10 Best Moments of One Piece!

One Piece anime has proven as not just an anime but a pile of emotions and epic moments. The journey of Straw Hats started in 1999, and now we’re in 2020. For 21 years, we’ve been laughing, crying, and more importantly, surprising with every unique chilling moment. All thanks to Oda for his brilliant story writing and the mysteries he left us are out of the box. From episode 1 to 900+, as the characters laughed, we laughed, and as they cried, we cried as well. It proves One Piece isn’t just a regular anime that we can watch and forget in a few days.

Say whatever you want, the story is a bit draggy, the animation is off at some point, but you can’t get another anime like One Piece in a million years. Well, in any case, we’ve compiled the ten best moments of One Piece so that we can share our thoughts on our beautiful journey of the anime. Are you ready to set sail with me on the Sunny? I’ll take it as a yes.

Warning: There might be some minor Spoilers in the content! We’d recommend you to read after finishing the anime. But we tried our best not to spoil anything.

Best Moments of One Piece!

10. Walk to Arlong Park

The moment where everyone felt pure epicness for the first time in One Piece is at this scene. The words “The faces of those four men who’re here to change destiny, Burn their images into your eyes” still gives me chills. That scene wasn’t just epic because of the words; the music was epic as well.

best moments of one piece

While you’re watching this scene, you’ll know you’re going to experience some real epicness. And it was all of his dear navigator Nami. Her backstory was sad, and the moment Luffy handover his hat to Nami, that was the moment we’ve been waiting for. I’d bet you would’ve watched this scene at least 100 times. If not for the scene itself, at least for the background music. Well, that’s how it ended up being one of the best moments of One Piece.

9. Ferocius Luffy Punches Kaido

There are plenty of other moments that are worthy of this slot on our list. But why is this moment on the list? Don’t thank me, thank Toei Animation for making it too epic. The animation was at the point, and the visuals are simply breathtaking. Indeed it was the best episode in terms of animation quality. At least that’s what I thought.

best moments of one piece

Apart from the animation, the situation that leads to the moment is well executed. We know how Luffy cares about his friends, and when Kaido used fire in his Dragon form, Luffy almost lost himself. That blow to the Kaido’s head was something. Even though Kaido was drunk, Luffy managed to deliver a blow to him at least. But you have to admit; in terms of visuals, this scene is one of the best moments of One Piece.

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8. Luffy vs Usopp

The scene where Luffy cried and as we are. It was truly heartbreaking to see them fight each other. On the other hand, it was an excellent way to bring Usopp’s ability. We knew from the start, he’d become a great sniper and fights strategically. And when he said he’d fight Luffy, honestly, I thought he wouldn’t even last for 10 seconds. But man, that was surprising.

best moments of one piece

Taking place in the Water Seven arc, it has many minor details we need to look at. Even though his crewmates, beat him all the time, but when it comes to difficult situations like this, they respect him. And the scene where Luffy cries holding his hat to his face, I can’t even describe my reaction at that time. Well, I guess it is also one of your best moments of One Piece.

7. Luffy knocks 50,000 fish-men with his Haki

Before Luffy knows how to use Haki, we’ve seen some moments where he controlled some animals, and unconsciously using Conqueror’s Haki. But this scene got me so surprised because the reactions were almost as good as when he used it at Marineford.

best moments of one piece

The best one was from Zoro, though when he says “That’s what I’d expect from the Captain; otherwise, he needs to Step down.” And in One Piece fish-men are far stronger than humans. Luffy knocked almost 50,000 fish-men like it was nothing. It proves that his two years of training wasn’t in vain. In fact, this scene was quite a good execution to show his power. Well, at least that’s what we should expect from the person who’s going to become the King of the Pirates. Arguably, it is one of the best moments of One Piece.

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6. Robin Cries Out- “I Want to Live”

Ever since Robin joined Straw Hats, she didn’t seem like a trustworthy crewmate. But after the Water Seven arc, the decision she took to save her friends is beyond words. But as we know, Luffy isn’t the type of person who’d leave his friend in danger.

best moments of one piece

It sure brings back the memories of the Epic Enies Lobby arc. While the whole arc was pretty good, this scene was an exception. The life she suffered and the past she is bearing, all of them seemed as nothing once Straw Hats picked a fight with World Government by shooting the flag. Especially, when Robin says “If even for a moment, I can express my desires, I want to live,” that’s where this scene shapes out. After all, it is one of the best moments of One Piece.

