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In the world of manhwa/manga, there are too many genres to distinguish as fantasy, action, girls’ love, boys’ love, and a lot more. However, most of them enclose one common thing. And that would be romance because, in every genre, you find lots of romance between the characters.

Recently, it has also been the most preferred genre, according to the webtoon app. While most of the romance manhwa are meant for teenagers, we’ve seen some other ones meant for even adults.

So, if you’re searching for romance manhwa/romance webtoons that suites your taste, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. We will provide you with an exclusive list of romance manhwa that you can’t find so easily. Let’s dive right in then!

Best Romance Manhwa to Read!

13. The Maid and the Vampire

The Maid and the Vampire- Best Romance Manhwa

The Maid and the Vampire” is about Areum, a girl who finds herself in a different world after a car accident. Unfortunately, her looks and hair color make her look like a vampire, and Duke’s house gets her as a slave.

Millard Travis, the master of the house, is the only vampire in this world, and he isn’t a kind of easygoing person. Areum realizes that in order to survive, she must obey him as master and serve him well. Surprisingly, that’s working well but romantically.

Vampire love stories are always so romantic and give us a different feel. This romance manhwa will be a great start if you haven’t read many webtoons yet. The chemistry between the characters really feels gratifying, and it gets better with each chapter.

This adorable couple is only meant for making your day, and the pace of the story isn’t bad either. So, if you’re looking for romance webtoons/romance manhwa, then you need to add this one to your list.

12. Skill of Lure

Skill of Lure- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Jang Sung-gi is a pervert who only hungers for women; at least that’s what everyone thinks, but he has a completely different side. In reality, he is terrible in socialization and can’t even interact with others. In addition to these, he is one unlucky guy.

But then he meets Jae Hwang, a fellow student who helps him learn the interaction skills with her ability- Skill of Lure. Once he learns everything he can, Jang Sung-gi decides to use this skill to the girl he likes. Watch how he gets it done like a boss?

While the story is decent, there are some really good moments in this romance manhwa that can boost your excitement. The main character might look like a loser sometimes, but his character development is one of the best things in this webtoon.

It even teaches you how to get girls, and it is one of the best romance manga I’ve read. So, if you’re here for some romance manhwa/romance webtoons, then try and give this a read.

11. Girls of the Wild’s

Girls of the Wild's- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

The story sets in Wild’s High academy that has been only a girls’ private high school specialized in fights for 40 years. It is also where the most popular event, “Wild’s League,” is held. When the school changes it to co-ed from a girls-only school, Song Jae Gu takes this opportunity.

Regardless of his grades, he gets a full 3-year scholarship, and since he had to take care of his younger sister and brother, he accepts it without wavering. But when he meets the defending champion of Wild’s League, he gets into troubles that even we wouldn’t want to spoil.

This lovely romance manhwa comprises humor, emotions, action scenes, and bonds. What else reason do you need to read a manhwa/manga? The story gets really better through every chapter, and boredom is not a part of it.

The artwork is so good that you’ll never take off the eyes from the characters and romance scenes are well executed. It even has a harem to keep you entertained. So, it is one of the best romance webtoons/romance comics out there.

10. You at First Sight

You at First Sight- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Yechan, a quiet girl, has a unique ability to read people’s inner thoughts but can’t see their faces. Due to this, she can’t interact much with others and always keeps her distance. However, this all changes at one moment when she meets a boy.

Segye is the only person whose face is visible to her, and she can’t read him at all. Even though he’s only a single person, her world turns upside down from here on. Who knows where this romance manhwa takes you?

Firstly, I liked how they unpacked the premise, and showing the characters with a black void on their faces conveys a deep meaning. Although it seems kind of sad and emotional in the beginning, it gets appealing when you get past a couple of chapters.

While the starting chapters take time to build the story, in the meantime, it entertains you with humor and romance. So, if you haven’t read this amazing romance manhwa yet, now’s the time.

9. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Baek Ma Ri is a vampire who lives in a world where people discriminate and not afraid of them. She constantly tries to hide her identity from the people around her and survives each day without hurting anybody.

But what happens when she falls for a human? Especially when he hates vampires more than anything? See how Baek Ma Ri falls for Jaemin and how this relationship turns out in the end.

There is nothing particularly incredible about this romance manhwa. However, all the aspects will catch your eye and makes you read it entirely. The story is pretty decent, and it also provides a lot of scenarios for some beautiful romance.

Some people might not like it because it has a slow pace in the beginning, but if you’re into romance webtoons/romance comics, then this one is a must-read. So, make sure you read it once and see it for yourself.

8. Siren’s Lament

Siren's Lament- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Lyra, an ordinary girl who loves to live her life the way it is. Just her little flower store and a grandma to take care of, her life has been simple and satisfying. But life isn’t always that easy, and one day she plunges into a world of sirens accidentally.

With a curse entangled to her, she gets to know that the world is a lot bigger than she ever thought and who knows, she might be a victim of a triangle love story sooner rather than later.

The plot isn’t that great, but the progression of the story and execution is truly splendid. It isn’t your typical romance manhwa with regular cliche moments you find in love stories. Although some characters aren’t given any backstories, they feel so real.

But the artwork of Siren’s Lament is on another level compared to the regular romance webtoons/romance manhwa. Especially, the underwater scenes caught me off-guard, and everything is very detailed. Overall, it is worth reading at least once.

7. I Love Yoo

I Love Yoo- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Shin Ae Yoo is a teenager who has been suffering a lot in her life and never felt happy with other people. She gets through her daily life and tries to avoid things like interacting with people while not showing interest in romance.

But with an encounter, her whole life takes a turn, and the incident where she ruined a stranger’s clothes puts her in a love triangle that she can’t afford to leave. Why does this turn of events happening in her life anyway?

