10 Best Moments of Demon Slayer You’ll Never Stop Loving!

best moments of demon slayer

It’s been almost eight months since Demon Slayer aired and who knows how many times we’ve rewatched the anime. Even though you can’t rewatch the whole series, you might’ve watched some cool and epic moments of the Demon Slayer like 100 times. You might’ve always wanted to watch all the best moments of Demon Slayer in a single watch. Probably, we won’t be able to make you watch, but at the very least, we can share the best moments of Demon Slayer with you. Without any further delay, let’s get into the post.

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Best Moments of Demon Slayer

10. Tanjiro and Nezuko vs. Giyu

Probably this scene might be the reason for most of the people to hook up on to this anime. In the anime, when Nezuko turns into the demon, we encounter the first Hashira Giyu and also the best first impression where Nezuko’s affection wins over the demon quality. To me, this was the moment where I got excited and watched the entire episodes of Demon Slayer in one go.

best moments of demon slayer

Mostly, pilot episodes are the base of introducing the characters. So, most people won’t expect any action sequences in the first episode. However, that’s where Demon Slayer varies from the rest of the anime, and this fight scene merely is amazing even though it is one-sided until Nezuko enters the arena. But the reason this scene became one of the best moments of Demon Slayer isn’t because of its action. It is because it reveals the real bond between Nezuko and Tanjiro.

9. Tanjiro vs. The Boulder

The journey of Tanjiro as a Demon Hunter doesn’t start with his final selection. The moment he cuts the Giant Boulder, everyone felt that someday he is going to become something. This moment takes place at the tail end of Tanjiro’s training when his teacher Urokodaki asks him to slice the Giant Boulder in half, which is almost impossible. But when he slices it, that’s where he knows the real power of Water Breathing techniques.

best moments of demon slayer

At first, it feels like regular training, but when two of the master’s former pupils enter, the real fun begins as they challenge Tanjiro to a duel. But in the end, we’ll know that they are souls. To be honest, there are two beautiful moments in this scene where one is Tanjiro slashing through the Giant Boulder and the souls of master’s pupils helping Tanjiro to take his first step towards becoming a Demon Hunter. Thus, we considered it one of the best moments of Demon Slayer.

8. Muzan’s First Appearance

Literally this scene surprised everyone who watched the anime for the first time. It is a tradition that a villain always makes an everlasting first impression, and Muzan Kibutsuji is not an exception at all. In the beginning episodes of the series, we hear that Muzan is the originator of all the Demons, but no one expects him to show up this soon, right?

best moments of demon slayer

Even though it was a short time that he appeared, we all saw what he is capable of and not to say his words are so profound. When Tanjiro picks up his scent, he keeps searching for him, and the next minute we see Muzan with his family. Man, that’s a hell of a shock, isn’t it? But in the next couple of scenes, we get to see his nature and ability. No wonder this scene became one of the best moments of Demon Slayer.

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7. The Drum House arc

It won’t be fun if we don’t include the Drum House arc in our list because that’s where we see the entry of Inosuke and Zenitsu’s true power. And it’s not just that, this fight has done brilliantly and the backstory of the demon is quite emotional too. Rather than taking a single episode, this fight almost continues for two full episodes. But in the end, it entertained us more than we expected.

best moments of demon slayer

At this point in the anime, Tanjiro parts from Zenitsu, but he never loses his trust in Zenitsu because he knows the strength of a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. And surprisingly, we get to an epic visual of Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing First Form. Well, that’s how this arc ended up as one of the best moments of Demon Slayer.

6. Battle Against Susamaru and Yahaba

Battle against Susamaru and Yahaba’s duo for Tanjiro and Nezuko is probably the toughest in terms of deducting the opponent’s moves. Out of all the opponents they faced, these are formidable because their duo is perfect in bringing down the strongest opponent. And they also get a taste of how powerful the demons that follow Muzan can be, and also, this movement also made Nezuko go all out.

best moments of demon slayer

More importantly, this scene also shows us almost all the breathing forms that Tanjiro uses, and that’s how we know how powerful they were. But after the fight, they realize that the demons they defeated aren’t the Muzan’s elites. While presenting us with the best teamwork of Nezuko and Tanjiro, this moment won the place in the list of best moments of Demon Slayer.