5. Luffy’s Epic Entrance at Marineford

Probably the most hilarious and epic moment of Marineford arc and admit it, not just the characters in the anime, even you wouldn’t have thought they would make an entry like that. The most exciting parts of this moment are reactions of everyone, and especially Garp’s reaction was unbeatable.

best moments of one piece

Oda sure knows how to turn a normal scene into an incredibly epic one. And after all the episodes since Luffy learns of Ace’s execution, he finally sees him in this scene. You could it was kind of relieving for him and us as well. This entry would easily mark as one of the best moments of One Piece.

4. Farewell to the Going Merry

Since Skypiea arc, something is going on with Merry. Back in Skypiea when Merry got damaged, some unknown person repaired and it was a mystery until the Enies Lobby arc. It’s just that they took too much care of Merry and it loved to sail along with them. As a result, the soul of Merry helped them in escaping the battle at Enies Lobby. It was not only one of the best moments of One Piece but also the saddest.

best moments of one piece

Those who aren’t aware of One Piece might think it is weird to get attached to a ship. But Merry isn’t just a ship, it sailed with Straw Hats across the Grand Line and got through impossible situations. Even when it destroyed by CP-9 members, it came back one last time to save Luffy and others. Can you still call it a mere ship? I will admit that I cried at this scene, and what about you? Without the least bit of hesitation, it is one of the best moments of One Piece.

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3. Cherry Blossoms Bloom- Chopper’s Tears

A life spent without regrets is the best life. Dr Hiluluk’s best words from One Piece taught us these words. In the whole anime, I felt Chopper’s backstory as the most emotional one. Especially when he died and that too because of the mushroom Chopper gave him. He knew no medicine in this world could work for all diseases.

best moments of one piece

Dr Hiluluk was like a father for Chopper and Doctrine taught him all of her skills and made him a great doctor. And that wasn’t it; she even gave a beautiful parting gift for our little Raccoon. Sorry, he is a Reindeer. The main motive of Hiluluk was not to discover the medicine that can work against every disease, and it was not possible though. But to fill up the hopes of everyone to keep them going on and that worked well. It was a proper send off to Chopper and undoubtedly one of the best moments of One Piece.

2. Usopp Awakens Haki

It is the real moment where Usopp became God Usopp. For the people who think Usopp is weak, this was the very moment he proved that wrong. He might not be able to defeat enemies in close combat, but when it comes to sniping, even guns can’t match him. That’s God Usopp for you.

best moments of one piece

He was scared the whole time, but when he knew that he was the only one who can Dressarossa, he didn’t hesitate, and in the mere moment, his observation Haki unlocked. I felt the moment while staring at my computer the whole time because it was too epic to miss even for a second. There were times where Usopp proved that he isn’t weak, but now he proved that no one could match him in sniping. Well, this list would’ve been incomplete without it because it is one of the best moments of One Piece.

1. Zoro takes Luffy’s Pain

Finally, the best moment in the whole anime and the moment where Zoro became a fan-favourite is here. With Luffy and his crew exhausted from the battle with warlord Moria, Zoro was the one who stood against another warlord Kuma. He knew at his current state and power, he couldn’t beat him, and that could cost all of their lives.

best moments of one piece

Zoro decides to sacrifice his life for Luffy even though he has to give up on his dream. Where could Luffy get a more reliable crew member than Zoro? I couldn’t even express the feeling while watching this episode because it all happened in an instant, and that was too epic I was screaming. There were some other good moments of Zoro like his battle against Mr. 1 and where he used his Asura technique to defeat Kaku, but this was in a whole new level. That’s why, Zoro, you’re the vice-captain of the future Pirate King. Thus, we brought it to the list of best moments of One Piece.


There you go—the ultimate list of the best moments of One Piece. To be honest, One Piece has countless epic moments that would not be enough in a single list unless we increase the number. However, we decided to present you with ten moments from the anime. So, we tried to balance the list giving importance to almost every character. Well, what do you think about our list of best moments of One Piece? And what is your favorite moment from the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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