13 Sweetest Romance Comedy Anime You Will Ever See!

best romance comedy anime list

Among all the genres of anime, Romance comedy is liked by everyone. If someone hates this genre, he is not a human. Well, it has its flaws but its pros definitely win over everything.

Anime from this genre makes you feel a good, happy ending, as the relation between characters develops so does the comedy. I have seen many romance comedy anime shows, and here I am listing a few of them for you.

Best Romance Comedy Anime List!

13. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun- best romance comedy anime list

Misunderstanding is one of the essences of romance anime. Chiyo, who has fallen for Nozaki, confesses to her beloved Nozaki, but instead, he gives her an autograph. As he is a famous mangaka, and due to tons of misunderstandings, she ends up as his assistant.

Her plan is to stay close to him and make him fall for her too. But this series has a lot of misunderstandings. School romance does not get more misunderstood than this anime. 

12. Toradora

Toradora- best romance comedy anime list

The story for Toradora is a little bit similar to Horimiya as the guy is judged on his appearance, and there is a pretty girl. But things became haywire when they found out that they both had a crush on each other’s best friends.

They start helping each other with their respective crushes, but somehow they develop feelings for each other on their journey. Now they somehow need to figure out their feelings for each other. School romance cannot get more confused for them.

11. My Senpai is Annoying

My Senpai is Annoying- best romance comedy anime list

When your height is small, You are not the center of anyone’s attention because no one can see you. But with Igarashi, it’s different. She is constantly teased by her senpai Takeda for her short stature. And she is continuously pissed, and it is so funny.

But because of this constant teasing, they end up spending so much time together that they develop feelings for each other. Now they are not just coworkers anymore. There are very few good adult office romance comedy anime, and it is 100% one of them. 

10. Teasing Master Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san- best romance comedy anime list

There are a few anime that I regret not watching when my senpai recommends them. When I saw it a few weeks back, I was amazed at how it showed the friendship of Nishikata and Takagi. Nishikata loves Takagi and is always successful.

But Nishikata is always unsuccessful in taking his revenge. One day he will definitely get his revenge. You will end up liking this series and feeling good after watching it. It’s a must-watch romantic comedy if you are into school romance.

9. Tsurezere Children

Tsurezere Children- best romance comedy anime list

This school romantic comedy is not about a single couple, but it takes us through the lives of four couples who mature together at their own pace. How interesting?

From being unable to confess to not knowing what real love actually feels like, various obstacles can arise when learning about romantic attraction for the first time. It shows every aspect of their relationship in a fun way. It also depicts their problems and how they tackle them.

8. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War- best romance comedy anime list

What happens when your pride comes in between your love? Kaguya sama is a school romance comedy of  Kaguya and Miyuki, who are top representative of their school who has everything that a school kid desire.

They both like each other, making them the best couple, but none of them has confessed yet. Because pride is in their way. They both don’t want to lose to each other in this battle of confession. If you think it’s dumb, but for them, it’s very important. I don’t know who will confess first, but I do know it will be fun.

7. Given

Given- best romance comedy anime list

There is a whole undiscovered genre in school romantic comedies, i.e., Yaoi. It’s a musical genre anime. It’s mostly about moving and finding someone new. The story starts with Mafuyu meeting Uenoyama who is in a college band.

Mafuyu carries a broken guitar, although he doesn’t know how to play it, and he has a fantastic voice. Mafuyu is trying to move on from the death of his boyfriend, who committed suicide. They both bonded and came too close. That’s when they decide the name ‘GIVEN’ for their band.

6. Golden Times

Golden Times- best romance comedy anime list

We have a bro code for boys that we should never date our bro’s ex or even try on his girl. The same was with tada, but his friend was fed up with Kaga and broke up. But to get him back, Kaga barged in our boy Tada’s life, and they sort of started liking each other.

But Tada had many other problems going on with him. Because of an accident, he was losing his memory. He had limited time left before he forget everyone and every memory he made after the accident.

The series is pretty fun despite the serious problems faced by the characters. It’s a must-watch if you are into romantic comedy anime, although it is college romance.

5. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagataro

Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagataro- best romance comedy anime list

Getting bullied by seniors is very common these days but getting bullied by a girl who is your junior who just wants you to be embarrassed was a scary experience for Naoto. Nagatoro did this fun. It was like she found a toy to play with.

Although it started as a joke but during the course of the show, they become interested in each other. Nagatoro doesn’t even want to share him with anyone. And for Naoto, his dull days are definitely over. So is ours. Because the second season for this school romance comedy anime is also confirmed. 

4. TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You

TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You- best romance comedy anime list

So we all have a moment where we see a kawaii person and want them to be our partner. But in reality, they just become a memory. But our boy Nasa-kun actually managed to marry a girl he had love at first sight with. Although he almost died once.

This is the story of a very intelligent Nasa Kun and his newly married wife, Kaguya. But he does not know much about his new wife. Its journey of a newly married husband and wife starting and solving their newly married life problems one at a time with some a lot of romance and hell a lot of comedy.

Although they have some people who don’t accept their relationship, they like each other and work on their new marriage.

3. Horimiya

Horimiya- best romance comedy anime list

AAHHHH!!!!! One of the best school romance comedy anime out there, in my opinion. This anime has all. This one is a must-watch anime. Hori is a beauty with brains and is very responsible because both her parents are working, and she has a kid brother to take care of.

On the other hand, our sweet Miyamura Kun, who gives a weird loner vibe, has secretly pierced and tattooed his body. He has a completely hidden personality that no one in the class knows about.

Also, he stole Hori’s candy. If you know, you know. In short, it’s a pretty fun series to watch. You can watch it a multiple times and still can’t get enough of it.

2. Oregairu

Oregairu- best romance comedy anime list

Not many have the privilege to find love in their teens. Oregairu is the story of Hachiman, who believes happy youth is just a lie that people tell themselves. As punishment, he was forced to work in a volunteer service club and help students solve their problems.

Now with Yukino, he has to help people, which is the last thing on his mind. His own life turns into a school romantic comedy. It’s amazing how he made friends with people who are entirely opposite to his character.

1. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku- best romance comedy anime list

Love is hard for anyone. But for an otaku, it is another level of difficulty. Wotakoi is a romantic comedy story of two childhood friends who end up in the same company. Both are otaku, both single.

They started dating each other, and it was pretty awkward for them. It’s a fun and cute anime showing the love story of two awkward introvert weebs and how they progress their relation. If you are an otaku and single, you would definitely feel this anime to your guts.

Conclusive Thoughts!

These were some of the anime which I thought would be perfect for this article. If you think there could be more, please do tell us in the comments.

Also, which anime do you like the most in the romantic comedy genre? I would love to know. Maybe you can drop your story for us in the comments if you think it’s better than these anime. It helps in making this list better!

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