5. Tanjiro’s Farewell to Kanao

I don’t know whether it is a moment that made everyone watch it multiple times like the other scenes, but to me, it is definitely the most adorable moment in the anime. The backstory of Kanao is a melancholy, and in this scene, when she tosses a coin on whether to speak with Tanjiro, it showed how adorable she is.

best moments of demon slayer

Not to mention the words of Tanjiro that influenced her to decide her choices through her heart. To be honest, I sort of shipped them throughout the ending episodes. I guess I’m not alone in this, and hopefully, let’s see if Kanao becomes Tanjiro’s love. Without a doubt, this is one of the best moments of Demon Slayer.

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4. Muzan Kills Lower Moons

Muzan massacring his lowest of the 12 moons is probably the scariest thing in the anime. It is the second time we see Muzan in the whole anime, but this time as a different outlook. Since his appearance has already exposed to Tanjiro, he can’t risk himself any further with the same stance. And this is where we also notice that Muzan is even more potent than we thought.

best moments of demon slayer

This appearance of Muzan shows us both the positive side and the negative side of him. It is one hell of a moment, and mainly when he kills the five members of his 12 moons, everyone filled their heart with the excitement for the next season. This is arguably one of the best moments of demon slayer.

3. The Appearance of the Pillars (Hashiras)

Continuing with the countdown, on the #3 place of the best moments of Demon Slayer, here we have the moment where the Seven Hashiras appear together. This scene takes place right after the Mountain Natagumo arc.

best moments of demon slayer

When they find out Nezuko is a demon, they confine both Tanjiro and Nezuko. However, later we can see that Tanjiro proves Nezuko isn’t fond of human blood. But since the starting of the anime, we’ve only seen one Hashira, but seeing them altogether could make anyone delight. Thus, it is also one of the best moments of demon slayer.

2. Zenitsu vs. Spider Demon

It should’ve been better if we included Zenitsu vs. Tongue Demon instead of this one. But we already mentioned in #7 moment, so why don’t we feel the same essence from a different moment from the anime. Even though we see the Thunder Breathing First Form of Zenitsu before, we get to see a boost for his attack.

best moments of demon slayer

This moment takes place in the Mountain Natagumo arc, where Zenitsu splits from Tanjiro and faces the Spider Demon alone. The most exciting part about this scene happens to be the words of his grandfather- “Hone the Single Move into Perfection.” And the next moment, we see Zenistu slashing the head of Spider Demon from its body. It is definitely one of the best moments of Demon Slayer.

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1. Tanjiro uses Fire Breathing

Without a slight movement of hesitation, I can say that this is the best moment of Demon Slayer. There are three reasons for ranking this moment as #1 on our list of best moments of demon slayer. The first one is when Tanjiro suddenly uses the Fire Breathing technique to cut the Riu’s threads, and everyone knows this is the most significant moment in the whole anime.

best moments of demon slayer

The second one is when Nezuko uses Blood Demon art to save Tanjiro from Riu’s demonic threads. That was easily the second-best part of the whole episode. And the third reason is I haven’t cried in the whole anime except when Nezuko’s mom tries to wake her by appearing in her dream. Clearly, there is no emotional scene than this one in the entire anime. Well, that’s how it ended up being #1 in our list of best moments of Demon Slayer.


There you go! The list of best moments of Demon Slayer is here. I’m sure most of the ones mentioned above are your favorite moments too. Because we made this list according to the most audience’s opinions from various sources. In any case, are there any moments you can think of other than these? If so, let us know your thoughts on our list of best moments of demon slayer in the comment section.

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