13 Best Vampire Webtoons You Must Read!

best vampire webtoons

Vampire webtoons are pretty rare to find, although there are great ones out there.

If you’re into manhwa showing bloodsucking scenes and beautiful vampire love stories, you should check this list.

So, here we bring a list of the best Vampire webtoons/manhwa you can read if you love vampires.

Best Vampire Webtoons List!

13. Anti-Stalker

Best Vampire Webtoons!

The story takes place in Red Moon High School, where three species: Anti-StalkersWerewolves, and Vampires, co-exist.

Read how three presidents of races try to keep peace in the school despite all discriminations. Especially, when a new character enters into the vampire president’s life.

12. Red Revenant

Best Vampire Webtoons!

The story sets in a world of supernatural beings where Noelle Blackwood witnesses a gruesome scene which later puts her in a tough spot.

She involves with a vampire who has lost his memories. What fate awaits for the both of them?

11. The Lord of Vampire

Best Vampire Webtoons!

The MC is an assassin, who does things without anyone noticing, but unfortunately, his target ends up being a vampire.

Who would have thought such a fearsome assassin would end up as a slave to his own target? Read this romantic BL manhwa with handsome vampires.

10. Orange Marmalade

Best Vampire Webtoons!

Baek Ma Ri is a vampire who tries to hide her identity from the world. The reason for it is because humans hate them and wish they were dead.

Although she meant no harm and has been identified successfully, until now, she falls in love with a human boy who loathes vampires. How will this story end?

9. Vampire Manor Book 1: Akari

Best Vampire Webtoons!

Akari witnesses a murder on her 18th birthday and unfortunately ends up taking a few pictures of it. To preserve her life, she runs and ends up in an old manor.

To add a plot twist, there she meets supernatural beings who try to keep her themselves. Now she must escape from the place if she wants to survive.

8. Vampire Investigator

Best Vampire Webtoons!

The story sets in a world where vampires and humans live peacefully as they co-exist. However, peace is not eternal and is bound to be disturbed.

A group of vampires try to terrorize humankind and plunge the world into the dark ages. Who’s going to stop them? A vampire investigator?

7. unTOUCHable

Best Vampire Webtoons!

Sia Lee is a vampire who works for a model agency, and just like other vampires, she can absorb the energy of humans by the contact of skin. Somehow she ends up touching Jiho and discovers something odd.

Jiho has “mysophobia” that makes him doesn’t want anyone to get close forget about touching. How will she get a taste of him again?

6. Crepuscule

Best Vampire Webtoons!

Lark is born different from other kids, and with his red eyes, he resembles a vampire. He constantly gets bullied by other kids and had a tough life until now.

But when he meets Setz, a vampire lord, and since he is the only person who doesn’t call him a monster, he befriends him.

5. Live Forever

Best Vampire Webtoons!

After Sarah‘s mother passes away, she decides to never lose another person close to her. She goes on searching for vampire blood that can provide eternal life.

But before she knows, she gets involved in some crisis. Can she get out of this crisis without unharmed?

4. Vampire Hunter

Best Vampire Webtoons!

Vampires are humanity’s worst enemies, and The Vatican Council decides to eliminate them. Aftermath the whole battle, some vampires hide amongst the society.

The story follows a normal high school boy who transfers to a school and realizes that something is odd. However, soon he gets caught up in VampireHive’s scheme.

3. Thirst of Angels

Best Vampire Webtoons!

The story takes place in a Catholic girls’ high school where vampires take over it. In this school, a group of girls constantly gets involved with a vampire.

He appears in their dreams and even helps them with some classes, but something about still scares a girl from the group. What could it possibly be?

2. The Witch and the Beast

Best Vampire Webtoons!

The Witch and the Beast tells the tale of Marius Bellemore, a vampire lord who protects the vampire race. He allies with the last surviving witch despite a dark fact.

The vampires and witches have been enemies for centuries, yet he allied with her. What could possibly be the reason? Witness this epic tale that fully shows you adventure and romance.

1. Noblesse

Best Vampire Webtoons!

Rai, a vampire noble with handsome and royal looks, wakes up from his sleep after 820 years. In this new life, he starts attending a high school found by his loyal friend, Frankenstein.

Although Rai wants to live a peaceful life with other students, his life gets interrupted by a mysterious organization known as “Unions.”

Concluding Vampire Manhwa!

There haven’t been many popular vampire webtoons out there. But definitely, there are more than a few of them with good story and execution.

We know it has been tough for you searching for some good vampire manhwa. So, we’ve elaborated a perfect list for you, and we hope you loved it.

So, what do you think about our article? What’s your favorite vampire manhwa/manga? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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