Top 25 Greatest Shoujo Anime of All Time!

best shoujo anime

Before we get into the article, you should know what Shoujo is. But we’re not going to drag the content by describing it, and you can simply refer to What is Shoujo? article.

So, in this article, you’re going to witness 25 of the alluring Shoujo anime that can bloom love inside your heart. Let’s dive in then!

Best Shoujo Anime List!

25. My Roommate is a Cat

Best Shoujo Anime!

Novelist Subaru Mikazuki finds a cat when he visits his parents’ grave, and after seeing how strange it behaves, he decides to write a novel with new ideas along with Atsushi Kawase.

My Roommate is a Cat is a Shoujo anime worth mentioning on the list. Although it is a slice-of-life comedy with less romance in it, it definitely gives you a feeling of emptiness.

24. Sabagebu -Survival Game Club!

Best Shoujo Anime!

The story takes place at Aogori Academy following a group of female high school students and how they spend their daily lives in the Survival Game Club.

Sabage-bu is a rare anime with a unique comedy generation, and although the concept is odd, it manages to spark a little enthusiasm in the minds of Shoujo lovers.

It isn’t totally about survival games but also strays from it and introduces new concepts in between the episodes.

23. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Best Shoujo Anime!

Utena Tenjou meets a prince who comforts her after her parents pass away, and before leaving, he gives her a ring. To keep her promise to meet him again, Utena decides to join Ootoori academy.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is an enjoyable anime on multiple levels. It is rare to find psychological and fantasy anime in this genre. But this anime is something we can recommend.

22. Say “I Love You”

Best Shoujo Anime!

Mei Tachibana believes nor in friendship neither relationship, and she hasn’t had any in 16 years. But when she meets handsome Yamato, it all seems to change.

For Romeos, who love romantic anime shows, this anime will be a perfect choice. It brings out every emotion and makes the best of the genre.

21. Cardcaptor Sakura

Best Shoujo Anime!

Sakura accidentally releases the magical Clow cards, which have been sealed away for generations. To stop the wreaking havoc in the city, she teams up with the guardian beast Keroberos.

Cardcaptor Sakura is a feel-good anime that utilizes every theme perfectly, including plot twists. It is not an anime you can afford to miss, so watch it.

20. Special A

Best Shoujo Anime!

Hikari Hanazono always wanted to defeat her rival Kei Takashima and always failed. Amidst this rivalry, there exists a glint of attraction and love between them.

Special A is one of the best shoujo anime for a reason. It has some good laughs, and the romance was pretty amusing. With constant cute and fluffy moments, it gives you a wonderful watch.

19. Golden Time

Best Shoujo Anime!

Banri Tada lost his memories after an incident and goes to a law school in Tokyo. There he meets Mitsuo Yanagisawa, the person who brings a change in his life.

The whole amnesia plot might be a bit wonky for you at the beginning. But as you go through the episodes, you’ll end up loving it. So, watch this Shoujo anime at any cost.

18. Lovely Complex

Best Shoujo Anime!

Lovely Complex is about a tall girl and a short boy who are often labeled as a comedic duo. Their relationship develops as they become closer, and you’ll witness a beautiful love story.

If you want humor, romance, and an emotional approach in a single anime, Lovely Complex is your cup of tea. It gives you a warm feeling and never lets you down, even for a minute.

17. My Little Monster

Best Shoujo Anime!

The story follows a girl who dedicates herself totally to studies and a cheerful boy with a delinquent personality. After their encounter, they struggle with the relationship as they open themselves to each other.

The story in this anime is simple, and you might even quit it because of the pacing in the first episode. But if you overcome that, you’ll be witnessing a beautiful piece of the Shoujo anime genre.

16. Rose of Versailles

Best Shoujo Anime!

The story follows a girl named Oscar, who becomes the bodyguard of Louis XIV’s new bride, Marie Antoinette. Soon Oscar ends up in between the French Revolution as she tries to protect her King and Queen.

This one is an extremely well-written storyline, and the characters are simply fantastic. The first word you’ll think while watching this anime is “since when did history become so interesting?

15. Blue Spring Ride

Best Shoujo Anime!

Futaba changes her personality after parting with her love and in high school. But her world turns upside down when she again meets him in high school and seems like he changed a lot as well.

Romance shoujo anime can get pretty repetitive sometimes, but when execution is brilliant, you don’t need to think twice. That’s what exactly this anime does, and you’re going to love it for sure.

14. Kimi no Todoke

Best Shoujo Anime!

Sadako is feared by her classmates because; her appearance resembles the character from the movie “The Ring.” But her life takes a turn when the most popular guy gets closer to her.

Kimi no Todoke is one of the best romance tales I’ve watched, and it gives you the perfect feeling. If you haven’t watched this one yet, you’re probably missing a lot.

13. Ore Monogatari

Best Shoujo Anime!

Takeo Gouda is always ignored by girls because of his giant appearance. But when he saves a girl from a harasser, his love life takes an incredible turn.

