in this webtoon.

4. Ability

Manhwa like UnOrdinary!

Han Yu-Hwa has the regeneration ability, but he had no idea how he got it. When he saves a little girl from a truck, he gets plunged into an unknown world.

In this unfamiliar place, he learns more about other supernatural beings that prey on humans in disguise. What will he do?

Ability is not exactly similar to UnOrdinary if we consider all the aspects. But I don’t think similarity only validates if the aspects are similar.

It has the concept of ability users, and overall it will give you similar vibes right from the beginning.

3. Lumine

Manhwa like UnOrdinary!

The story takes place in the land of Solefoir, where werewolves have gone extinct. Lumine, a young werewolf has been surviving on his own since he left his home.

When he is hired by a young witch boy named Kody, his job gets a bit harder in earning his trust. But as they involve in an unfortunate event, they find a reason to fight together.

Both the stories take place in the modern fantasy world, and the main character possesses a special trait that draws others’ attention.

So, if you’re looking for a manhwa like UnOrdinary with a different approach, then try reading this one. You’ll love it for sure.

2. Weak Hero

Manhwa like UnOrdinary!

The story sets in a school where bullies rule over it by tormenting weak students every day. But then Gray arrived, a weak-looking boy.

Despite his personality, his brutal fighting skills leave everyone unmatched. What future awaits him?

Weak Hero is a replica of UnOrdinary if we take out the concept of abilities from it. The story takes a different turn, though.

If you’ve loved the main character in UnOrdinary, then you’ll love this manhwa as much as you did with the other one.

1. Flow

Manhwa like UnOrdinary!

Flow sets in a world that is divided by both stronger and weaker gods. Children born under a weaker god are not permitted to attend high school.

Leerang, the student under a stronger god, turns back the time for a day and pays dearly. Is there any way to reverse his wish and redeem himself?

For some reason, I feel both the main characters have similar traits. Such as they both appear weaker than they hide their potential.

Also, both webtoons are set in an elite school filled with ability users. So, if you’re looking for a manhwa like UnOrdinary, then try this one out.

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A Word from Us!

UnOrdinary is a great webtoon, at least until the author started dragging the chapters with the backstories. But overall, we loved the concept.

If you can’t find a good manhwa like UnOrdinary, this list will help you look for one. So, what are your thoughts on this webtoon?

Did you like it or kept reading until the ending just for the concept? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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