13 Most Intense Thriller Webtoons You Need to Read!

best thriller webtoons

Psychological Thriller Webtoons/Manhwa provide a large amount of entertainment in the most unique way. With stunning artwork and intriguing plot, you can’t help but admire it.

So, are you looking for some good thriller webtoons? If so, this list might be the one you’re looking for. Let’s begin then.

Best Thriller Webtoons!

13. Tales of the Unusual

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Tales of the Unusual follows the short stories regarding urban legends and dark myths. Feel free to experience the scariest stories ever.

Although it is a horror webtoon with scary stories, it always keeps you on the edge of your seat by making every scene intense.

Not all stories are horror, but every one of them is filled with immense thrill. It is one of the best things I’ve read and will be yours too.

12. My Deepest Secret

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Emma has a handsome and caring boyfriend. Her heart flutters every time she sees him.

But what if a secret lies in their relationship that can bring everything apart? And what is that secret?

My Deepest Secret has a slow pace, and it isn’t some kind of wonderful manhwa. But you’ll get punched with the plot twists left and right.

Although chapters seem a bit short than your usual ones, you can have a pretty good read.

11. Distant Sky

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Hanuel wakes up from his sleep while in the class, but unfortunately, he sees Gangnam in destruction. Everything is different with piled bodies and flesh-eating bugs.

He finds another survivor girl, and together they both try to find their way to a safe place. What the hell actually happened?

If you’re looking for a scary story that provides an immense thrill, don’t think for another second and just read this one.

The artwork is good, the characters are great, and the story never lets you take a break. Overall, a perfect manhwa to give you shivers.

10. Uriah

Best Thriller Webtoons!

On a rainy night, a boy named Uriah finds himself on a mysterious island. He couldn’t remember how he got here and where this place is.

To survive, he must he need to endure a chilling journey as he begins to uncover the secrets. Will he survive?

Uriah is really something when it comes to thrill. In terms of both writing and artwork, it is no way inferior to other thriller webtoons.

It is so gruesome and nightmarish, making you feel chills every time you read it. So, I guess this one is what you’re searching for.

9. Friday: Forbidden Tales

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Friday: Forbidden Tales is a collection of stories, and with every week, you get a mind-bobbling story.

Most of these stories are hard to predict and it makes you think more than you naturally would. The artwork is simple, but the stories are terrifying.

The author sets up every scene with accurate calculations, and it only impresses you over time. If you haven’t read this one yet, now’s the time.

8. Killing Stalking

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Yoon Bum, a quiet and unexpressive boy, has a crush on one of the most handsome guys in the school, Sangwoo.

When he stalks him like usual and ends up at Sangwoo’s basement, he discovers some horrifying secrets. What could possibly go wrong?

Killing Stalking is a highly intense manhwa, and thriller fans mustn’t miss this one at any cost. The story and the characters are really well-crafted.

If you want some similar recommendations to this one, consider checking our article: Manhwa Similar to Killing Stalking!

7. Escape Room

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Sean can’t mingle with others because of his unfeeling personality. But one day, he gets drunk, and before he knew it, he finds himself in an escape room.

To survive, he must join hands with other players by clearing sadistic games of life and death. Can he do it?

Firstly, you’ll be amazed at how detailed every chapter gets. Every puzzle the MC encounters, it only makes the manhwa even more intense.

Even though the art isn’t one of the best, the characters and the storyline makes your excitement boost tenfold.

6. I’m the Grim Reaper

Best Thriller Webtoons!

You got to hell if you’re a bad person, but if you’re more than that, you get a job to collect the souls of the worst people on earth.

Scarlet belongs to the latter category, and to atone for her sins, she is sent to the underworld only to discover she has become a Grim Reaper.

Every once in a while, people need to read these amazing thriller webtoons, which keep them obsessive for weeks.

The plot is so amazing, and the characters make you love it over time. So, read it if you haven’t yet.

5. Melvina’s Therapy

Best Thriller Webtoons!

You can deal with normal anxiety, loneliness, and depressions by getting therapies, but Melvina’s Therapy is a bit different.

Melvina’s treatment doesn’t make her patients better; instead, they meet a tragic end. So, is she actually helping them?

Even if you’ve been reading horror stories constantly, you’d still be shivering with fear in your dreams while remembering the scenes from this webtoon.

It is very detailed, and every chapter leaves you speechless. So read this Thriller manhwa if you haven’t yet.

4. Ghost Teller

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Ghost Teller consists of the stories that ghosts tell each other about the scary stories of humans. Could it be any more exciting?

I love the concept of how it shows in a reverse manner that humans are scarier than ghosts, and every story is pretty intriguing.

It reminds us about the situation of the society we’re in and had to say, every story in this webtoon is pretty much accurate.

3. Purple Hyacinth

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Lauren has the ability to detect lies, and as a result, she is an outstanding officer. She has a haunting past where she couldn’t protect her loved ones.

But with her special ability, she stands for the defenseless people. To achieve it, she even teams up with an assassin to fight the evil.

Purple Hyacinth is truly a piece of art, and you probably wouldn’t be satisfied by just reading it once or twice.

The authors put so much effort into making the storyline exciting. If you haven’t come across this one yet, consider yourselves lucky that you just did.

2. Sweet Home

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Cha Hyun spends most of his time playing video games, and when his family passes away in a car accident, he movies to a new apartment.

Unfortunately, people around him start to turn into monsters, and with other few survivors, he must try to survive from this apocalypse.

Sweet Home is without a doubt, one of the best Thriller webtoons out there. Not just the storyline but every aspect in this manhwa makes it worth reading.

If you’re interested in Korean dramas, you can also watch its live-action series consisting of ten intense and well-produced episodes.

1. Bastard

Best Thriller Webtoons!

Seon Jin had a tough life since his childhood. With bullying at school and carrying the identity of his own father, who is a serial killer. 

When his father sets his eye on one of his classmates, Jin must make a choice. Whether to stay a coward or defy his father to save her.

Bastard is one of the few stories that give off a simple impression in the beginning but brings the best out of the genre.

The thrill you experience in this webtoon is beyond imaginable, and the story is simply mind-blowing.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Along with other genres, thrillers host some hidden masterpieces in the webtoon world. But most people ignore these.

If you’re new to this genre, you’re going to witness a whole new world. So, choose wisely and start with a good one.

So, what do you think about our list? What is your favorite webtoon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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