10 Best Places to Watch Chinese Anime Online! (Free Websites & Apps)

watch chinese anime online free english subbed

Unlike usual Japanese anime, Chinese anime are pretty hard to find, and you had to go through infinite tries to find a good source. So, if you have been seeking a place to watch Chinese anime online, we’re here to guide you.

In this article on Chinese anime websites, we’ll provide you with the best sources to watch the beloved Chinese anime online and sometimes offline. Let’s explore it then!

Watch Chinese Anime Online for Free!

10. Tencent Video App

Just like the WeTv app, Tencent Video is also a convenient and good anime streaming app. Just like YouTube, it contains ads, but I think it is sensible since we’ll be watching anime for free.

Of course, you can purchase a VIP account to avoid ads, but I don’t think it’s that necessary. So, if you’re the type of person who prefers a dedicated app for Chinese anime, this one is perfect.

Download the App: Tencent Video!

9. WeTv YouTube

WeTV’s YouTube channel is available worldwide, and even though it comes as a mix of Chinese drama and anime, it has a great catalog of seasonal anime (if you can’t find full episodes, you can find them on WeTv app or website.)

There are separate channels for multiple countries like Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc. All the anime are entirely free, and all you have to do is subscribe to them and enjoy them forever.

YouTube Link: WeTv English!

8. Bilibili Website & YouTube

Bilibili’s website is pretty confusing, isn’t it? Well, if you found it hard to browse through, you have an alternative here. On their YouTube channel, you have so many anime shows to choose from, and most of them are impossible to find in other places.

So, if you want to watch those specific anime shows without any complications, you can proceed to the Bilibili YouTube channel. You’ll be satisfied with the releases and the anime selections as well.

Links: Bilibili Website, YouTube!

7. Tencent Video YouTube

YouTube is the top source for any videos, and that pretty much is the same case with Chinese anime. Tencent is a huge company that produces games, dramas, and animation shows.

There is a wide collection of Chinese anime on its official YouTube channel that you can watch endlessly for free. In fact, I have watched some popular anime like Mo Dao Zu Shi and Soul Land in it.

Link: Tencent Video!

6. Netflix

Netflix is usually the most preferred or used streaming platform across the world. In the past few years, it began streaming lots of anime, including Chinese anime.

Some of the top-rated anime like Heaven’s Official Blessing, Scissor Seven, and Big Fish & Begonia are streaming in it. So, if you want to view the anime in the best quality possible, Netflix would be your choice.

Link: Netflix!

5. iQiyi Video

iQIYI Video app is available on PlayStore, and it comes with a Freemium model along with some extra-cost services. Like every other app (WeTV, Tencent Video), this one offers lots of anime content without charging anything.

If you’re on a hunt for official Chinese anime streaming apps, this one could turn out to be a pretty helpful one for you. So, try installing it on your device and see if it feels comfortable to watch.

Link: iQIYI Video!

4. Crunchyroll

I don’t need to introduce Crunchyroll, do I? Although it is one of the top anime streaming websites (which allows users to watch lots of anime for free), it also have some excellent Chinese anime titles in its collection.

Some of the cool titles that I loved watching are Psychic Princess, Fox Spirit Matchmaker, and The Silver Guardian. So, you can head over to Crunchyroll and watch these anime if you’re looking for a place o watch Chinese anime online English sub.

Link: Crunchyroll!

3. WeTv Website

Sometimes you might feel that the YouTube channel of WeTv is not organized as it mixes the content of anime and dramas. But on WeTv official website, you can actually browse them by category.

If you open the drop-down menu from the menu bar, you can see a specific category named “Anime” and find tons of anime every week/month. So, if you’re looking for free Chinese anime websites, this one is a good place.

Link: WeTv!

2. Youku Animation

We’ve come back to YouTube once again. Youku Animation might not be as popular as Tencent Video (over 6 million subs), but it provides quite a quality of anime for fans over the world.

If you watch in this channel, you’ll be contributing them without a single penny from your pocket, and I genuinely believe this YouTube channel deserves way more than it gets now. Go watch and give it a sub right away.

Link: Youko Animation!

1. iQIYI Website

Out of all the options in this article, this would be my best and favorite selection. iQIYI website has many tv shows to upload, but it still provides you with a separate category of anime, which is exceptionally well-organized.

It is completely free to watch Chinese anime, and you can set the anime quality, subtitles, edit subtitles, change the speed, and to top it off, it never asks you to buy anything unless you want a VIP subscription.

Link: iQIYI Website!

Conclusive Thoughts!

As far as I know, these are the best places to watch Chinese anime online with English Subs. So, I feel like you’ve found some good sources for Chinese anime today.

If you need some Chinese anime/manhua recommendations, you can find them in the articles below. Also, let us know if you have any queries in the comment section below.

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