7 Best Uncensored Manhwa to Get You Turned On! [Legit]

best uncensored manhwa list

Are you sick of viewing lightsabers and light tunnels instead of some real things? You know what I mean. Yes, you deserve to read uncensored manhwa because that way, you can enjoy them entirely.

But there are only a few (very few) uncensored manhwas you can read. So, through some good research and going through the various websites, we’ve made the best uncensored manhwa list for you.

Best Uncensored Manhwa List!

1. Cartoonist NSFW

Cartoonist NSFW- Best Uncensored Manhwa List!

Cartoonist NSFW is about a story of a guy who moves to an urban Gangnam area and ends up sharing a room with a horny webtoon author. Although his first meeting with her ends up while she’s masturbating, later, he settles in.

She also has a dream guy who she always includes in her comic, and the MC resembles him in looks. However, they soon realize that it was all a plan forced to live together for some ulterior motive. What could it be?

The FMC in this manhwa is thicc asf, and if you didn’t get horny over her, you wouldn’t get over any. Right from the second chapter, you’ll see how perverted she is, but the romance between both leads is spectacular.

The artwork is spectacular and uncensored to give you ultimate pleasure, and there are tons of action between the characters with a decent plot. If you’re looking for an excellent uncensored manhwa, this one should be your first choice.

2. Golden Scale

Golden Scale- Best Uncensored Manhwa List!

The story is about a hooligan who wins the position of General Manager in a Multinational Investment company through bribes. He also enjoys life to the fullest while enjoying every beauty he comes across.

Even though he encounters any kind o trouble during his work, he turns it to his advantage with a bit of luck and intelligence. Is he going to become the generation’s Business Giant soon?

Golden Scale manhua was a pleasant surprise for me. The MC is freaking awesome because he’s a gentleman and, at the same time, takes advantage of every girl he can.

The artwork is fantastic; the making-out scenes are amazing as well. I love how as the story progresses, he meets new girls, and in one way or another, he gets them into his bed.

If you want a hot uncensored manhwa, this one is a spectacular choice and it’s actually pretty good in every aspect.

3. Secret Class

Secret Class- Best Uncensored Manhwa List!

Dae-Ho’s parents passed away when he was young, but he was taken in by his father’s friend, and ever since then, he grew up there. He is now twenty and innocent.

He doesn’t even know how to masturbate, so his gorgeous Aunt June helps him learn it. But soon, Dae-Ho becomes the person who doesn’t just get satisfied with that.

Secret Class is not officially available in the uncensored version, but there is a fan-made version with uncensored panels.

Don’t worry, every chapter has been completely translated by removing the censorship.

If you haven’t read this manhwa yet, you’re lucky to stumble upon the uncensored version. I have read censored one and still loved everything from the art to scenes. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

4. Traditional Job of Washing Girls

Traditional Job of Washing Girls- Best Uncensored Manhwa List!

Sota Tsukishima is a high school student who works at his family’s public bathhouse as a backwasher. Although he’s not much of a pro, he’s determined to learn it sooner or later.

But when his female classmate Aoi Yuzuki conceals her identity to visit his bathhouse, he gets to rub her back. Somehow they both begin to develop a sort of relationship. Where could this possibly lead?

This one is not a manhwa but a manga. But I don’t think it should stop you from enjoying the colorful artwork with intense hardcore intercourses. Every panel is colored, and you’ll enjoy it thoroughly, from the story to the artwork.

There is also an anime adaptation for it up to around 20 chapters. So you can enjoy either that or read it if you’re looking for some amazing uncensored manhwa.

5. Red Candy

Red Candy- Best Uncensored Manhwa List!

Shihyeon is a secret agent who goes with the code name “Red Candy,” and he’s specialized in obtaining any kind of intel. Even his code name comes from making the impossible missions possible.

He’s tasked with obtaining the information by seducing a college professor named Hajun. But who would’ve thought Hajun’s tight and muscular body could melt Shihyeon’s heart?

If you’re into Korean BL manhwa, you should really try reading this one. Although not all the chapters are available in uncensored versions, you can find many of them.

It is intense, the characters are seamless, and every romantic scene between the main leads hits right in the feels. If you’re looking for a BL uncensored manhwa, this one is a must-read.

6. The Perfect Roommates

The Perfect Roommates- Best Uncensored Manhwa List!

The story follows Jay, who tries to uncover whether the three girls Blake, Ruby, and Becky, are gold diggers, and somehow he ends up developing sexual feelings towards them.

He also has a girlfriend named Jules, who is, even more, a gold digger than the other girls. Instead of chasing after the money, these girls begin to crave Jay’s lightsaber. How will he satisfy them all?

The Perfect Roommates is not a completely uncensored manhwa because it still is censored, but the lightsabers take the exact shape and give us a realistic feel.

It has a good story, and there are way too many sex positions. The ending was reasonable compared to the author’s previous work, and if you’re looking for some good uncensored webtoons, this one might be a good choice.

7. The Cheating Wife

The Cheating Wife- Best Uncensored Manhwa List!

Yuri has recently got married, and along with his husband, she went to a massage place but unfortunately, she met her ex-boyfriend there. Although it starts to be a massage, she gets forced to make out with him in the beginning.

Later, when he comes to apologize to her, she treats him to food at her place. But again, he starts making out with her even though she insists on not doing it. Her husband is air-headed and kind, so they might as well take advantage of it.

This uncensored manhwa was pretty good, even though there were only nine chapters when I read it. It went right through the main stuff instead of introducing all the characters.

It was short, but the art was splendid, and the scenes were pretty amazing. If you’re looking for some best uncensored manhwa, you can read this one.

Conclusive Thoughts!

So, there are the colored and uncensored manhwa/manga I’ve found and read so far. If you haven’t read any of these, I highly recommend you do. All of these are pretty good, and you’re bound to have a lot of fun.

If you know any uncensored manhwa, let us know through the comment section below. We’ll update the list so that it can help further visitors. We hope you’ll have a good read!

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