In a sense, Ore Monogatari is one of the beautiful love stories out there. It purely shows the feelings between two people and how they can overcome any problems with their lives.

12. Snow White With Red Hair

Best Shoujo Anime!

Shirayuki, a beautiful red-haired medic, gets chased by the prince of her country. In the process of running away from him, she meets Zen, the prince of a neighboring country.

This anime can help you get past your boredom because it portrays the storyline from many angles. Since it’s a character-driven story, you’ll love it.

11. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Best Shoujo Anime!

Sorata gets kicked out of his dormitory for keeping a stray cat and moves to Sakura Dormitory. At the same time, Mashiro Shiina, a self-neglecting world-famous artist moves in.

This slice of life rom-com has a unique approach to the Shoujo genre. It has fantastic character growth, and the story moves at a good pace, making you love it over time.

10. Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Best Shoujo Anime!

Misaki, the student council president to the recently became co-ed high school and works hard to make it a better place for girls. But her secret has been found by the school’s hottie, Takumi Usui.

The reason why people love this anime is that it is your regular romance anime, but with actual interactions. The story isn’t that impressive, but the characters are and you’ll probably love it more.

9. Nana

Best Shoujo Anime!

The story is about an ambitious girl who chases her boyfriend to Tokyo and a vocalist girl as they end up sharing the same apartment. Watch how they change their lives from here on.

If not anything else, you’ll fall in love with the anime for the characters. We can reflect on ourselves with them, and the story is also a strong aspect. So, make sure to watch this wonderful Shoujo anime.

8. Onisama E

Best Shoujo Anime!

The story follows Nanako Mosonno, who joins an all-girls high school in the hope for a bright future. But what lies in it are hardships with classmates and clubmates. How will she get through all of this?

Onisama E has to be the most serious slice of life anime out there. Since the anime is from the 90s, you won’t get an impressive animation or visuals, but it is worth the watch for the storyline and characters.

7. Yona of the Dawn

Best Shoujo Anime!

Princess Yona has lived a good life with all the care from her father until the king gets murdered. Without any hope, she leaves Kingdom and realizes that she needs to become strong to survive.

Yona of the Dawn might seem a bit generic initially, but you’ll be glad if you don’t drop it. The plot is so interesting, and it does things that most other anime shows couldn’t.

6. Ouran High School Host Club

Best Shoujo Anime!

Haruhi joins Ouran Academy on scholarship only to end up joining the host club due to a mistake. Now she must adjust with the members of the club, along with all the troubles that come with it.

Ouran High School Host Club is a type of anime that keeps you giggling all the time. A fun and well-written story with a few amazing characters give you such a cute shoujo anime.

5. Skip Beat

Best Shoujo Anime!

Kyouko Mogami followed her crush to Tokyo to make his dreams come true but got betrayed by him. She challenges to beat him at his own game by becoming an idol. Can she do it?

The story of Skip Beat is very compelling, and there won’t be a moment to get bored. It is a bit light-hearted and keeps humor intact to entertain the viewer. Overall, a fantastic Shoujo anime for you.

4. To the Forest of Fireflies

Best Shoujo Anime!

The story is about a young girl named Hotaru who befriends a strange young man who wears a mask. This friendship between Gin and Hotaru was since they were six. What future awaits them?

To the Forest of Fireflies is a movie with a calm story of love that comes with a shock, but it is worth watching. It pulls you in, and throughout the anime, you’ll never want to take a break.

3. Banana Fish

Best Shoujo Anime!

The story follows the romance between Ash Lynx, a gangster, and a photographer’s assistant Eiji Okumura. Will their encounter brings redemption in Ash’s life?

It wouldn’t be nice if we don’t include a yaoi anime on the list because we’re dealing with ‘romance‘ as the main theme here. Anyway, Banana Fish is a feast for the eyes of the people who love BL anime.

2. Fruits Basket

Best Shoujo Anime!

The story follows Tohru Honda, who ends up living on his classmates’ roof after his mother’s death. Soon she discovers a secret regarding his clan and becomes the most important person in his life.

To be honest, I really wanted a different ending in this anime, but it can’t be helped. Nonetheless, Fruits Basket is one of the most beautiful anime I’ve ever watched and a great one for Shoujo anime fans.

1. Natsume’s Book of Friends

Best Shoujo Anime!

Takashi Natsume inherited the Book of Spirits from his late grandmother. Ever since he can see youkai (spirits) and he decides to free the spirits bound to the book.

Natsume Yuujinchou is such a refreshing slice of life anime. Technically, it is a shoujo anime, and since it is so good, we didn’t hesitate to place it #1 on the list. So, make sure to watch it if you haven’t yet.

Concluding Shoujo Anime List!

The list of best shoujo anime has come to an end. In this list, you’ll find some slice-of-life anime shows which barely come under the shoujo genre.

But if you think about it from a different perspective, they should be on the list. I mean, we’re not just talking about shoujo romance here.

So, what are your thoughts on our article? Do you have any other anime in your mind that deserves a spot on the list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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