If I had to say about this romance manhwa in my words, it made my heart flutter and literally made me laugh every second. It balances both the romance and humor equally by satisfying the readers until the very end.

There won’t even be any downfall moments you can find, and that gives you more reason to read this romance manhwa. Without a doubt, it deserves a spot on the list of best romance webtoons/romance comics.

6. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Youngjoon is an arrogant man with handsome looks that can captivate any woman so easily. He is a VP of a major corporation, and he has a secretary, Miso. Miso is the meaning of a perfect secretary, and she has been by his side for 9 years now.

But for some reason, she wants to quit being the secretary. Can anyone, including Youngjoon, stop her from walking away from her job? Firstly, what’s wrong with Secretary Kim all of a sudden? Read this passionate romance manhwa to find it out.

Have you ever come across a romance webtoon where two characters lead the show alone? If you haven’t, you have one right here. These two characters are literally perfect, and there will not be a single moment you dislike them.

It is super entertaining and romantic with lots of cherishable moments. There were enough twists in the story to surprise you along the way, and overall, it is one of the romance webtoons you find rarely.

5. SQ: Begin W/Your Name

SQ: Begin W/Your Name- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

SQ: Begin W/Your Name or Tamen De Gushi is a romance manhwa/manhua that focuses on two girls. Sun Jing and Qiu Tong. Sun Jing studies in Affiliated No.2 school whereas Qiu Tong studies in South Middle School.

Since their schools are adjacent, they often meet at the same bus station, and Sun Jing finds the smile of Qiu a warm sunshine. Later on, they become good friends, and in no time, they become the cutest couple.

In the whole list of our romance manhwa, probably, this manhua has the most lovable characters. It is so light-hearted, making you feel pleasant all the time, and it is also one of the best GL webtoons/GL comics out there.

The story is simple, but the chemistry between the characters is simply fantastic, making you go “Aww.” With tons of fluffy and funny moments, you’ll have a great read with this delightful romance manhwa/romance webtoon.

4. Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love

Can't See Can't Hear But Love- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Geun-Su Min used to be an upcoming webcomic artist until he lost his sight gradually. Losing everything he owns, his life gets tougher. Unable to take care of his mother and cope with the responsibilities, he attempts suicide.

But Sori Jhun, one of his fans, saves him, and surprisingly she is deaf. Together they both decide to overcome the life burdens while experiencing all kinds of conflicts and perceptions of people around them.

It is a romance manhwa but also not your typical one. When you read this amazing romance manhwa, we’re pretty sure you’ll be bawling your eyes out over the entire second half. The first half is mostly about how they both get together, though.

The story hits you emotionally, and although you’ve been through some negative reviews, don’t mind them at all. Especially, the interactions between the characters are done shrewdly. Thus, it is one of the best romance webtoons/romance webcomics.

3. Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Seol Hong returns to her college after taking a year-long break, and since she’s a hardworking student, she doesn’t worry much about her study life. Jung Yu, also known as “Mr. Perfect,” is a senior at her college.

Unfortunately, Seol gets on the wrong side of her perfect senior and soon realizes that her life took a turn after she involved with him. How’s she going to deal with him and especially when love is blooming between them?

If you’re into character-driven webtoons, then this one will be an amazing choice for you. Artistically, it impresses you to the point where you can’t afford to drop it in the middle, and probably you’ll try reading again and again.

Some people might think the story is dull, but if you’ve read numerous romance webtoons, you should know these stories won’t turn out bad in the end.

2. Something About Us

Something About Us- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Gayoung and Woojin became best friends in high school despite being of opposite genders and different personalities. Later on, Woojin serves two years in the military and enrolls into the same university as Gayoung.

With the new environment and at the age where their feelings bloom, they both slowly become more than best friends. Will this affect them in a good way or a bad way? Read this amazing romance manhwa to find it out.

Something About Us” is literally a wholesome romance drama with lots of fluffy scenes involved in it. There will be times where you’ll laugh and also where you get emotional about silly things. But that’s what makes it more exciting to read.

If there will be a Korean drama adaptation for this beautiful romance drama, it might become one like “The Descendants of the Sun.” So, if you haven’t read this beautiful piece of work, make sure you do. After all, it is one of the best romance webtoons/romance manhwas.

1. Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow- Best Romance Manhwa/Romance Webtoons

Edna, who was born as a lowly servant, forcibly gets married to Duke Eli. On the other hand, Duke Eli is expecting a noble daughter to marry him. Still, Edna isn’t the kind of girl who bends to nobles; instead, she holds a big secret that can turn the whole kingdom upside down.

What could that secret possibly be? And will these couples be able to find love between themselves without drawing their sword on each other? Read this spectacular romance manhwa to witness one marvelous plot-driven premise.

If you like a strong female main character, then this webtoon will be a feast for your eyes. Edna seems like a weak character at first, making the viewers pity for her, but with every chapter, she turns out to be a pretty badass character.

Romance in this webcomic is amazing once you get through a few chapters, and the ending is pretty amazing that it won’t disappoint you a bit. So, if you’re looking for romance webtoons with a good plot, then this is for you.

Concluding Romance Webtoons!

Romance webtoons have been people’s #1 choice for years, and we decided to prepare a good list that includes some unique recommendations. So, we hope you haven’t read many titles from the list, and you’ll definitely find these amusing.

If you’re wondering what to choose from the list, we have a couple of suggestions for you. Try reading “I Love Yoo” and “Cheese in the Trap” in the beginning. Later on, you can catch up with our article to finish a whole lot of romance manhwa recommendations.

Well, let’s end our journey to the world of romance webtoons for now, and next time, we’ll come up with more manhwa/manga-related articles. So, what are your thoughts on these titles? If you have any thoughts to share or spare, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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