13 Greatest Football Anime to Enlighten Your Passion!

best football anime

Football is just a game for some people, but the people who consider it more than a sport (including me) make it a passion.

Since we love watching anime, why don’t we watch anime that uniquely shows our favorite sport?

So, here is the list of Football/Soccer anime you can watch if you view it as more than just a sport.

Best Football Anime!

13. Moero! Top Striker

Moero! Top Striker- best football anime

Hikaru Kicker, a thirteen-year-old footballer, goes to Italy to learn it. Once he joins Genova and later quits it to become a part of a weak team, he decides to win the championship.

Moero! Top Striker is not much popular anime, and although it wasn’t one of the classics of the 1990s, I think it is a pretty good anime.

So, if you have watched all the anime on the list and looking for more football anime, then try this one out.

12. Soccer Fever

Soccer Fever- best football anime

Soccer Fever depicts the stories that happened in the previous world cups and covers almost all the top players, including Pele.

It isn’t an anime you can watch if you’re looking for a standard plot or a story that revolves around high school life.

But if you’re looking for something inspirational, then this one might suffice your thoughts.

11. Fight! Kickers

Fight! Kickers- best football anime

Kickers, a football team that has never scored a goal against another team and is on the verge of breaking up.

Then enters cheerful and energetic Daichi, and their step towards a better future begins as they find more love towards this sport.

Ganbare! Kickers is just another typical football anime, but what makes it different from other ones? I’d say its characters and pace.

It has some inspiring and amazing characters. So, you might as well add this one to your watchlist.

10. Blue Legend Shoot!

Blue Legend Shoot!- best football anime

TanakaShiraishi, and Hiramatsu have played soccer together since junior high and are known as the “Golden Trio.”

In high school, they decided to go to the same school and take the team to the championship. Will it be easy?

Whenever I come across this anime, I can’t stop but remember “Slam Dunk.” It somehow resembles Slam Dunk in the way the story moves.

The story gets predictable sometimes but still, more than enough surprises are waiting for you.

9. The Knight in the Area

The Knight in the Area- best football anime

Kakeru becomes the manager of his school’s soccer team by underestimating his soccer skills. His brother, the ace of the college soccer team, always points out his hidden talent.

However, Kakeru denies everything. But once his old friend and crush Nana returns, things get complicated.

In the whole list, this is the most realistic anime I’ve seen. It shows you a different atmosphere in the first couple of episodes compared to the rest.

Regardless of its pacing, I think it is a fantastic anime in every aspect, and you should watch it.

8. Ginga e Kickoff

Ginga e Kickoff- best football anime

Sho Ota, a sixth-grader, is determined to find new members for his disbanded team, Momotaro Predators.

He might not be a pro in football, but he loves it with all his heart and dreams of becoming a professional player.

In the world of soccer anime, there are only a few anime that impress viewers, such as Whistle, Captain Tsubasa, and a few more.

With this anime, you’ll be adding one more to that list. It has a very impressive storyline and executes it without any flaws.

7. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa- best football anime

Tsubasa Ozora‘s dream is to become a famous soccer player. Under the guidance of Robert Hongo, he hones his skills to face the upcoming obstacles.

Captain Tsubasa is already well known to influence football in Japan. It is the first football anime I’ve watched, and it felt amazing.

If you’re looking for a good soccer anime with a school life theme, then this one is for you.

6. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven- best football anime

When Teikoku Gaiden threatens Raimon middle school and challenges a game, they are forced to accept it, and if they can’t win, they had to disband their team.

Since they can’t win at this stage, the team’s goalkeeper Endou tries to gather the other four players to save his steam.

Although this anime is meant for young teens, it is a great football anime to watch. People who are above 20 still enjoy this anime, though.

It presents football in a unique way by introducing abilities, and you bet it is exciting.

5. Days

Days- best football anime

The story follows two boys Tsukushi Tsukamoto and Jin Kazama. While one has no outstanding skills, the other one is a soccer genius.

Will this duo come together to stir up the storm in the world of high school soccer?

Days anime has a decent storyline, but what makes it worth watching? Well, the interaction between the characters.

I loved how they made it into a fast-paced instead of showing some slow-paced moments. So, it is worth a watch.

4. Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21- best football anime

Sena was constantly bullied and used to run away from bullies. With his constant running, he became very good at it and got recruited by the school’s football team.

But he had to keep his identity secret from his overprotective friend. So, then he emerges as the ace, Eyeshield 21.

In western regions, football is a different sport rather than our usual soccer. So, this isn’t the football game you’re looking for.

Regardless, it is an amazing football anime to watch, and you should definitely not miss it out.

3. Giant Killing

Giant Killing- best football anime

East Tokyo United soccer team used to be unbeatable under the captaincy of Takeshi Tatsumi. But he left it to join an amateur team in England, and it immediately collapsed.

Years later, he came back to the team to make it rise once again. But is it going to be that easy with all the resentful people who hate him?

In the genre of sports anime, Giant Killing is truly underrated. It would have been amazing if it had more episodes.

The only thing you can do is not hold any high hopes for it, and it will be a great watch.

2. Hungry Heart Wild Striker

Hungry Heart Wild Striker- best football anime

Kyousuke Kano quits his dream of becoming a soccer player after comparing himself to his brother.

When he meets a girl who later forces him to become her school’s soccer team coach, he discovers his passion.

Hungry Hear Wild Striker is somewhat different from other anime series on the list. The plot is well-executed, and the characters are interesting as well.

For sports anime lovers, this hits like an inspiration. So, make sure to watch it.

1. Whistle

Whistle- best football anime

Shou loves soccer but is always held as a bench player in his school. Later on, he transfers to a school with less glitz and decides to become the greatest player.

Whistle is a lovable football anime with some heartwarming moments rather than an epic one.

If you haven’t watched many sports/soccer anime, then you must try this one out. It gives you an excellent start for this genre as well.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Football/Soccer anime has been quite popular for the past two decades. With the depiction of plays in the most exciting way, who wouldn’t want to watch these?

So, did you find our article helpful? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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